Chapter 24 - Old enemy

Crunch was walking through the snow and dirt more and more, but then noticed unusual paw prints in the ground and snow. The prints had five claws, instead of four or three. He knew it was an anthro too, since the prints weren't two different pairs... he thought "Wonder who this is?" he also didn't recognize the scent. He just moved on anyway, following the prints where they leaded. They seemed to lead into a large Ice cave, Crunch thought "This seems a bit too unusual... something strange is going on." Lo-lo replied "I believe you're in one of the Ice caves ehh? I think me and Wa-wa made these a few centuries back.... heh" "Hmm Ice... Crunch don't use Fire around here, since... well you know the story!" Py-ro told Crunch "No way, of course not. I have to save the power for the battle against Crimzon. But we need to find Wa-wa first. Who knows? Maybe he's in here!" Crunch thought again, he walked deeper.

He was still walking through the cave but then heard a faint sound... he stood still. The sound made him feel nervous, he knew it wasn't good. It was a high pitched voice, he tried moving close to where it was coming from and it all came clear to him.... "Help! HELP!!!" the female voiced screamed, Crunch didn't want to believe it... but the voice was in fact the voice of... Coco Bandicoot! He panicked and tried to find out where she was! "Oh man! Coco is in here! I have to find her" Crunch thought, the elementals were surprised "Uhh Coco? But why?" Rok-ko replied "I don't know but I'm going to find out!" said Crunch, he ran up and through yet another entrance in the cave "Someone please help us!" she screamed more, it got louder as Crunch got closer and soon from around the corner... Crunch came to witness something shocking. He saw Coco and Crash, tied up and being held high in the ice cave, right above very sharp Ice shards down bellow. Crunch was frightened to see them being held above their deaths. "Coco! Crash! Don't worry I'll get you both down!" Crunch yelled, "Me and Crash are glad to see you Crunch!" Coco said, Crash and Coco watched Crunch and hoped he could get them down, he walked over to where the rope was being supported by a winch "Hold it right there, punk" a rough voice shouted from another direction, Crunch looked behind him and watched in a distance to see who'd come out "I wouldn't touch that rope if I were you! One touch, and bye bye goes your friends!" he spoke again, Crunch started to get furious "Why not came out and show yourself then!" Crunch yelled, "Be careful Crunch! He's really powerful!" Coco yelled, Crunch just watched and soon... the figure came out. He was another Anthro, with pure white fur, wore a blue military hat and track pants. He also had two large launchers on his shoulders, supported by straps and belts. He was a Polar bear. Even bigger and taller than Tiny tiger. Crunch showed no fear towards the beast, and just snarled at the sight on him "You better release Crash and Coco right now or else you're really going to go down...!" growled Crunch, the Bear didn't seem afraid at all "Going down? Funny how someone smaller than me would say that! I am the Bearminator. I can kill those two rats with the press of a button!" the bear replied, he grabbed out a remote like device. He pressed it slightly and the rope holding Crash and Coco lowered down slightly, Coco screamed and Crash held his eyes closed tight "No Crash Coco!" Crunch yelled. The Bearminator just smiled evilly, Crunch quickly turned to the Bearminator and grew even more furious, showing his teeth "I swear I'll get you for this!" "That's only if you can catch me first!" the Bearminator ran from the scene, Crunch ran after the Bearminator and quick, they both jumped high up to an area leading to the outside of the cave, on the roof "Why the hell are you doing this! What have Crash and Coco ever done to you!" Crunch snarled at the bear, he replied "Hmm nothing much. I was just sent to get rid of them, including you! But I have a reason to get rid of you, you were that little runt that stole one of my crystals from MY crystal cave!" Bearminator roared, he seemed serious about something so small "So what, I don't even have that crystal anymore anyway! You have such pathetic excuses to get revenge, you really don't know who you're dealing with.... ".

