Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - More Disturbance


Soon, they entered a more lightened area, Tani walked closer to Crunch and one of her arms went around him tightly and grasped onto his fur, “I just remembered… Thank you for stopping Derick from… shooting me or worse” Tani said as she nuzzled him, Crunch felt respected and smiled back at her, “Well, that's what friends are for… and plus, you helped out too didn't you notice?” he said, as he put his arm around Tani too, they both smiled at each other. "Heh heh” the obvious Aussie accent was heard snickering from above, Crunch and Tani stopped, rolled their eyes together… Crunch punched the tree next to him and Dingodile came falling from the tree… He was dressed in army clothes to disguise himself… “Oh, it’s just Dingodile… what the hell is he doing up there!” Tani yelled, she tried to grab Dingodile by the vest and Dingodile screamed “AHH! Keep her away from me! She’s dangerous!” he yelled, Crunch just smiled “Oh come on Dingodile, just leave us alone ok? Go and annoy someone else for once…” Crunch told him “I’m not annoying… I’m just… watching out for any good verses evil action! I guess I saw the wrong thing though…” Dingodile said, Crunch screwed his face up as well as Tani “Oh that’s it! You're so going to get it for spying on us!” Tani screamed, she grabbed Dingodile by the vest "CRUNCH HELP!" He yelled, Tani then laughed and dropped him onto the ground. Both Tani and Crunch smirked at Dingodile, Dingodile frowned "Uhh ok, that wasn’t funny OK? CRICKEY! Don’t come crying to me if she beats you up Crunch... She’s got DANGER written all over!" Dingodile shouted at him, Crunch sighed "She’s not always aggressive, sometimes she can be nice if you don’t be a jerk that is" Tani smiled "Yeah, he's right... army wannabe!" Tani said to Dingodiles face "I am not a wannabe... Rilllaroo is! Well mates, I guess I'll head into the city and go and get some money from the freak show business! I'll catch ya yanks latter!" Dingodile said "Yeah, we'll see you around" Crunch replied, as soon as Dingodile left, Crunch then remembered...

"Hey Tani... I almost forgot, there is one person I reckon could actually help reverse the effect of Brio’s madness" "Wow really? Who is it?" "it's another scientist I know... follow me" Crunch grabbed Tani by the hand, they both headed into the direction towards the beach.

Chapter 25

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