Chapter 20 - Suspicion at the Islands

Back at home, around the three islands... a strange object was only just visible in the horizon. It was very early in the morning, evidence of sunlight was barely seen in a distance, but the sound of villagers on N.Sanity island was heard and they quickly climbed up onto their outposts, and got ready for their daily outlook sightings of around the sea. One villager has his binoculars out, and was viewing all around the sea, and alerted at the sighting of the strange object in the distance "BABO GAI JEH!" he yelled, the object out at sea had strange lights glowing on it, and all the villagers kept a close watch on the object, as it got closer and closer.

The object has now gotten very close to the islands, and the sun had just appeared after hours had gone by, the villagers were amazed at the slight, and gathered up around the shores of N.Sanity island. It was a very larg Iceberg, but no normal Iceberg. It had a large lab built on with with many machinery, slights and platforms... The villagers were shocked with the sight, and were unsure of what it was. They believed it was a god. But it wasn't, the huge sign, with very familiar words showed whom it was.... it was the return of Dr Neo Cortex.

The tribes folk chatted amongst themselves, discussing what and who it was. The madman soon walked from outside his lab, he seemed rather happy to finally be at 'home' "...yes, after so long I am finally HOME! Home sweet home!" Cortex spoke, the tribes folk stared at him and he stood on the large iceberg platform, Neo Cortex turned to look at the tribes folk, "...BOO!" he shouted, the villagers screamed and ran from the scene, Neo just smiled evilly to himself "I'll get my revenge on those blasted bandicoots! But first, I must go back to my beloved castle, I hope it's still in one piece and that the other minions are still there as well!" said Cortex, he got his jetpack ready, and soon took off from the Iceberg lab.

Dr Cortex had now arrived at Cortex Castle Island, he looked up at the castle and was thrilled to see that the damage from way back in year 1996 had been fixed "This is great! Hopefully my great Evolvo-ray is still here as well!" he eagerly entered his castle, he walked up the stares. and noticed something odd "Hmm something's not right... wait, my.. my beautiful PAINTINGS! they're GONE! How dare Brio take them off the walls, Oh just wait until I talk to him!" said Cortex, is an annoyed way. He got higher up the castle, and soon heard familiar voices... it was his minions "Oh this is great! I can hear some of them upstairs, I bet they'll be happy to see me home!" Cortex had a smile on his face, and entered the room which the minions were in "I'm... BACK!" he yelled, some of his minions were seen at a table playing poker, Pinstripe, Komodo Joe, Ripper roo, Koala Kong and Blaze were there. They didn't seem that thrilled to see their master back "..Oh Dr Neo Cortex, I thought you were dead. Heh." Pinstripe replied, "Huh... Cortex is back?" Kong said, as he scratched his head "Yes I'm back! Great news isn't it. Now we can quickly get started with our new World Domination scheme!" all the minions went blank, except for Kong who took a peep at Komodo Joes poker cards and Ripper roo who carried on playing, "Meh, sorry Doc but your plans always fail. I've moved on with my life, and I now have a wife and family. I dun need to work for you anymore." Pinstripe said, Dr Cortex seemed surprised "What? You have wife and child? Wow, I didn't think my minions could breed!" Cortex said, others around the table chuckled, Pinstripe just rolled his eyes "Well duh! So no, I'm not work for you again." Pinstripe said, Blaze soon butted in "I'm with Pinstripe, I'm sure the other potoroos aren't interested in joining nether" Blaze told him. Cortex looked worried, he asked Joe "Umm what about you Joe? Will you help me in this next scheme? And what about Moe?" Joe looked at Cortex, "Hmm well... sssssince you created me, I think itssss fair enough. BUT I don't want to be in a ssssspaceship again, right? And my brother, err.... he's at X.Treme island getting drunk on Kong's beer stash so he couldn't come today" Joe told Cortex, Kong got up "Noooo my beer!" Kong cried, "Well thanks Joe! Good to see one of you are still loyal and Kong, what about you?" Cortex asked the koala, he was unsure "hmm... I am not sure, because you are enemy of Crunch... yah" replied Kong, Cortex screwed his face in anger "bloody bandicoot... hmm well I have a stash of steroids, cocaine and more beer upstairs, and if you join I'll give them to you if you work for me!" Cortex told Kong with a smile, Kong went blank for a moment "...all that for me? KONG JOIN!" Kong said, then he fell over. Cortex still knew he needed more minions, he attempted to bribe Pinstripe "Wait Pinstripe, what if I were to give you a brand new private home in Australia, and loads of new weapons! You know how rich I am...." Cortex told him, Pinstripe looked at him with interest but was still unsure at the same time, he thought "Dang, I hate Cortex but he has a pretty damn good deal... heh. Maybe I can use him to get me and the gang a new house, since we had to get out of our previous one... and GUNS, I wouldn't mind new guns! Yes, I'll just use him! It's not like I am joining his side!" Pinstripe then nodded his head "Fine Doc, I take your deal! But you better get the weapons and house quick! Us gangsters aint so patient ya know." Pinstripe told the mad man, Cortex grinned "YES! Well right now I'll go and have a little... 'chat' with Nitrus Brio about our next scheme."

