Chapter 16 - The New Spy

Crash was still resting from the drama he had witness in the Academy of Evil, he got up and sighed "Hey Crash, is everything alright?" Coco asked from the microphone, he nodded "Well he have to try and get Crunch to meet up with us somehow... I wonder where on earth he is!" Crash just shrugged... he was about to walk off from the scene, but the sound of wings fluttering in the skies was heard! Crash quickly turned to see who it was, it was still pitch dark at night, "huh?" Crash said, fluttering was heard again, Crash turned again only to witness a dark winged figure! It landed on the ground a few metres away... Crash watched carefully, "So, you're really not just some giant orange rat ehh?" a female voice spoke, Crash looked puzzled but kept his eyes focused on the silhouette, she walked closer "So I believe you're the 'famous' Crash bandicoot that I hear so much about, am I correct? Hah, you dont look so bright, if you ask me..." she spoke again, Crash just frowned slightly, not replying too... Coco soon nagged "Crash... what's going on?" the silhouette finally came close enough to be visible, she was a Black swan. Just slightly taller than Crash, had red eyes, red beak, wore a dark blue vest, and had pure black feathers all over "Hmm fine, you don't wish to speak ehh? Well I am Midelene swan... the new Spy of Madame Amberlies, I don't take intruders lightly, so I suggest you get out of here while you can..." Midelene told Crash, Crash just stood there... not taking a step back "Oh that's it! You're just plain annoying!" she yelled, she quickly leant forward and pecked Crash in the face, Crash was rather surprised and yelled "WHOA!" he almost feel backwards, but then he swung forward and did his spin attack, it hit Midelene and she was pushed back a few metres "Heh you're not bad! But you haven't witnessed the best of my attacks just yet!" She jumped high and flew higher, Crash looked up, and stood in a fighting stance, Midelene quickly swooped down! Much faster than Crash expected and WHAM. Crash was hit, and the cam-collar was thrown off Crash's neck, Coco was freaking out "Crash CRASH!" she screamed, Crash didn't hear her cries, and just concentrated on finding a way to defeat Midelene! "Hah you aint so tough now aren't ya? So much for the 'great' Crash Bandicoot!" Midelene taunted as she was hovering in the sky, Crash smiled deviously and quickly grabbed out a wumpa from his pocket, and threw it directly at Midelene. It was a direct hit! "Argh!" She screamed, Crash threw a couple more, and she hit the ground! Crash quickly ran up to her and did a power slide into her, she bounced back "Argh you cheeky little...!" she quickly got back onto her feet, and flew back into the skies, Crash looked at her with a cheeky grin "I'll wipe that smile off your face soon enough!" Crash stood in front of her, ready for her next attack... she flew around in circles thinking of what to do next, she then unexpectedly swooped down quickly, Crash managed to dodge her this time though, she got annoyed and swooped down again, but this time... Crash did something different this time though! He done a lower jump and... landed right on Midelenes back! "Ahhhhh!" She screamed, she flew high and tried to throw Crash off "Get off me you creep! Get off!" Crash tried to hold on, as he could get seriously ignored if he feel, Midelene couldn't fly properly, she tried to snap at Crash by turning around with her long neck, Crash gasped and tried to avoid the bites "Ahhhh!" Crash yelled, he also noticed some power lines up ahead, Crash had a cheeky idea... "I'll get you for this!" Midelene yelled with anger, Crash tried to stop her from attacking by trying to hold her long neck back, they struggled to fight each other in midair, Crash had almost forgotten about the power lines too! His eyes widened and he quickly released himself off Midelene "Hah that'll teach you!" but then she came crashing into the lines.... Crash had just landed on the ground, he witnessed Midelenes defeat, as she got electrocuted on the Power lines... "Eeep..." Crash said 'innocently'... he carried on watching, until Midelene fell to the ground, knocked out. Crash walked over to the cam-collar, he picked it up and glared into the camera "Crash crash! Is everything alright now?" Crash nodded, grinned and gave a thumbs up "heh that's great! Nice work in beating the bird brain! I think it's a good idea if you head back home though! We have to track down Crunch!" Crash agreed, he went to go week out the portal he arrived in, it was seen in a distance, he eagerly jumped into it.

Chapter 17

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