"Oh shut up! I'm way bigger and tougher than you! I also have weapons, you are NOTHING! And I also have the trigger, one press of this button and your buddies are dead meat!" but as the Bear raved on, Crunch had powered up with electricity and smashed right into the Bearminator within a split second "ARGH!' he growled, and the remote was tossed from his hand, it fell down the hole they came up through, both the Bearminator and Crunch looked at the hole.... the Bearminator attempted to run for the hole "Oh no you don't!" Crunch yelled, he grabbed the Bearminator's leg tightly "Let me go you...!" but before he finished his sentence, Crunch had managed to toss the large beast furtherer away from the hole, he got up "Oh it's a fight you want ehh? I'll blast you to pieces, punk!" the Bearminator grabbed both guns into his hands and Crunch prepared to be shot at, he was still slightly powered up with electricity but knew he couldn't use too much of it, he thought "Maybe I can destroy the weapons with the powers, then take him head on! This shouldn't be such a problem!" the Bearminator fired towards Crunch with his weapons, Crunch dodged them as quick as he could, and soon got the opportunity to move in closer... and he did his quick dash again! the Bearminator was puzzled with Crunch running towards him and disappearing with the wind, the bear could only feel a strong breeze brush by as Crunch came and slashed the first rocket launcher to pieces "Argh you son of a bitch!" and Crunch was soon visible again from behind, he tried running towards him again, the bear aimed with his last launcher and finally fired! Crunch saw the rocket coming and then used an electricity attack, to blast it before his own eyes! Bearminator was shocked and felt the same strong wind blow by again and also felt Crunch's claws and voltage rip through the gun. It was shattered to pieces along with the other gun. Crunch turned back into a visible form and switched back to his natural self "You should give up now, before you push things a bit too far..." Crunch said, and he tried holding back his anger towards the bear "Shut up! You'll never defeat me! I'll never be pushed around by the likes of you!" growled the Bearminator, Crunch was slightly annoyed by the bears actions but then he thought.... where DID the Bearminator come from? "Wait, who is your master....?" "Why do you ask? You should know! It's Dr Cortex of course!" Bearminator yelled, Crunch felt angry again and thought "I KNEW it! That bastard IS still alive! I knew he wasn't dead.... I just knew it. I wouldn't believe it until I see it for my own eyes! At least I might get a chance to kill him later but now I have to try and get this idiot out of my way, and Crimzon of course..." Crunch stood there thinking "What's wrong? Scared of Cortex?" The Bearminator taunted, Crunch just snarled back at him "Oh course not! I'll exterminate him as soon as I see him again! But first, are you going to be a wise guy and back off? Or do you want to waste more of your time?" the bear roared back in return "Why are you so confident that you can just push me around like that! I'll kill off all three of you bandicoots! By taking you down first!!!" The Bear yelled at Crunch and came charging at him on all fours, Crunch replied "Bring it!".

The bear charged for Crunch baring it's large teeth but instead of a bite, it tried to take a huge swipe at Crunch with it's long bear claws. Crunch quickly jumped backwards and was surprised with the bear being able to move decently quick. Crunch then leapt for the bear and tried a slam down onto his head, "Urgh!" he yelled as Crunch smacked him down and made his face hit the ground. Crunch then did a kick with his right paw into the bears nose and made him flip back halfway "I'll kill you!" he yelled, Crunch stayed focused and he moved in but then the bear blocked Crunch's punch this time, and then managed to kick him in return! Crunch was tossed back several metres and fell onto the snow, he jumped back up and attempted to run and slash the Bearminator's face! "Take this!" he yelled but the Bearminator snatched Crunch's arm before he could swipe down. Crunch felt that the bear had real strength, since he kind of struggled to get his arm loose, "Rargh!" Bearminator growled, and he quickly let go and tried a slash on Crunch! "Urgh!" Crunch said, as he narrowly missed being slashed but his clothing was ripped from the bears claws. Crunch thought quickly and tried an uppercut punch! He punched the bear with his metal fist in the chest, the Bear was pushed back and bit but didn't appear to get too much hurt from the blow "Hmm he really is tough if he's able to handle my metal arm... I better figure out a way to knock him out, it's my only choice besides killing him off..." thought Crunch, the Bearminator then charged for Crunch again but was in a boxing stance. Crunch did the same and then they tried desperately to punch at each other, Crunch was hit in the chest but it didn't hurt him much, he managed to hit the bear near the left arm too, but it didn't harm him nether. "Argh! Hold still you little prick!" the Bearminator said, as he started to get frustrated with Crunch missing his attacks. Crunch was equally frustrated too but didn't reply, and soon the Bearminator did something unpredictable! He attempted to bite Crunch! Crunch saw it coming and accidentally punched into his mouth with his metal fist! The Bear was shocked but then thought of an idea, Crunch tried to pull it out but the Bearminator appeared to be holding it still in his mouth so he couldn't punch with it, "Dammit!" Crunch said, and soon he was kicked down to the ground and the Bearminator let go of the fist. Crunch fell on the icy ground and the Bearminator had now got him where he wanted! "Hah you're so going to pay for what you've done to me!" Crunch was about to get back onto his feet but the bear grabbed Crunch's paw and held him upside down, Crunch was getting viciously annoyed but didn't speak back, he was getting tossed around and he tried to smash Crunch's body down to the ground "ugh!" Crunch growled, the Bearminator was happy with his stunt and kept on trying to harm Crunch more by swinging him against hard surfaces, Crunch knew he was in trouble and had to think fast but then the Bearminator saw a large, hard block of Ice Standing out from the surface, he ran over to it while holding Crunch's leg, Crunch had thought of an idea but it would involve pain. He waited... "Take this punk! Bearminator yelled, and he swung Crunch and smashed his head against the ice block, the ice even cracked a bit and Crunch did feel sore and growl about it, and his body hit the ground. The Bearminator smiled and looked down at Crunch... "Hah! That was easy. You aren't even as tough as you think you are! Cortex will be pleased to find that I've defeated the bandicoot clan once and for all!" the Bearminator said, as he looked down. Crunch had his eyes closed, and had only one chance to try his move "Don't bloody underestimate me!"

