Chapter 28 - Change of plans

The spaceship flew for a while, Crash had fallen asleep from boredom and Crunch just sat there and talked with the elementals... "Please use me in the next fight! I want some action!!" Rok-ko yelled, "NO! You're weak! Use me, I'm the strongest and most evil of us all!" shouted Py-ro, "Can you guys just stop fighting? I'll probably get to use all of you next so be patient! I had to use Lo-lo because she was flying, if I can destroy her wings then... you guys could get a chance!" said Crunch again. Soon the ship was approaching the Academy, it was daytime still so it was easier to spot, "Hey guys! We're there now!" said Coco, Crash yawned and woke. He looked out the window along with Crunch.

The ship landed not far from the school gate, and strangely the gate was wide open... the three bandicoots came out and headed down towards the gate, they looked up at the Academy and saw that is was heavily damaged "My goodness! What has happened there?" Coco said and gasped, Crash looked on ahead and frowned... so did Crunch "Grr... looks like Crimzon got here long before us! We better go and check it out though!" the bandicoot team ran towards the Academy and saw many of the students running around, freaked out or either excited about the destruction, teachers chases after them and soon they found Madame Amberly standing there overlooking the damaged buildings "My school... ruined! All thanks to my foolish mistake..." she spoke, the three bandicoots stood behind her "Amberly, we need to talk..." Crunch said, she turned around and this time, and looked down on them "Oh, it's you three. The famous Crash bandicoot, Coco and... yes Crunch. The one Crimzon was going to get to join her league..." "Which I refused. So It looked like she came along and took off with her power source?" Crunch asked Amberly "Hmm how did you know she had a power source? Well yes, she did yesterday. There is no way she can be stopped now! The whole world will soon be faced with Darkness!" Amberly said, "No! She will be stopped, I have the four elements helping me out... maybe if you can tell me where she went I'll take her down and this mess will all be over!" "Oh why bother asking, it's hopeless! She is a mistake, which I wont make again! I originally created her to be a teacher here, to teach the evil children here how to be evil but she was a bit... TOO evil. Well fine! She's at some temple in the Indian jungles but I highly doubt you three can defeat her. She has amazing black magic and powers, but I will be surprised if you can take her down with your magic..." Amberly told the three, "Well thanks for telling us..." replied Crunch, the three bandicoots left the Academy "Sheesh, what kind of weirdo is she? A school that teaches kids how to be evil?" said Coco "Hmm. Yeah it's pathetic, but we'll just focus on finding Crimzon, you should be able to find her right?" "Yeah I should! It may take a long trip though, since it's almost on the other side of the world!" Coco said, the three got back into the ship and headed off into the skies yet again.

It was yet another long trip in the skies, but this time it was longer. Crunch had let out the elementals to keep Crash and himself company, even if they sometimes were a pain "So... you don't like to talk much ehh?" Rok-ko asked Crash, Crash of course... didn't reply "Come on say something!" he yelled, Crash just shock his head "He has an attitude problem that's what's wrong!" shouted Wa-wa, "Hey stop pestering him about it you bully masks!" Coco shouted from in front, Py-ro laughed "ha ha bully masks, how lame" "Right I think it's about time you guys get back in the crystals, and besides we're getting close to Crimzon's location... she could sense the magic if you're out and about" Crunch told the masks, "Yeah that is correct..." Lo-lo replied, all four masks were soon placed back into the safety of the crystal shards, "Hey guys we're very close to her the temple she took over! I can see it on the scanner! We better land at least a few kilometers away though, so we can get ready" Coco decided to land out in the jungle, a few kilometers from Crimzon's location, so she wouldn't be able to see them, nor her minions. They landed in the jungle, the jungle was dense and thick... and it was also night in this part of the world "I think we should go and check out Crimzon's location, but not start the battle yet... we have to know what we're up against" said Crunch "Yes, I already have a few ideas in mind too! But we must see what the location is like. Once we see, we can head back here and set up a small camp here" Coco said "Good idea, ok come on! Lets go and check this temple place out.

The three bandicoots walked through the jungle for a while, and had soon gotten close to the temple. They stayed well hidden in the dark plantation and moved in closer to get a good view of the place. The three were now in range of the temple and watched from a distance. They saw many shadow guards walking around the temple, the temple also had fire torches around and a big fireplace in the centre. Crimzon Demoness was seen sitting on a throne and seemed to be thinking about her plans of attack also, Crunch glared furiously at her... Crash and Coco did too "Wow this place sure looks well guarded! And look over there! There's an entrance into the inside of the temple. The power source is bound to be in there!" said Coco, "Yeah you're right..." "But how can me and Crash get in there? We don't have powers like you!" Coco said "Hey you guys don't need to do it, I can... I don't want to put any of you two at risk" replied Crunch "But Crunch, that Digital Evolvo-ray has a power shield around it, and the computer is the only way to unlock it! I'm going to have to go in, and hack it... then Crash could spin and smash the ray to pieces!" "Oh I see! And I can distract Crimzon Demoness away, so you guys can go in without troubles" said Crunch "Yeap! And once we're done, you can finish off Crimzon once and for all!" "Sounds like a worthy plan, right we'll do this tomorrow then. I can't wait to finally put and end to this madness..." Crunch replied, the three bandicoots headed back to the spaceship. When they arrived, they decided to rest so they can be ready for the attack tomorrow "Hey Crash and Coco, I'll just sleep out there to keep an eye out for any trouble.. and I don't think there's enough room in that ship anyway...!" "Oh yeah if you want! Hope you don't get cold!" said Coco "Dont worry, I'll just light up a fireplace. It's handy when you have the elements on your side!" "he he! Ok then, good night!" replied Coco, soon everyone got ready for resting... Crunch lit up a small fireplace and lay down to try and drift off to sleep.

Chapter 29

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