Chapter 10 - God of fire comes to light

Both Crunch and Rok ko were still on the search, traveling around the land of Hawaii to the destination of Mount Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world... BANG. Peace and calmness was stopped, both Crash and Crunch looked up at the highest point of the island... ash and rock was pouring out from the volcanoes top, Crash was freaked... Crunch was determined... determined to find Py-ro "Holey crap! Yah! Py-ro is up there alright! He must be having a party!" "Well, we better go and see him then..." Crunch said. The three guys headed into into the higher land, Crash was becoming nervous and unsure... the bandicoots then smelt the burning trees as they got furtherer into the highland forest "Seriously dude, are you sure it's safe for you guys to come up here? You fellas will be fried! Not me since I can fly but yar?" Rok ko asked Crunch "We'll be fine, both of us have been through dangerous adventures many times before, so we should be able to get through this one right Crash?" Crunch asked, but Crash was standing there starring into the forests uphill... "Hey what's wrong?" but as Crunch said that, a river of lava came bursting through the forest towards the bandicoots,

"HOLEY SNAP RUN GUYS RUN!" Rok ko yelled, Crash ran downhill, but Crunch tried to run around the lava "Grrr... Py-ro isn't going to push me back!" Crunch said as he leaped up to in a large tree, he climbed it to get to the top, but it was a dangerous risk, as the lava had now covered the ground down bellow "Whoa!" Crash gasped, as he ran and watched Crunch climb "Ahh Crunch! what the hell are you doing!? You're going to get killed!" Crunch ignored them, and had now climbed to the high point of the tree, he overlooked the burning land and saw a large rock, with lava going around it "Hmm... that's my chance" he thought, Crash and Rok ko had now climbed into a large boulder down the hill, but it was quite far from where Crunch was, they watched in terror as the tree Crunch was standing on... was starting to get weak, and shake... as the lava burned it down, Crunch took a deep breath and walked backwards... watching his balance closely "Zoh my god! What's he going to do!? It's the end Crash, THE END!!!" Rok ko yelled, but then Crunch ran along the thick trunk of the tree and leaped out into the lava infested land, both Crash and Rok ko gasped!

Crunch was in midair, he landed on the rocky surface, and sighed in relief "Man, I don't remember the last time I did something as crazy as that..." Crunch thought to himself, he looked back down the hill and watched as the large tree burnt down to smithereens... he hoped Crash and Rok ko weren't worried about him,

"Ah man, I better go up there and check if he's alright!" Rok ko told Crash, Crash nodded and waited down the boulder, until Rok ko was back...

Crunch glared around his surroundings, then looked up near the volcanoes top... "hmm I just have to get up there... I'm so sure Py-ro is there!" Crunch thought, he looked ahead of him and saw some rock platforms and cliffs that headed up the volcanoes mountain top "Wait Crunch!" Rok-ko screeched as he floated towards him "Oh Rok-ko... what is it?" "Well me and Crash were worried so I just came to check up with you, you sure pulled off a rather dangerous stunt back there!" "Hmm yeah I suppose I did. But Rok-ko, I think it's a good idea if you stay back with Crash... I have to try and convince Py-ro to join my forces..." Crunch told Rok-ko, Crunch just ran ahead and leaped on to the rocks, floating in the lava, Rok-ko sighed "Hmm guess I've gotta stick with Crash til he gets back".

Crunch kept leaping on the rocks, pouncing off them before they sunk into the deadly river of lava, he saw the rocky mountain side and thought "yes, this is it... once I climb over that me and Py-ro can catch up with each other..." Crunch then did a high jump to the ragged rocky wall and clung on with his clawed hand, and used his metal hand to try and help climb, it was a bit slippery but he was getting the hang of it. After a tricking climb up the mountain, he was a bit tired but not exhausted, he hoped all his effort was well worth it. He lifted himself onto the mountains surface... "Well well... we meet again ehh?" a familiar sinister voice was heard, Crunch got up off the ground and glared towards Py-ro, "Yes we do... it's been quite a long time hasn't it?" Crunch spoke "Well of course, furry friend. Let me guess, you want me to power you up ehh? Just like that Demoness freak? Well it aint going to happen bozo!" "Hmm why not? if we work together we can defeat her! Unless her prefer being used by her rather than me..." "No NO way! I'm powerful on my own! And there's no way I'll join forces with you, after the way you humiliated me!" Crunch's expression changed from determined to confused "what? Since when did I humiliate you? I haven't even used you in battle before!" "Don't play dumb with me pal! You make me look like ceeerap after battling against Crash! You don't know the true power of the Fire element, so get lost!" Py-ro snapped, Crunch replied "Hey! I was under control by Dr Cortex then though! That doesn't count, I'm much better when thinking for myself you know!" "Yeah right! Get lost!" Py-ro yelled, Py-ro flew high into the sky and spun around in circles, around the volcanoes centre "hey get back down here!" Crunch shouted, Py-ro didn't bother to respond... and then a violent shake trembled the ground, and Crunch knew what was coming for him.... he quickly dashed off the volcanoes mountain top and slid down the mountains steep terrain "Rok-ko! get over here now!" he shouted, Rok-ko quickly moved from his position and headed to Crunch who was trying to run from the incoming volcano boulders and the earth shaking didn't make things easier nether "Wow man you must have pissed off Py-ro big time!" "Not much... now quickly, are you able to turn into a rock platform to go on top of the lava flow?" Rok-ko gasped "Yikes well uhh yeah, I can but I'm freaked out man!" "Just do it! you're the Earth elemental you should be able to handle the heat!" Crunch yelled, Rok-ko gulped but then quickly transformed into a semi-large flat platform of rock, sliding down on the molten rock, then Crunch leapt onto the platform, soon passing Crash whom was standing furtherer downhill on a boulder, "Quick Crash! Jump on!" yelled Crunch, Crash jumped swiftly and landed on Rok-kos platform... and soon, they were near the safely of dry and 'not so hot' land, "Man what shall we do next cuz? Py-ro obviously doesn't want anything to do with us!" "Oh we'll think of something alright! That stubborn mask just needs to see that I am worthy to use his powers again... but just not yet anyhow" Crunch said, then he thought for a while.... and thought about the Academy of Evil "hmm the Academy of evil... That's where Madame Amberly stays, and where Crimzon was originally created! Hey Crash, do you want to split up and check out the Academy of any clues to help beat Crimzon?" Crunch asked Crash, Crash thought to himself for a bit and then agreed with a nod "That's good then! Well just head back to the Portal we came through, I'm sure Coco can open up a portal to that area!" Crash then nodded and headed back to the portal in which they all came through, he waved good bye to both Crunch and Rok-ko "Good luck orange dude!" Rok-ko said, and Crash disappeared from the scene as he entered the portal

"Hah now that he's gone, go and kill someone without any mercy hahahaha!" Rok-ko blurted like a moron "Uhh how about no? Don't need to be even more of a jackass when he's not around... we must track down Wa-wa and Lo-lo next...".

Chapter 11

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