Chapter 14 - Fumbling in the Vent

Crash was inside the vent, a bit unsure of the situation he was in... but stayed in there anyways, he chose to go left.. "Yes Crash, try to follow the sounds of the people... they should lead to where Madame Amberly is..." Crash follows the sounds, he can hear a large group of kids and adult people up ahead... he kept on crawling through the vent. He had now made it into the dining room, and was able to see through the vent in some areas, he then noticed Madame Amberly walking in and lay down inside the vent to listen to anything important... Coco listening carefully as well, "Silence!" Amberly shouted, all the students silenced fairly quickly, but a couple of students carried on chatting as if they didn't notice Amberly, Madame Amberly simply pointed her finger and zapped the pair, the kids screeched and silenced as they should have, "Sheesh, this Madame Amberly person sure is strict!" said Coco... "Alright everyone listen up! The great project Crimzon, as you may all know has escaped and gone on a rampage! This is a very serious situation, and all must keep an eye out for any intruders to the Academy, if so you happen to notice anything out of the ordinary, you must report it to my office immediately!" Amberly spoke, various kids nodded and replied "Yes miss" Crash was a bit nervous from hearing her words, and thought it was safe to not come close to being noticed again, Amberly had now headed off out of the dining room "Crash! You have to follow her! She'll lead to the Lab, I'm sure of it!" Coco told Crash, Crash quickly crawled in the direction Amberly had headed, he headed off right after encountering another diversion of vents.

He had now crawled through the vent into a strange room, Madame Amberly had stopped at another door, she mumbled to herself "Hmm I have to check that no one is nearby..." she looked around, and even looked up near the vent, Crash got scared but did his best to stay quiet... Amberly didn't seem to notice him, and went ahead and unlocked the heavily locked door... she headed inside, and Crash quickly crawled in the same direction...

Crash was now in the ventilation of the room, and was surprised with what he saw in the room, he saw a large machine that greatly resembled the Evolvo-ray that he was evolved with! But it had a large and powerful shield right around it, he also saw various amounts of computers around, and one large computer next to the Evolution machine, Crash sighed "Wow so this must be the machine that created Crimzon Demoness! It also seems to have a shield around it, looks powerful..." Coco mentioned, Amberly headed over to a large computer next to the Evolvo-ray like machine "Hah, looks like my shield is working just as planned! But I really must find a way to stop Crimzon... she is a huge mistake, a very huge mistake..." Amberly said to herself, "Not as huge as her, I bet" Coco said, with a laugh, Crash couldn't help but laugh too "HUH? Who is there?" Amberly said loudly, Crash gasped and Amberly walked over to the vent and looked up, Crash freaked out and stayed completely still! Amberly couldn't see Crash but she could see a slight bump in the vent, she poked it with her finger, and Crash screeched! Coco was speechless too, "Hmm I swear these rats are getting bigger and bigger each time I hear them inside these vents... sigh" Amberly said to herself... she walked back to the giant computer, Crash was shocked but relieved at the same time, so was Coco "...Crash! that was very close! Be careful next time!" Crash kept still and carried on watching Amberly, Coco watched closely as well... "Blah! This Evolution-ray has never failed me before so badly! Could possibly be due to the upgrades I've given it, to insert as much evil as I can into the victims... If only I had Neo Cortex around, I could force him to fix it... after all, he did create this Evolvo-ray while he was still in School years back, except I've given it proper upgrades, to make this machine the... Digital Evolvo-ray! Without needing the help of those crystals...! But I hear Nitrus Brio made a more successful ray... Hmm" Amberly mumbled to herself, Crash was confused "huh...?" "Wow, she STOLE Cortex's Evolvo-ray and modified it? And Brio is the creator of the other Evolvo-ray? This sure is confusing... and very evil of course!" Said Coco, Crash watched carefully still along with Coco watching through the collar-cam... Amberly went to the large computer and typed in various codes, took her a few minutes to even do the codes, Coco watched carefully, Amberly then said "Hah thanks to this computer, not a single soul can get at the Digital Evolvo-ray!" bragged Amberly, Coco smiled "hmm I bet I can hack that computer! I'll have to try that once I get a chance inside..." Amberly has now unlocked the shield... the shield slowly faded but to her surprise, a black transparent shield quickly came to light! Blasting her back away from the Evolvo-ray, Madame Amberly was furious! "OH blast! Crimzon sure isn't stupid... she's put some kind of black magic into these computers, She must have known I'd try to destroy her power source! Now how can I stop her... I'm really starting to believe no one can..." She was rather unhappy, and walked out of the room, locking it on the way out.

"Crash! You did it! Managed to find out where the other Evolvo-ray is and you also found out that it's controlled by computers! And that this is Crimzon's power source!" Coco was happy with her brothers efforts, and her own efforts as well, Crash nodded and Coco mentioned "You really must escape now, and try to go undetected too! Me, you and Crunch need to plan an attack! I can hack the computer, and you can destroy the Digital Evolvo-ray, and Crunch can destroy Crimzon Demoness!" Crash quickly decides to head off out of the vent, he tries to remember where to go but he's all to confused! But then he saw a couple of mice running down a direction... he watched them carefully "Crash, follow those mice... they're lead to the escape route..." Crash was unsure, "Just do it! I saw it in a video game once..." Crash shuddered and follow the mice anyway, he rushed along more quickly than usual, he was starting to feel tension... CLASH. A Clash of metal was heard inside the vent, Crash freaked out and flinched, he was above the dining room, all the kids were just finishing their dessert, and they all stared up at the ceiling... "it's a rat it's a rat!" Some of the children screamed, Crash started to get too nervous, and the vent creaked even more, Crash noticed some screws coming out, he knew he was in trouble...Coco was rather speechless... the ventilation was rather rusty in that section and it then it just couldn't support Crash's weight anymore! The vents floor came lose and feel! The Kids got frightened and some got excited with the drama, Crash was seen clinging for his dear life up on the vent, but due to his clawless hands, he just couldn't hold on! He slipped. And came crashing down to the ground, he landed on a dinner table, and food went flying into the air! Many kids laughed, and teachers were furious "Get that giant orange rat!" they yelled, Crash freaked and quickly ran for his life, the kids went psychotic and chased him down the hallways "Run Crash run! This is terrible!" Coco nagged Crash, Crash just ignored and concentrated on getting away! The kids ran after him, throwing paper planes, food and forks at him as he ran! Crash saw the exit door up ahead, he did a quick dash for it and slid into the door like there was no tomorrow, and BAM. The door smashed right open, "Come back here orange rat!" the kids yelled "No no I want him as my pet!" others screamed, Crash was running outside, and it wasn't long until the guard dogs noticed him, he kept on running and running, and finally got to the gate, he squeezed through, and ran a few metres away, as the dogs barks viciously at Crash's escape, Crash was exhausted... he fell flat on his back.

Chapter 15

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