Chapter 7 - Uninvited encounter

Everyone was preparing for the new adventure, Crash got on a new outfit, and loaded his pockets with Wumpa fruit, “hey Crash, what’s with you and those Wumpa fruit?” Coco then butted in, “Oh these, eat one Wumpa a day, keeps the bad doctor away!” Coco said, Crash nodded and smiled, “I see… I just use them to throw at robots, its quite affective” he replied “Oh, so that’s why Crash used them to throw at N.Gins mech at one time… amazing” she replied.

Coco wasn’t to sure of going on the adventure with Crash, Crunch and Rok ko “Guys, I think I’ll stay here and do the hacking stuff… I’m pretty sure you’ll need me for that” “Yeah sure Coco, do what you can” replied Crunch “As for myself, I shall go and find out more about Crimzon and the whereabouts of the other elementals, I will let you know if I detect any” Aku aku told the bandicoots, Crash and Crunch nodded. Crunch, Crash and Rok ko then left the Jungle and waved goodbye to both Coco and Aku aku.

All three finally arrived at X.Treme island shores, to only find an uninvited guest… a ship like vehicle was parked there, as an over weighted witchlike woman was there floating with her magical powers, her name was Madam Amberly “HOLEY MOTHA OF FLAB!” Rok ko yelled, Crunch quickly grabbed him to shut his big mouth up “Be quite man, we’ll just go and see who this is…” the boat had finally reached land, not far from Madam Amberly, she turned around to see the bandicoots and the mask “Oh look who’s here, some of Neo Cortex’s other experiments…” Crunch and Crash frowned “Don’t you dare call me ‘his’ experiment…” Growled Crunch, “Oh I am so sorry” Amberly said sarcastically, “Hey look Big momma, we have better things tah do than deal with lard so stand Opps I mean, FLOAT aside” Rok ko told her, Amberly grew frustrated, she simply released electricity and flashed it right at Rok ko, the foolish mask dropped to the ground, Crash and Crunch looked at Rok ko as he laid there shaking, “Well, he asked for it…” Crunch said, as he shrugged, he turned to Amberly and asked her “So, what’s you’re name? Why are you here anyway…” “Well fellow burgundy Bandicoot, I am known as Madam Amberly and I am here to find my creation…” “So, you’re the one that made Crimzon!?” “Hmm, so she did manage to find you, she’s an experiment gone wrong, if you tell me where she is then I’ll figure a way to stop her madness…” “Oh yeah right, I know you created her to do something lame like ‘take over the world’ or some other unoriginal bad guy act that Cortex would come up with” Amberly frowned slightly “How dare you compare me with that damned student, he missed out his last detention class!” Crunch and Crash just looked at each other “Ehh, detention class?” Roko ko murmured, “Neo Cortex once was one of my school students… but that is none of your business! I am only here to find Crimzon, so tell me now! Or else I’ll have to deal with you two mammals myself…” she warned the two hero’s, “I don’t know where she is ok? I wouldn’t tell you even if I knew” Crunch told her, “What! I don’t believe you! Fine, I shall find her myself… But you and that orange one better stand out of my way…or else I’ll set out a curse on the both of you…” she threatened them, Amberly then entered into the ship, Crash smirked as he saw the vehicle sink deep into the sand, Crunch couldn’t help but snicker too until he looked closely at the tinted windows on the vehicle, he saw a very familiar face of a human girl, she starred back with a somewhat, surprised expression… Crunch didn’t remember who she was but didn’t take much attention as the vehicle flew away into the skies, since he didn’t trust many humans anyway.

Chapter 8

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