Chapter 29 - Forgotten Memories

The Time Machine came to life, a big power shield surrounded everyone, everyone was nervous while some were excited... the machines effects effected everything outside the shield, everything was going back in time... the sky changed from night, to day, night to day once again... Tropy then announced, "Right, everyone... not long to go now..." Crunch and Tani looked at each other before they were sent back to one day before Dr Brioís machine took effect "I wont forget anything from the future, and you better remember that..." Crunch told Tani "Me neither, I wont forget it, if I do... then please try to make me remember, heh!" Tani told Crunch, Crunch laughed, "I'm sure you wont..." Crunch said, they held hands just before they and everyone else vanished, vanished back in time.

Everyone was back at home. The day was almost night, with the sun setting in the horizon. Crunch was asleep on the couch bed, he slowly woke. He thought for a moment, he thought everything in the future was just some kind of realistic dream "Man, that was some dream I had..." he thought, but then he remembered that it wasnít a dream, he quickly got up "Whoa, I actually remember everything! I have to see Tani..." He got up off the bed and felt fine... he didnít have any bruises or wounds anymore from the events in the future, he then remembered it was the dusk before Tani left to go to Tasmania.

Crunch walked around the house and walked up to Taniís room door, He opened it slowly and glared inside, he saw Tani laying there on her bed, she woke up slowly and looked at Crunch "Crunch..." she said, Crunch smiled "Yeah... what is it" "I just had a great dream but, It confuses me. Because it felt far to real to be considered one" she said, "Thatís because it wasnít a dream! I had it too, you really do remember ehh?" "Of course I do!" she said, she got up and hugged Crunch tightly "I'll never forget that experience!" Tani told him "Me neither!" the pair were just glad they never forgot everything that happened, they then realized... "Hey, what about the others? I wonder if they remember anything?" Tani asked "Oh yeah, Crash and the potoroos... and not to mention, Dr Brio" Tani got her cell phone and quickly dialed Pinstripe, he answered "Yo, Pinstripe potoroo here" "Hey Pinstripe, it's me Tani! Do you well... remember the future?" Pinstripe was silent for a few seconds "What the hell? What do you mean?" Tani hung up "Well, It sounds like they donít remember, what a shame..." Tani told Crunch "I donít think it matters if the others forgot... Right now, we better stop Brio from finishing that machine!" "Yeah, you're right! Lets go!" Tani and Crunch quickly headed off outside, they both ran past Tiny and Kong "Huh, I wonder what they are doing, yah?" Kong said "Tiny do not know but Tiny remember Time Machine..." "what Time Machine?" "you know, time machine that take us back home? Did you no hear Tani and Crunch?" Kong just scratched his head in confusion.

Both Crunch and Tani were on their jet-ski, they arrived at Cortex Castle and ran up the stairs quickly "Man, this place has changed a lot..." Tani said "Donít worry, I know where to go!" Crunch replied, he opened up the Lab door, Dr Brio was seen busy, working on his machine, Crunch and Tani walked over to the Doctor... Brio gasped "AHH! Who, who are you t-t-t-two?" "Hey just relax! Its me Tani! And hereís Crunch" Dr Brio looked at them, he rubbed his eyes and looked again "It... it cant be! Its actually Crunch! I thought you were gone forever and youíre all grown up, big and st-st-strong too! It's great to see the pair of you back t-t-t-together, just like old days!" Brio told them, as he smiled. Crunch and Tani smiled too but then Crunch quickly remembered something, he walked over to Brioís machine creation... and slammed down hard on it with his fists, Brio stood there in shock.... Tani nodded "well, now that we have that out of our way, thereís nothing to worry about!" Brio was about to cry though "My...My creation! Why, why would you do th-th-that Crunch?" Brio asked Crunch as he whined "I had to do it, because it'll turn you into a bandicoot" Crunch told Brio, "Wh-what? How did you know it'll turn me into an anthro?" "Me and Tani came back from the future... and your machine turns not only turns you but turns almost every other human being into an anthro as well, that why I had to destroy it" Brio thought to himself once more "Ohh, that does make perfect sense, I n-n-never thought of that!" "well, just take note of what I said and donít make another one, you got that?" Crunch told Brio seriously, Brio nodded "Y-y-yeah! I wont, I'll... work on something else then, I'll probably make some more evolved animals to inhabit the islands...!" "Yeah whatever, well... I'll see you around Dr Brio, and yeah, its nice to see you again after... well, a few days to be exact!" Both Tani and Crunch left Dr N.Brioís castle, they decided to go and see the bandicoot family. To see if they remember the future at all.

Tani and Crunch were soon on N.Sanity island, they headed towards the Bandicoot hut, "What do you reckon we shall do if they donít remember?" Tani asked Crunch "Well, we'll just have to see them first... surely at least one of them would remember" Crunch knocked on the door, Crash opened the door from behind "Whoa!" he said, and waved, Coco and Tawna soon came to the door with Pura and Polar's heads peeking through "Do any of you guys remember the future?" Tani asked the orange bandicoots "Uhh...?" Crash scratched his head "What is this about?" Tawna asked, Coco then came forward "Oh, hey Crunch and Tani" Polar came next to Coco, he saw Crunch and started growling, "Hey, cut it out Polar! He's not bad!" Coco said, Tani just giggled to herself and Crunch sighed, "Well, others always judge me before they even know me..." "Well anyway, what do you two mean by 'remember the future'? How is that possible?" Crunch and Tani looked at each other, they quickly knew that these fellow orange bandicoots had no idea, Crunch then replied "Ahh never mind Coco! Me and Tani will go now, we'll catch up with you two latter" Crunch and Tani left the scene.

Coco, Tawna and Crash were kind of.... puzzled, Coco whispered to Crash "I bet they're up to something... maybe evil schemes!" Crash just laughed at her remark "Hey Coco come on girl, they may be a bit bad sometimes but they're certainly not evil!" "But Tani calls me a little blondie sometimes...I find it offensive!" "Since when did she call you that?" Coco then thought for a sec, "I...I actually don't remember? Must have been in one of my nightmares...".

Chapter 30

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