Chapter 28 - Time Machine

The portal opened up inside Tropy's Time machine… everyone jumped out and landed on the floor inside the machine... "Man, what a fun ride that was" Siegdog cheered "A very painful ride..." Blaze moaned, as he got up off the ground, the portal was still open and was about to close but then Derick fell through, "Holey crap, that was strange!" He spoke, everyone stared at him "What the hell is he doing here?" Crunch growled loudly, he wanted to attack Derick, Derick yelled in fear "No! You've already hurt me enough! I didn't come to hurt anyone ok?!" Coco and Crash stopped Crunch "No Crunch, just leave him... he looks like he's injured enough" Coco told him "You don’t know what he's done... he's lucky I spared him before!" He replied and hissed, Derick just sat there and then Crunch turned away from him and walked back over to the others.

Tropy was seen standing there with his back facing the portal, but for some reason, he wouldn’t turn around.

N.Gin walked over to him “Dr Nefarious Tropy? Why aren’t you turning to see us? Why aren’t you talking?” N.Gin asked, “Go away, just go away!” Tropy moaned, Crash was smirking to himself…"Heheheheh!” Crash laughed, Tropy turned around quickly “I can recognize that annoying laugh from anywhere... CRASH BANDICOOT! I’ll get revenge on you, now come out here where I can see you!” before Tropy could curse, everyone looked at him, especially at his face, a few snickered and Tropy sighed, "Heh, It looks like he is an anthro too!" Coco said and giggled, Tropy frowned even more, "Nefarious Tropy... We need your help..." N.Gin asked, "Why shall I bother helping these pests! They're nothing but trouble! Trouble trouble trouble!" Tropy moaned, Crunch stepped up to him "Well, do you want to be your human self again?" He asked Tropy "What do you think you, you good for nothing beast? I hate being a furry critter, it is clearly obvious!" "Hey watch your tone, or else..." Crunch growled, "Oh so you reckon you're tough enough to beat me then ehh? I am a master. A master of time! Unlike you..." Tropy yelled at him, Crunch just got angrier... "Ok guys, don’t you think we should just hurry up and get on with taking everything back in time?" Tani said while they argued, everyone agreed with her. Tropy Thought, "Hmm, that would actually be a good idea... But I’m am unsure if it shall work or not. If we do go back in time, we may forget everything that just happened in the future but there is a 50% chance that we could keep our memories within..." Everyone thought, Both Tani and Crunch looked at each other... "Man, what if me and Tani really do forget everything that’s happened since the anthros came about... It just, won’t be the same..." Crunch thought to himself, he didn’t feel too easy about the idea of this, but he knew it was right for everyone..."But, even if w-w-w-we go back in time, will I change back t-t-t-to human?" Brio asked, "Oh course, every human being will be themselves again... But as I said, it could be risky... and a waste of time, if we all forget then Dr Brio here will still be working on his creation that made all humans into anthros... lets just hope that at least one or some of us will remember and go and stop Brio from making it happen all over again..." Tropy explained, everyone thought about what might happen "Oh great! Now I wont have all the sexy clothes I bought..." Tawna thought, "Darn, what a waste of time buying all that fruit..." Coco moaned to himself while Crash agreed, "So... is everyone ready?" Tropy asked, everyone nodded or said yes, then Tropy adjusted his Time machine.

Chapter 29

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