He roared with fury! He bared his teeth and quickly lashed out directly towards the bears neck "AHH!" he yelled but it was too late, Crunch had grabbed hold of his neck with his jaws, he held on as tightly as he could and thought "Yes! This should stop the bastard, he knows if he tries to get me off, he's dead! He sure better give up now or else...!" the elementals replied with praise "Yes go Crunch!" Rok-ko yelled "Kill him kill him!" Py-ro screamed, Lo-lo just stayed quiet. The Bearminator was furious and wasn't sure what to do "GET THE HELL OFF ME!!!" he shouted, he didn't even think about anything, he just wanted Crunch to let go! "YOU'RE SO DEAD FOR THIS, JUST WAIT!" he shouted more, Crunch tried biting harder... the bears skin and fur was thick though so he couldn't do much more but hold on until he gave in, the Bearminator also attempted smashing Crunch against surfaces to make him let go. Nothing would even make him move.... Crunch thought again "Come on! Give up you twerp!" this made the Bearminator do something foolish, "FINE I'LL PULL YOU OFF YOU PUNK!" he shouted, Crunch was a bit shocked "No, he wouldn't do that. That's just suicide...!" but Crunch knew he couldn't give in. So he kept his jaws held on tight and the bear tried to pull him off without thinking of the consequences "RAGH!" he snarled and he tried pulling Crunch off with both his hands, Crunch didn't give in and held on tight "What is he thinking? He's just going to make me kill him if he really does pull me off!" the Bearminator was too enraged to think, he tried pulling Crunch again and again and soon blood was starting to show more, Crunch didn't like the taste at all but held on. He didn't want to lose to the bear! "OUUUUCH!" he moaned again, but ignored the pain and then did one final and strong pull of Crunch, Crunch's eyes widened as he was being pulled furtherer away at last and he was finally ripped away from the Bearminator's neck "AGH!" the bear yelled and fell onto his back, Crunch fell a few metres away... and had the bears flesh and fur in his mouth, he spat it out "Man that was bloody disgusting...ugh." he said, and spat out as much of the blood as he could and tried to catch his breath.

