Chapter 21 - Vin Vixen

Back at the Academy, hours back while it was still dark, and soon after Crunch had met up with Nina... Crunch was seen walking through the dark woods. Only lighted by the moonlight. Crunch held the crystal necklace in his hand "I still wonder what these are for.. well I'll wait until I meet up with the elementals" he thought, and shortly, caught up with the masks "Well that didn't take you too long! So what's that in your hand?" Rok-ko asked, "Oh it's the elemental crystals! But they've been made into a necklace" Crunch put it on, "Heh it suits ya, if you ask me" Py-ro told Crunch, and soon Aku aku quickly appeared "Good to see you have obtained the crystals Crunch, I'll tell you how to use them..." "Yeah sure go ahead" replied Crunch. "All you have to do, it shine the Crystal at the elemental and then, it'll become sealed within the shard. This is very useful, as you may be thinking" said Aku aku, Crunch smiled and the two elementals didn't look too happy about it "Oh noes!" Rok-ko gasped, and Crunch shun the crystal at Rok-ko, and he soon disappeared and the crystal lit up, bright yellow. Crunch then shun the next crystal at Py-ro, Py-ro was unsure of the idea but was soon drawn into the shard anyway. Crunch was rather impressed with the crystals use, "Yes! Now I don't have to put up with them squabbling all the time!" Aku aku smiled "I knew you'd like that. But you're able to communicate with them through you mind but don't worry, they can't bother you unless you speak first" said Aku, "That's really useful then. Thanks again for the help Aku aku. I think I'm ready to track down the Storm elemental now..." "Very well. The portal Coco made is just through the woods to the left. Good luck".

Crunch walked down the path through the forest, he saw the portal is the distance but just took his time with the walking, "Hey there sugar" a calm female voice called, Crunch just stopped and turned, he didn't see anyone "Ok. Who's there? I think you're mistaken..." "Oh no I aint... I have found the right hunk of a guy..." she spoke again, she came from the bushes nearby. It was a vixen, with blonde hair and purple clothing... Crunch was un-amused "Right. a fox, what do you want? I'm about to head off and I'm not going to waste time hearing more jokes..." "Waste time? oh no sugar, I'm here for you... someone as good looking as you needs a female companion... like me" Crunch started blankly, "Hmm sorry but my heart is already taken... " "So? You can always share your heart with me, sharing is a good thing you know?" the vixen said with a smile, Crunch was now getting angry but he held it in... Crunch turned his back on her, and walked away, the fox followed of course. "Aww come on, I know you want me... my name is Vin, I'm the one for you" Crunch stopped, and just glared back at the fox with anger in his eyes "What the hell is up with this fox!? She better piss off or else..." Crunch thought, Vin thought too... "Ugh! What is wrong with this guy? I'm the sexiest anthro there is! Why isn't he falling for me... I WANT those beautiful gems!" Vin was starting to get annoyed, however she kept her 'nice girl' expression on, and Crunch carried on with his vicious glare, smoke then was seen from behind the fox, Crunch still had an angry expression and wanted to move on but as soon as he picked up the scent of the smoke, his expression changed to shock, "So... what is your answer, sugar?" Vin said... she then felt a hot burning sensation on the tip of her tail, her eyes widened and she turned... "AHH!" She screamed! her tail was set on fire! She screamed and ran away "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS.... ASSHOLE!" she screamed, Crunch was shocked and watched as the vixen ran away screaming, Crunch looked at his necklace and thought "Hey how did you do that!" Crunch yelled at the elementals, particularly Py-ro, he was laughing and so was Rok-ko, "Hah! That was great Crunch! You actually did that without my assistance!" "I.... did that?" Crunch asked "Yeah! remember that trick I taught you? Well, you did it! She's lucky she didn't get completely fried!" Crunch then turned his head "Sheesh, I didn't mean to hurt her. That's Tani's job! sigh, If only I got a chance to do that to Cortex....".

Crunch soon approached the portal, he took a deep breath "I hope getting Lo-lo on to my side wont be a problem, and wont be so difficult to find nether." Crunch thought to himself, and entered the portal.

Chapter 22

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