Chapter 4 - Seeking help

The night had passed over, Crunch was resting there on the bed beside Tani, as Tani rested was resting, she got up "...Man, what the hell happened to me?" Crunch woke quickly, and smiled to see her awake, "Thank goodness you're awake, you just, got knocked out from a fall" "Knocked out? How shameful... I never get knocked out.... but thanks anyway" Tani frowned to herself "Its ok, at least you're ok..." Tani looked at Crunch and noticed he was injured on the chest, "What happened to you though? You're... hurt" "Oh me, I just feel on to some rocks but its ok, I also meet the one..." "The one who keeps 'calling' to you...?" "Yeah, she doesn't sound like good news either..." "SHE? Who does she think she is! Trying to steal you from me, let me have a little Ďchatí with herÖ" Tani tried to get out of bed but as she tried to stand, she winched in pain "...ouch" she just laid back down "Tani take it easy... I think you sprained your leg..." "Oh man, this is so pathetic, me getting a sprained leg, this has never happened beforeÖ it just isnít right at all... but who is this girl? If sheís trying to get with you then, she can say hello to my fists" "No no no, sheís not one of 'those' sheís... some demon named 'Crimzon Demoness'" "Crimzon Demoness? What did she want with you?" "She wants me to join her side, she wants to transform Earth into a place of darkness and suffering, I honestly donít know what to do... Sheís powerful too, she also said if I donít join her side, she'll kill all the ones I care for" Tani seemed to have a more serious look on her face for once, "This doesn't sound good... we have to let Crash and the others know but what do you think we should do, what if she's just full of rubbish?" "Well me, I'm going to go and see Aku aku... he knows a lot about the supernatural junk..." "Yeah true, Aku aku... you should go and ask him, I wish I could come but... Iím kind of screwed up at the moment" Tani replied "Yeah I know, I just donít want to leave you alone though..." "Hey look! I can take care of myself ok? Even if Iím busted, just go and see Aku aku, Crash and Coco ok? Just go and find out if this 'Crimzon' chick is really as serious as you say ok?" Tani told Crunch, Crunch sighed again "I know, but I'll be back soon ok?" "Its called tough love ok, you need it too, go on... go and see Aku... just forget about me for at least an hour ok?".


Crunch had arrived on N.Sanity island, he talked with Crash, Coco and Aku aku... they were surprised "Crimzon Demoness? We've never heard of her before!" Coco gasped, "This new enemy does indeed sound serious... I knew I could sense darkness coming yet again... and so close to us all" said Aku aku, "Guys, I am worried... she said I have to decide to join her side in one week, if I do... then I'll just be helping her with her duties and if I donít then... she'll destroy everyone I know" "personally, I donít think you should join her side... because she'll properly make everyone suffer anyway!" Coco said, quite angrily "Yeah, exactly... but how do you think we can stop her? Sheís just so... powerful..." everyone wasnít sure, even Aku aku himself, Crunch then thought about power, he remembered that he once was forced to use extremely powerful masks, the elemental powers... but yet again, he was under control at the time and couldnít remember how they were used, he only got to use Rok koís power, which was quite ridiculous "Hey guys, do you remember when I used the elementals?" Crunch asked, as Crash heard those words from Crunch's mouth, he gasped! And ran to the corner of the lounge and rocked back and forward, back and forward repeating "whoa whoa whoa..." Coco slapped her forehead, Crunch just stared blankly "... The other three elements must have been powerful then am I correct?" Crunch asked Coco "Oh yes, but they were deadly too.... why you asking about the elementals anyway?" "Iím thinking of... using them again..." Coco then gasped "NO! Don't! They... might make you evil again! But Iím not 100% sure though..." Aku aku then spoke "Hmm, I'll need to speak to Crunch alone about this..." Aku aku and Crunch then left the lounge and went outside "Crunch, do you really want to use the elements again?" "Yes, I think it could be a good way to stop Crimzon... How about you? Do you think it'll be a good solution?" "...I believe so, but I donít trust the elementals, they are very unpredictable... but if you can gain their trust, they may help you..." "I think they would, Iím pretty sure they wouldnít want Crimzon to turn Earth into a place of darkness... right?" "Correct, they are the guardians of the four elements, they donít like it when other gods alter their work" Aku told Crunch, "So... can we go and see them" "Most certainly..." Aku then teleported both himself and Crunch away from Earth...

Chapter 5

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