Chapter 18 - Aku Advice

Hours had passed by and it was now the afternoon, and the sun was shining brightly all around, after the rains had moved away, the destruction was easily noticeable as seen in a distance from where Crunch was resting, the elementals were still worn from the night and waited around nearby.. but in the distance, visitors were seen... humans. They were really shocked at the heavily damaged city, and searched all around the ruins and damaged buildings, many people and the familiar Police group was seen again too and had suspicions... "Well it's good to know we managed to evacuate the city before the disaster! No lives were lost... But we must find out how this happened in the first place" "I know who's responsible for this! It was that Werewolf!" the Police whom witnessed Crunch up close, other people around him started to smirk and laugh... some were a bit scared, "A werewolf? please, stop with this nonsense.. it must have been something else..." "But I swear! He held me by the coat! You can even ask the other officers who were with me, right men?" he asked his team mates, some were still a bit horrified still, but some nodded except for one with a neutral expression "well Sir, I still think it was a guy in an animal costume" the policemen sighed, "Fine we'll go and search around! I'll prove all of you people wrong!" He spoke, he walked off in a different direction with three other cops following and a new guy as well... a fan of supernatural beings, seemed interested in the situation he asked "I'll be there to film the findings!" "hey good idea, right you're welcome to come along then...", they all carried on moving, but then one of them asked "Wait... don't you find it a bit, over the top to think that creature caused all this? I mean seriously..." "Well maybe he didn't but I want to prove these jokers that I and you guys are right!".

Crunch was still resting in the same area, Rok-ko soon finally noticed the people a bit furtherer away, and the familiar group of cops moving closer in a distance, Rok-ko quickly got up "Crunch! Wake up! We've got company!" Rok-ko yelled, Py-ro was still fairly worn out and wouldn't even get up, Crunch just turned and didn't feel like moving as well "Not now Rok-ko... they probably wont even spot us out this way anyway..." Crunch didn't seem to serious at all, Rok-ko was still worried and kept a watchful eye on the people coming closer... they were getting to close and Rok-ko couldn't take it anymore "Crunch Py-ro! We have to go right now!" Rok-ko's loud voice had caught the attention of the cops, they looked in the same direction... they couldn't completely see Crunch and the masks, but they had suspicions... "Sir! Did you hear that? It came from up there near the river!" the men headed in the same direction, Crunch got up and heard them coming through the bushes "Darn, right lets get out of here before we attract more attention, all thanks to Rok-ko!" "Hey! I was the one who told you they were coming!" Crunch and the masks quickly moved from the scene anyway and ran quick, the men were chasing from behind "Come back here werewolf!!!" one yelled, Rok-ko gasped "WEREWOLF? WHERE?!" "They're talking about me, dumbass! Sheesh, I don't even look anything like one too, stupid people...!" Crunch complained, Crunch had now ran far ahead of the men and Rok-ko and Py-ro hid by flying high into the treetops, but Crunch was still looking around near the ground, he could hear the humans coming from behind him still...

The men had now gotten deeper into the forest and soon noticed paw prints in the damp mud "SEE! it's the Werewolf! He must be in here somewhere, quick get out your video camera!" the fan got out his video camera "Oh this is so cool!" he said, the officers grabbed out their guns just to be safe "The beast must be very close... so everyone, stay alert!"

Crunch wasn't dumb though, he knew the police were getting close, and he needed to find a place to hide, he looked around and there were many trees, long grass and bushes, he thought "Hmm I better just hide amongst all these plants, they look high enough to not be noticed in, if I run they might hear..." Crunch then jumped from the dirt, and landed a bit furtherer out amongst the plants, ducked down and headed into the bushes, he went deep into them as far as he could, he lowered himself down and stayed as quiet as he could... and the men had now arrived at the scene and saw how Crunch's paw prints had ended at a dead end "Blast! this werewolf sure is cunning!" the men looked around, all puzzled but then a noise was heard in the bushes to the right, Crunch was on the left side of the bushes, but heard it too "...huh? Wonder what that is..." the cops looked spooked and turned to the right, and watched as the bushes moved, the fan had his camera focused on the creature... "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a real life werewolf, dun dun DUN!" he said, the police had their guns ready and to their surprised, it jumped right out! and landed not far from the humans... it was a natural grey wolf! Everyone just stared, with a blank stare... even the wolf was blank, "...wait a minute... this is just a normal wolf! That aint no werewolf! YOU GUYS SUCK!" the disappointed fan just left the scene, the police were annoyed "Hmm lets just go sir, this is a waste of time and we need to help the others investigate the situation down at the city centre..." "Fine so be it. I still believe what I saw was... something though!" and soon, the men had left the scene. Crunch finally sighed in relief "Finally. Man people are so annoying..." he got out and the masks finally met up with him, "Well good to see that wolf helped get those people off our back!" Py-ro said, "Hmm yeah quite a surprise I must say but man, I don't even know where to go next! Well we should carry on moving away from this area either way though...".

Crunch, Py-ro and Rok-ko had gone furtherer from the city, it was late in the afternoon and they were out in a large grass field with trees scattered over the land, though a familiar sound of magic was heard around, Crunch turned and so did the masks, "Hmm sounds very familiar..." Py-ro said, "Oh this is good, it must be..." Crunch said before he finished he line, Aku aku appeared right above him "Aku aku!" Crunch said, he was quite relieved to see him "It is good to see you again Crunch, and I'm proud that you're managed to find two of the elementals so far too..." Aku told him, Py-ro then butted in "Oh great, what's goodie two shoes here got to do with all this?" "Hey Py-ro be nice!" Crunch yelled at Py-ro, "it's alright Crunch, I'm used to the elementals being rude to me for my good will. But I have come to tell you that I have found Lo-lo's location" said Aku, Crunch smiled "Hey that's good news! So where is she, err I mean he" Crunch said, Rok-ko laughed and Py-ro wasn't even spared of the smirking nether, "Well before I tell you, you must get the elemental crystals first... they're very important, and are located somewhere at the Academy of Evil, which Crash had just visited not long ago... and I believe this is a good task for you" Aku told Crunch, "Elemental crystals? didn't realize there were any of those. Well if you say so, we'll head off to the Academy instead, then to Lo-lo's location next!" said Crunch, "Indeed" Aku aku then whirled his magic around Crunch and the two elementals... and they soon disappeared from the grasslands, to be teleported to the Academy.

Chapter 19

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