But wait, he forgot about the Bearminator for a spit second... he looked back over and was shocked. The Bearminator was still alive! He got back up, covering his wound with his hand, he seemed frightened "How... how could I have let this happen..." he said, he took his paw off. He survived because he had really thick skin. So it wasn't life threatening. The Bearminator looked back at Crunch, and got extremely vicious "You... I'll.... I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! THAT'S GOING TO LEAVE A HUGE UGLY SCAR THERE!!!!!!!" he raged in fury, and even did a roar after it. Crunch was shocked that he survived such a dangerous move "He's lucky he's bigger than me. Or else he would have died! Dammit! He's so hard to beat, what can I do!?" Crunch thought, he was puzzled with the bears power. Luckily the Bearminator wasn't as large as a real polar bear. But he still showed true strength. This was a huge challenge for Crunch, Crunch refused to even use the powers one bit for this... he wanted to defeat him fairly. But soon the Bearminator wanted to get back into fighting! He ran for Crunch, ready to try and slash him to shreds! Crunch dodged the attacks, and Crunch tried to slash back with his claws too, the bear moved back and avoided the attack. "RAGH!" he yelled and tried a punch for Crunch and he got his right in the chest, "Grrr!" he yelled, and fell back a couple of metres! The Bearminator pinned Crunch down and then had a chance to punch Crunch several times in the face! Crunch was getting hurt from the multiple hits to the face but then he stretched out and nipped one of the Bearminator's fists with his front teeth "Oww!" he yelled and moved back from Crunch, and Crunch bent both his legs and kicked him right in the chest, making the bear fall onto his back in return. Crunch then tried to pin him down in return, he pounced towards the Bearminator but then the Bearminator moved to the side, Crunch landed into the snow then the Bearminator... instead of grabbing his paw with his hand, this time he used his large jaws to snatch it "RAGH!" Crunch growled loudly as the Bearminator had crunched onto his left paw, he chewed and Crunch got viciously mad and tried to turn! He turned and stabbed his left hands claws on to the bears back "AHH YOU SHIT!" he left go of Crunch's paw and moved away, Crunch moved away too. His paw was badly damaged but he tried to stand back up. He ignored the pain and focused on taking down the Polar bear. Both beasts looked at each other with anger, and growled in return. "Hmm I think I have an idea... but it's going to be difficult." Crunch thought, the Bearminator was enraged too but couldn't think of what else to do... but carried on trying to kill Crunch either way. Both animals were close to the Ice cliff, and watched each other closely to see whom would move first. Crunch couldn't wait anymore! He wanted to see if his last strategy would work! He yelled and tried running for the bear, he ignored the pain in his paw and carried on running, the Bearminator snarled and came rushing towards Crunch too... the Bearminator was going to attempted to head butt Crunch off the Ice roof, to fall down to his death but Crunch had something else on mind "YOU'VE TAKING THINGS TOO FAR" Crunch yelled, the Bearminator ignored him and carried on with his own plan... Crunch firmed grasped his metal fist into striking position and right before they fit each other, he tossed his fist forward... smashing right into the bears head! Then both froze stiff at the moment it happened. Crunch stood there, and pulled his fist away... the Bearminator stood upright, looked very dizzy and couldn't stand straight... he finally fell over.

Crunch watched him closely, and noticed he wasn't breathing... had he killed him? Possibly. Crunch was so relieved, that he too fell onto his back "Man... I have to say. That was probably one of the most harshest physical fights I've ever been in..." he said in his mind, the Elementals cheered for Crunch "Woo hoo! you did it! And you didn't even use us to help you!" Rok-ko cheered "Nice work Crunch, you sure showed him! Heh heh" Lo-lo replied, "YES! you showed true anger in that fight!" said Py-ro. Crunch lay there for a while but then something took him by surprise, the bear... was NOT dead "I'LL KILL YOU!" he roared, Crunch was spooked and watched as he was about to pounce down on him, this just frustrated him even more! How dare this monster comes back yet again! "OH THAT'S IT! I'LL FINISH YOU OFF ONCE AND FOR ALL!" Crunch yelled at the bear, Crunch bent his legs as the bear came down to try and strike at Crunch, he did a powerful kick forcing the Bearminator to fling rather high into the sky, Crunch got up to watch where he fell "Ahh!" he yelled but soon was silenced as he came smashing down bellow the Ice cliff. Crunch quickly came and looked down to see what had happened.... he saw the Bearminator impaled on a couple of ice shards down the bottom. He was definitely dead this time, being stabbed right through the chest with razor sharp ice. Crunch could finally relax ".... Now I've done it. I've defeated the Bearminator. Too bad he was evil, but that's what happens when you follow idiots like Cortex." Crunch thought to himself, the elementals were shocked then relieved "Oh yes! I have to go and save Crash and Coco! But first... I'll try and clean myself up a bit. They don't approve of violence and all, you see" he said in his mind, the elementals seemed blank, "Hah what wimps! I knew Crash was scared when he saw Derick and you get hurt that time!" Rok-ko said with a laugh "He is NOT a wimp! He's a real hero. But just isn't used to... violence. So respect that!" Crunch yelled at the masks, as he walked over to a nearby river "But seriously, they're going to have to at least handle it someday. The world isn't all happy and smiley you know..." said Py-ro, "Yes I know that! I can handle harsh realities! I don't want to make their lives as dangerous and harsh as mine though, so please just drop it and leave it!" Crunch told them again, the masks silenced as Crunch tried to wash off the blood from his muzzle and chest. He couldn't do much about his paw. it kept bleeding slowly, he ripped some of his pants to make them a bit shorter and used the clothing to make a band aid around his paw. "That should be enough. I think I'm going to bruise up soon though but it shouldn't be too noticeable I hope" Crunch said "Go on then, save you pals!" Rok-ko told him, Crunch headed back down into the ice cave.

Chapter 25

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