Chapter 5 - They meet again

Aku and Crunch appeared suddenly at the elemental temple, it was a small temple in the middle of the galaxy... "...Ok, how can a piece of land and temple with plants be out in the middle of the galaxy?" "Donít ask me, ask Travelers Tales" Aku replied, Crunch just shuddered.

Crunch and Aku explored the place a bit, and found the entrance into the elemental tomb, "Ok Crunch, the elemental tomb is just behind this wall... I am very uncertain to even dare to free them like Uka uka did back then..." "Just go ahead, I'll have a little chat with them..." "Very well then..." Aku replied, and gulped with nervousness... the tomb door opened slowly, Crunch watched it closely, Aku aku was nervous and the door opened completely, and no one came out... "Hmm, this is strange... the Elementals would come out in a hurry..." Aku thought Crunch just jumped in "Crunch, be careful... the elementals are dangerous" "It'll be fine, I'll just go and check it out" Crunch looked inside the tomb, it was quite small and very dark "Hey elementals? Any of you here?" Crunch yelled, but it seemed to be completely empty... "CRUNCH" a loud and familiar voice screeched, Crunch got a fright and turned quickly to see who it is, the figure floated there, with two red triangle eyes, four ragged teeth, and looked as if he was carved of stone... it was indeed Rok ko... "Rok ko? Is that you?" "Yeah man, itís me! Been a looong time ehh?" both Crunch and Rok ko then emerged from the temple, Rok ko gasped "AHH its Aku aku!" "Hey calm down, he actually freed you, you know" "Oh I see...." Rok ko said, Aku just simply frowned at him, "But Rok ko, where are the other three elementals?" Crunch asked Rok ko, Rok ko then all of a sudden, had an unhappy expression on his face for once, "Well, Ok I'll tell you... it's a sad story though... Some weirdo chick came along, she opened our temple, we all celebrated since we were free again, then she wanted Wa wa, Py-ro and Lo lo to join her side to help make Earth a dark place and... And she didnít even ask me! Do you know how much that hurt me?" Rok ko moaned, "...Oh just great! Crimzon stole the elementals before I could use them... now what can we do..." "No! She didnít steal em, the other three buggers didnít agree with that Dark girl so they had a bit of a rumble, no one won though... I just watched and then all four of them teleported back to earth... and the tomb sealed up and I was imprisoned again! All alone... sniff" Rok ko cried "Hmm, maybe its because you're not as... powerful as the other three elementals..." "Oh shut up will ya! You donít have to let the whole world know!" "Yeah whatever, come on Rok ko... We'll go and find them then"

"Wait right there marsupial!" An angered Brittish accented voice shouted "Dr Nefarious Tropy!" Crunch growled, Aku and Rok ko didnít quite know what was going on, but they watched curiously "Crunch... What an unusual sight, trying to thieve the elements ehh?" N.Tropy smirked at Crunch, Crunch just frowned "I'm here to team with the elements to stop a dark one... obsessive clock freak" "How dare you speak my name in vein! I shall make you pay!" Tropy shouted, Tropy charged towards Crunch, Crunch quickly blocked his attack from his turning fork, Tropy lashed out several times with his fork towards Crunch, Crunch managed to block the attacks "Jeeze, and all this over name calling... just when I thought my mouth was bad, hehe" Rok ko laughed like a retarded fool.

Tropy then started firing laser-like attacks, Crunch jumped and ducked to avoid the powers, it seemed as if this fight would take hours to end "Come on Crunch, you can beat him, even if it takes longer than expected" Aku spoke "Oh thatís it! This fight is making the story boring! Lemme handle this one!" Rok ko rambled, he quickly hovered over towards Crunch and Tropy as they battled it out, he floated there in front of both Tropy and Crunch, "Rok ko? What the heck are you doing?" Crunch asked the fellow mask, "Lemme handle this one! I've learnt a bit more 'bout mah power since then..." Said Rok ko proudly, Crunch just stood there with his arms crossed, "Go ahead then, get yourself knocked out..." he sneered, "So it looks like the lesser element wants to face the master of time, show me what you can do then" Said Tropy, as he smirked at the idea of him facing the likes of Rok ko, Rok ko grew angrier and even more annoyed than before... "Thatís... IT! Iím sick of everyone making fun of me!" Cried Rok ko, he then blasted a bright red light from his eyes, it flashed on Tropy, nothing seemed to have happened, and Tropy laughed even more, but that didnít last long, until a strong, solid stone started to cover his entire body "No! What is happening?" Tropy panicked, and it wasnít long until N.Tropy was fully covered and sealed within the stone, Rok ko smiled at what he had done, Aku aku was slightly impressed and Crunch was even more impressed "Hey, that was a good one Rok ko...Now we can get on with things" he told the elemental mask, "You're welcome cuz, lets go back to earth to find the others...Ē

Chapter 6

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