Chapter 30 - Alone at Last

  It was now pitch dark outside...Tani, Crunch and Tiny were at home, cleaning up and relaxing, Tiny had finally decided to do something. Something he should have done a long time ago, "Tiny is moving out and moving in with friend by river!" he shouted, Tani looked astonished, Crunch looked in shock, he didnít believe him... "Thatís rubbish, you'll end up crawling back so Tani can waste her time cooking you tea!" Tiny growled angrily "Tiny can cook him own food now! Roo taught Tiny while you and sister were gone! Tiny is better cook now!" Tiny said, as he poked his tongue out at Crunch "You wish, you'll probably burn the whole house down! And since you're so stupid, You'll probably end up cooking yourself!" Tiny just roared and Tani threw a sock into Tinys mouth, Tiny didnít blurt out a single word... "Ok no fighting please, I... just want a bit of peace for at least... a few minutes!" Tani yelled, she stomped into her room, Crunch frowned at Tiny, he didnít bother saying anything, since it'll startle Tiny again, Tiny finished packing his gear, He quickly headed out of the doorway "Tiny miss sister, good bye sister! Me see you in jungle though sometime!" he said. He headed down the stairs of the tree house.

Crunch sighed in relief... "Thank goodness he's gone... now there'll be peace around here, hopefully" Crunch just sat down on the couch, but then he remembered, Tani was in her room... He got up to go and apologize to his friend. He walked up to her door, but didnít want to go in but at the same time, he did. He stood there for a while thinking "Man, I hope sheís not in a bad mood with me, well I guess saying sorry is all I can do for now..." he dared to push her door open, Tani just sat there on her bed but surprisingly, she wasnít angry at all... she seemed to look sad, Crunch looked a bit closer to Tani "Iím sorry for annoying you before... I wont bother arguing with Tiny around here again, if that's what you want" Tani looked at Crunch "No it's not you... It's me" Tani spoke softly, Crunch looked puzzled "What do you mean by that?" Tani just sighed "All I've been lately is mean without good reason most of the time, how could I even deserve to have a friend like you, you put up with so much rubbish from me... and how I treated you while Derick was around was completely stupid of me" Tani stood up, "No Tani, donít be like this... It's ok if you're angry sometimes, even I am. It's not your fault, it's how Cortex and Brio created you" "Yeah I know but... I just can be so ignorant sometimes. I just feel bad to even have a friend at all... I was too harsh on you, that there is no excuse for that" Crunch moved closer to Tani "We've been best friends for years, we've gotten into stupid arguments before, no one is perfect and hey, being bitchy is better than being a whore" Tani just smiled, she leaned closer to Crunch, he wasnít nervous this time though... "Where would I be without you... I'll be lost, thatís what" Tani came closer, Crunch did the same, they both nuzzled each other "I feel... happy when Iím closer to you.." "I do too..." they just seemed to embrace each other and they eventually, feel in love. At last.

Things back in the city of Australia were back to normal, though for one human in particular... things were far from normal...

Derick was back into his human being form again, he was seen running through the streets of Sydney, he seemed to be yelling... "Everyone! Everyone! You must listen to me! There are anthros and Time Machines in this world! Oh come on! Some of you have to remember!" every other person either ignored him, laughed at him or told him to shut his mouth and more. Derick promised himself he would find a way to change back into a thylacine. He still believed he belonged with Tani and must destroy Crunch. He thought it would be right for the thylacine race. He had no idea. Heh. Bad guys these days.

Perhaps he may have something to do with the next evil scheme... or will Dr Neo Cortex finally return to get revenge on the bandicoots, or maybe someone or something else that relates to the Bad side and even... the good side...

The End.

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