Chapter 3 - Meeting the one

Crunch was walking through the forest, he was now in the ancient temple area, which he doesnít usually hang out about, "You are getting closer..." the voice spoke once again, Crunch just murmured to himself, he started to feel stupid for doing this. He didnít have much of an idea where he was and where Tani was too, he then looked over at the top of a tall temple at the end of the steep looking stairs, the mysterious one was there, who was obviously a she, she appeared to look somewhat similar to a Burgundy bandicoot, but darker, with demonic ears and wings, a dark outfit with a black and pinkish coloration and two power crystals appeared to be coming out from behind her outfit.

"We finally meet..." she spoke, Crunch just approached her...

"Ok, who are you? What do you want with me?" he asked. "Me? I am Crimzon Demoness, and I want you to come join my side..." Crunch just frowned, she frowned too "Join your side? I'm already on the side of good, Iím not foolish enough to join some 'evil' side..." "Side of good ehh? And no, my side is not evil, it is 'dark'..." "What are you on about, dark is the same thing..." Crimzon just frowned more "My side is for the right of our kind, I am going to set things right and make this world dark and miserable like it should be! I'll also make sure all species suffer equally like ours!" Crunch growled at the idea "What! Thatís just stupid! I wont let you do this... you canít anyway, the side of good will always stop the bad side, so donít even bother!" "Oh so that is what you believe? You know that we're an unfairly treated species, getting killed to extinction by other species, especially humans..." "Yes I know humans arenít perfect but thereís nothing we can do ok? Its just the way things are... at the moment, I also donít believe our kind will die out... normal humans donít even know what a Burgundy Bandicoot is! And I donít believe they're suffering as much as you say" "You're just being an optimist... If you donít join my side... then Iíll make sure all the ones you love will die and suffer a painful death..." Crimzon told Crunch, "You wouldnít DARE!"

 Crimzon then pulled her hand out and a ball of darkness came, she simply shot it at Crunchís chest, it didnít hurt physically but somewhat, emotionally. He fell backwards "A few hits and you would be dead... I'll give you a week to make up your mind... if you decide not to join my side, then all your friends will suffer for the rest of their pointless lives!" Crimzon then floated into the sky, and flashed a blast of darkness, Crunch couldnít see anything for the moment, and soon after... the darkness had disappeared. He was lying there beside Tani, he didnít know how he got there but didnít care neither, he just went up to her and she was unconscious, so Crunch retrieved her and quickly headed back home.

Chapter 4

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