Chapter 27 - High sky chase

The three bandicoot clan stood there still. Coco and Crash were surprised at the sight of Crimzon Demoness. They've never seen such a creature before, Crimzon glared at Crunch and he glared back in return . She looked deeply annoyed, "How... How DARE you go against me! AND break into my water chamber to retrieve Wa-wa! I'm surprised you didn't drown in there!" she yelled at Crunch, "Isn't in obvious that I'd go against you anyway? I'm no fool, Crimzon! I helped Wa-wa escape, so now he's on my side. You are outnumbered now!" Crunch yelled in return "Hah! Outnumbered! All you have is that one element, and those two orange weaklings over there! Don't you dare underestimate me!" Crimzon said but then she looked closely at Crunch's necklace he had around his neck. Her eyes widened "...No. NO THIS CAN'T BE! How can YOU have all the elementals? Only powerful masters like me are supposed to use those, not idiots like you!" she screamed, "Oh shut it woman! Even if you had all four, you wouldn't be able to use them anyway. Heck, you couldn't even use Wa-wa! So your time is up! Me and the elementals are going to take you down, so be prepared to go back to hell!" Crunch shouted back, Coco and Crash just stood near their friend to wait and see what would happen, Crimzon was no fool. She knew she had to think of something "You'll never beat me! I'll find a way to get past your powers!" She hissed, then she blasted black lightning from her hand down to the ground, Coco and Crash jumped back a bit and soon the smoke had cleared, Crimzon was flying from the scene "Dammit she's getting away!" Crunch shouted, then very many shadow minions of Crimzon's came to life right where the lighting had stuck, they ran for the three bandicoots and attacked!

Crunch was going to go after the Demoness but he knew Crash and Coco couldn't fight this many monsters on their own "Crunch help us!" Coco screamed, "Don't worry I'll help!" Crunch came and punched some right out of the way, Crash ran through and spun then did a punch out of his spin, knocking three of the creatures away, Coco leapt up and stomped down on one of the larger bandicoot beasts, she quickly turned and did a karate kick into the anthro creature. "There's so many of these monsters!" yelled Coco "Don't worry, we'll take them all out!" Crunch replied, Crash body slammed a few more, Coco kicked more out of the way and leapt on to some of the creatures to knock them down and Crunch slashed more and punched more to clear them out and finally... they had defeated all the shadow guards. All three bandicoots where relieved with their efforts "Man we better hurry up!" Crunch yelled, "Oh yes we must! Me and Crash will go into my spaceship! You fly on ahead and make sure Crimzon doesn't escape us!" said Coco then both her and her brother got into the spaceship, Crunch could feel victory coming closer and he transformed into Lo-lo Crunch very quickly, he blasted himself into the sky with the electrical surge, both Crash and Coco were surprised with the elemental power.

