Chapter 6 - Preparing for the Adventure

Crunch and the two fellow masks reappeared back outside the bandicoot hut, Crash and Coco were waiting there for their arrival “WHAT? What is Rok ko doing with you?” Coco asked Crunch “Well, I’ve decided I’m going to use the elements to stop Crimzon, but the problem is, is that the other three elementals escaped and are somewhere on earth trying to avoid and maybe stop Crimzon too…” “Oh great so you’re left with the weak mask” Coco said as she sighed, “Hey! Who ya calling lame, I Rock! You boring bandicoot!” shouted Rok ko, Coco frowned and Crash just poked his tongue at him in return, Crunch just sighed “Man, can't we all just, at least get along for now?” “Yeah, listen to Crunch, but I’m not too keen on working with the elements though… so Crunch, where do you recon we can find the other three masks?” Coco asked, “Well, maybe Rok ko will know…” “Oh me well… I bet Py-ro will be like, close to the largest active volcano, it’s obvious really! But why do you need him and the others? Me and you will be the strongest team around!” Rok ko said, then drama music started playing, Crunch smashed the nearby speaker… there was total silence, “Uhh, how about no” Crunch said reluctantly, “So, does this mean we’re on yet another adventure to save the world?” asked Coco “Well, yeah I suppose! Are you all up for this one?” Crunch asked, Crash nodded and held his thumbs up, Coco nodded too, “But wait, what about Tani?” said Coco, Crunch looked down “Oh Tani, she… kind of had an accident last night so I don’t think it’ll be safe for her to come” “What are ya talking about? Don’t you and Tani always go on silly and dangerous adventure?!” Coco asked, “Well, ok… we’ll go and see her first” Crunch replied, as he worried.

Chapter 7

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