Chapter 27 - Back to the Hotel

Everyone went back into the hotel where Coco, Blaze, Brio and Tommy were. They entered through the door and were greeted by the others, “YAY Moms home!” Tommy screamed, he went to go hug his mother “So, have you been good Tom?” She asked him “yeah yeah yeah! I’ve been good!”

Coco came over to Tiffany “It was fun baby sitting him! Blaze is great to talk with too… we have so much in common…” Coco told Tiffany “Hmm… maybe when you’re a bit older, you and him could be dating each other” Tiffany said, with a smile. Coco blushed a bit and walked off, Siegdog walked over to Blaze “You should have came bro! It was mean as! Crunch stood in front of us while race’in and we almost ran him over but he stopped the car with his bare hands!” Siegdog told his brother “Wow really… that’s just dangerous!” Blaze replied, Tani and Crunch walked into the lounge where everyone was “Ok everyone! Since I found someone that can help reverse all the false anthros back into people… I need you all to come with us too… oh damn, how are we going to get everyone there anyway?” Crunch said and thought to himself, “Get where?” Blaze asked “To N.Tropy's time machine… he’s a guy that’ll help us go back in time…well, that’s if we can get N.Gin to convince him” Crunch said “Oh! We can get there easily!” Coco shouted, “I remember when Crash had a bossfight against him so yeah, I have his coordinates!” “But we have to get N.Gin… He’s on his battleship out by the seashore! Can you transport us there first?” Tani asked “yeah sure! I have a locator of all the evil Scientists… except for Neo, he’s believed to be dead” Coco said, she then clicked a few of the buttons on her device and a portal opened up next to her “Ok everyone, lets all to through!” She said, everyone walked through the portal and disappeared soon after.

The portal opened up on N.Gin’s battleship, N.Gin came out to see everyone standing there, ”So… are well all ready to visit Nefarious?” He asked, everyone nodded and then entered the newly opened portal… Derick was still waiting from behind the crates “Oh damn! I better hurry up and jump in!” Derick screeched, he slowly got up... his hand was broken and wrapped up in a bandage... the portal closed slowly and Derick quickly jumped in.

Chapter 28

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