Dr Cortex decided to head upstairs to the top tower, which he thought Brio would be in and to his surprise, he saw Brio sleeping up in his big chair, where himself used to sit. Cortex was furious! "BRIO! GET OFF MY CHAIR!!!" he shouted, Dr Brio got frightened and jumped up and fell off the chair "AAAH! C-c-c-cortex!" he cried, and looked at Cortex in fear "I-I-I didn't know you'd ever c-c-c-come back! I mean, I-I'm happy though!" Brio said as a lie, to try and impress the doctor. Dr Cortex wasn't all that thrilled though "But why on EARTH did you take off all my lovely paintings and photos! And how DARE you sit in MY chair!" Cortex yelled at Brio, Brio covered his face in fear "I'm sorry I-I-I'm sorry!" Cortex had now settled down a bit, "..On the other hand, thank you for doing up the castle though. I started to fear maybe Crash and those other bandicoots would destroy it! Along with the Evolvo-ray! By the way, is the Evolvo-ray still here and functional?" he asked Brio, Brio soon calmed down and stood up straight, "Welll.... yes it's st-st-still here, I sometimes use it for fun too, he-he-he!" he stuttered, "Great! This is good... I have a good plan for a start to our new World Domination scheme, we still need a lot more time to plan but just come, follow me!" Cortex said, he ran off to the Lab "But Dr Cortex! There's already someone else trying to take over the world!" said Brio, Cortex stopped right in his path "WHAT!" "Well I hear there's this d-d-demon lady, and Crash, Coco and C-C-Crunch are working together to st-st-stop her... " Cortex looked down for a moment "Dominating the world is MY plan though! Ugh, well never mind... this gives me a good opportunity to wipe out those bandicoots all together!" he said, Brio didn't seem to sure about the plan but followed Cortex's orders anyway.

Both scientists arrived into the Lab, the Evolvo-ray was hidden under a sheet, Cortex pulled it off and was glad to see his machine again "Oh my great Evolvo-ray! Now this is the beginning of my great plan to get rid of the bandicoots, before we start to take over the world!" "Oh, what are you p-p-planning to evolve this time doctor?" asked Brio "Well there's a dangerous Polar bear, living out in the backyard of the castle... I'm going to need the help of the minions to capture it and bring it inside though. But I believe he'll make a great minion to exterminate those pesky bandicoots!" Cortex said, and did his classic evil laughter soon after. Brio looked worried "Sigh, I don't want them to d-d-die... I hope Crunch will be strong enough to stop this new minion..." he thought.

About a couple more hours later, the minions had managed to capture the large polar bear, and brought him inside. He had his muzzle and legs tied tightly with rope, thanks to the brute help of Koala Kong "Thank you very much Kong! You're now welcome to help yourself to the boxes upstairs!" Cortex told the koala, he went mad and rushed upstairs, "Right Brio, you'll need to aim the Evolvo-ray at the bear! Because it's too large to place on the table. Also, edit the settings and make sure the ray shrinks him down a bit, because if he's too big... he wont fit into the Cortex Vortex!" Cortex told Brio "Yes Doctor''' he replied, he wasn't happy with what he was doing, but then powered up the Evolvo-ray, and Cortex stood to watch the show. He was excited with finally getting back on track with his plans, and the green electricity hit the bear, it roared and slowly started to evolve... "MUHAHAHA! This is it! The start to a world domination scheme! bandicoots beware, Dr Cortex is here! Ha HA HAA!".

Chapter 21

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