Crunch flew on ahead and very quickly. He was using more of the Storm element than usual, he thought "Man this better be it! It shouldn't be such a problem to take her down, she seems rather scared that I have all four of you!" "HAH we make a deadly team!" Rok-ko yelled, "Good work soldier! THE WAR IS ON!" shouted Wa-wa. Crunch had flown over a couple of cities and saw that Crimzon had started her attack! Shadow creatures were attacking the humans in the cities "Why the hell is she attacking them for?" he thought "Hmm maybe she wants to show off her evilness?" Py-ro replied, Crunch flew on and then he finally had caught up with the Demoness. The area was close to the Grand Canyon. A good place, since very few humans would be around. "Grrrr! You really don't know who you're messing with do you?!" she told Crunch "Oh I know alright... a Demoness, which will be destroyed by me..." "Oh that's it! I think it's about time we had a fight! You have chosen such a foolish path!" she screamed, she held out both her hands and the black electricity started to spark, Crunch stayed and waited for her first move "Take this!" screamed Crimzon, she blasted black magic towards Crunch and then attempted to move.. he was quick and the electricity around him started to spark as he got quicker and quicker, Crimzon got frustrated with her magic missing, She flew in right for Crunch and held out both her hands in front of her and it happened all so quick, she did manage to slash Crunch right on the chest. "Urgh!" he yelled, it hurt since she was magic, but luckily it didn't leave a mark, He charged in forward and punched the demon "argh!" she screamed, and was falling down but then got back into focus and flew back up. She powered up a dark red laser from her fingertips and she flew straight for Crunch! Crunch quickly did a speeding spin and became 'invisible' with the wind and only a tornado was there and Crimzon came crashing into it, her eyes widened "Why you little...!" she was caught in the twister, and Crunch flew up above the target "Let's see how you can handle this!" He yelled, then he raised his hands up and storm clouds started to gather around him, Crimzon tried to fly out but the winds were very strong and suddenly Crunch aimed his hands down and a huge electrical blast came smashing down towards Crimzon, she was electrocuted "ARGH" she screamed, never has she faced such power. But she wasn't finished yet, as soon as the twister disappeared, she moved away to avoid another attack. Soon Crash and Coco had arrived on the spaceship, they kept at a safe distance to watch the showdown, "I hope Crunch will defeat her!" Coco said, Crash agreed and they watched on from a distance, Crimzon flew up to Crunch's level "I admit that was a good attack you pulled off there, but I'm FAR from over! So don't think you can get away with this so easily!" Crimzon said with a snarl, Crunch just frowned "Quit with the ego inflated comments, I'll exterminate you in no time!" Crunch growled in return, they flew straight for each other to attempted a slash right at each others face, both clawed hands struck one another, disrupting both! They both flew past, Crunch came forward to try a punch but Crimzon did something else, she quickly placed both hand on her chest and powered up and turned pitch black. Everything around her turned black too, making her seemingly invisible. Crunch punched through but had missed the demon, he got annoyed "Damn where is she?" he thought, but before the dark cloud of black disappeared, Crimzon came from behind him and Smack. Crunch was hit with Black magic and was flung at a high speed and smashed into the Canyons cliff! Causing some rocks to fall down. Both Crash and Coco gasped as they watched "Oh no!" gasped Coco, Crunch was stuck in the rocky Cliffside for a moment he thought "Sheesh she's quite powerful... but strangely, I don't feel that much hurt" Lo-lo replied "Heh don't worry, just get back out there and show her the power of the Storm element!" "Hey how come you're not using us though?" moaned Py-ro "Good question, that's because I'm flying. I can't switch when in the air... don't worry, I'll make use of you other guys when I can!" Crunch said, Rok-ko butted in at the last minute "Oh and please don't damage my cool rocky cliffs for crying out loud!" Crunch just sighed and powered up again with electricity, Crimzon waited for his next attack. She knew he wasn't over with, since she could sense the magic. "Come on out, show me what else you've got!" she yelled, "It's your turn to witness what I did..." Crunch said, Crimzon seemed confused by what he said but was too late to think again. Crunch dashed out and flew with the wind, leaving Crimzon confused, he smashed into her and both went crashing into the other side of the canyon! "Whoa...!" Crash said, as he watched the action. Crunch had smashed Crimzon into the rocks as she did to him but Crunch held her in place to make sure she wouldn't escape, he charged up his power and the thunderclouds came in again and soon the voltage shocked Crimzon and she screamed "Nooooooo!!!" and as soon as it was over, Crunch stopped. Crimzon didn't say a thing and had her eyes closed. Crunch watched carefully, he held onto her and flew out of the ragged rocky Cliffside and came up. He threw Crimzon's shadow body down onto the ground of the canyons top.

He flew down and saw that she wasn't moving "Is this it.... hmm no, something doesn't seem right..." Crunch thought, soon Coco flew her spaceship over to where Crunch stood. the door opened, Crash and Coco came out "Hey Crunch you defeated Crimzon Demoness! Great work!" Coco cheered, Crunch switched back to normal and was feeling a bit tired from the use of Lo-lo's element. Crimzon still was motionless "I don't know Coco... this seemed a bit too easy.... And isn't she supposed to disappear into thin air when I destroy her?" Crunch asked, all three bandicoots looked at Crimzon again "...Oh snap! That's right... the, the Mega computer and Digital Evolvo-ray! I can't believe we forgot about it!" After Coco said those words, Crimzon was coming back to life! Magic circled around her body and she was soon in motion yet again, she looked at the Bandicoot team.. particularly Crunch "... How DARE you do this to me! But it doesn't matter, I can't be destroyed anyway!" She yelled, Crimzon quickly took off... "OH man this sucks!" Crunch said, he was frustrated with losing her again, "What a waste of elemental power! I'll have to wait until I can use it again... so Coco, she has some sort of power source?" "Yes, me and Crash lurked around the Academy of Evil and found it! Hurry, we have to get there before she does to destroy it! Crunch, come in the spaceship so you don't need to use your powers!" Coco said, all the bandicoots got in "Thanks for the ride... again!" said Crunch "You're welcome, bro! Now let's go and kick some demon butt!" Coco shouted, she quickly powered the ship up and blasted straight off to the Academy of Evil.

Chapter 28

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