Chapter 20 - Rocket Ship

Crunch ran. He ran as far away from the city as possible, he didnít turn back. He didnít care about anything neither, he just wanted to get away from the city where the others were, especially Tani... "Why did I even bother? She'd rather trust that bastard! She can expect nothing from me then!" Crunch thought to himself, he carried on running until he stopped at a beach, he'd noticed that there was no one around, he sighed in relief and walked down near the sandy dunes to sit down on the sand. He closed his eyes "I hope this is the right thing to do... what else can I do anyway..." he thought. Not longer after that... there was a loud sound that was heard out at sea, Crunch looked out at the sea, he didnít see anyone or anything but a ship... but no usual ship.... "Thatís very strange... I ship that has like, a ton of rockets and wait a minute.... I think thatís..." before Crunch finished his line, he stood upÖ and looked closely and saw a large Battle ship in the horizon, he immediately recognized the rockets... He knew it was N.Gin's... Crunch then ran down closer to the seashore and yelled "N.Gin! Is that you?" "Ahoy there!" a familiar robotic voice was heard, and there he was. Standing on his post like a corny pirate wannabe, Crunch was glad to see him, as he thought N.Gin died in the explosion of Dr Neo Cortex's space station, "Man am I glad to see you again... I thought you were dead..." Crunch called out "I thought you were dead too... Heh" N.Gin replied, and then one of N.Gin's anthro rhinos lowered a rope down for Crunch to climb up.

Crunch and N.Gin were inside, "So N.Gin, how did you survive the explosion of the space station?" "I survived because I wasn't even there... I was on Earth doing as Dr Cortex commanded me, me demanded me to try and hunt down Crash Bandicoot but as you may know... I was unsuccessful, and now that Cortex is thought to be gone, I decided to get my androids to build me a ship of my dreams, to travel the seas like I've always wanted..." N.Gin told him "That's nice... well to tell you the truth, Crash and his sister saved me from the explosion... that's why they're my friends now" Crunch told Gin "Ohh, you're on the side of good now, ahh well... It's not like I'll demolish you, heh heh! So Crunch... what have you been doing in the past year?" N.Gin asked "Well... I've finally meet back up with my best friend on X.Treme Island. It was so nice to see her again, and to be back in the forest. Much better than living in the station... but now I don't think she wants me around..." "What? That's a bummer and ohh a she ehh? Heh heh! Is she hot?" N.Gin asked with a cheesy smile, Crunch turned and looked at N.Gin in the eye with a frown, "Excuse me...!" "Hey now! I was just asking if she's hot? Like... yah know, beautiful?" "...To be honest yeah she is, but that's not the point ok? She's quite a tough girl but she can also have a bad temper and not get along well with others. Me and her are never usually apart ever since we got back together, we like fighting and training together, going on dangerous adventures of all sorts..." "Then why aren't you with her... from the sounds of it, she's a girlfriend. Don't tell me she's not?" "She's my FRIEND!" "Youíre lying!" N.Gin snickered "No I'm NOT! We're just really good friends... well, used to be and now I don't want to know her anymore!" "What, why? What has she done? Cheated on you?" "NO!" Crunch shouted and growled, N.Gin backed away a bit... "I'm sorry, I was just joking around around but seriously, what happened?" N.Gin asked once again... Crunch calmed down a bit "She went with this guy to learn about thylacines because she is one, but this guy is a thylacine too, but I refuse to believe he knows anything about them... because he was once human, as you can see... all humans on Earth have been transformed into anthros, all thanks to Dr Brio and his stupid dark magic and science experiment!" "BRIO! I remember him... So that's why I see anthro babes on the beach instead of humans... damn, now I can't scope for babes anymore!" N.Gin moaned, "I don't want to know Tani anymore ok? She can go with that asswipe if she wants... she doesn't care for me as much as I care for her" "Are you sure about that Crunch? Maybe she hasn't revealed her true feelings yet? Maybe she's too determined to find out about her species at the moment, I would if I was a rare species, heh" Crunch was silent.

He started to think about it that's until someone familiar came running into the room, a small reptilian girl stood there and gasped "UNCLE CRUNCH!" She screamed, it was Cath... She ran and clung to Crunch's leg "I missed you so much Uncle!" she squealed, Crunch was more than surprised to see her, "Cath? Wow, itís been a while since I've seen you... you've grown more since then" "Cath, take is easy with him... we're talking about... something" N.Gin told Cath "What are you two talking about? Ooh do I have an aunty, do I do I?" Cath asked Crunch, Crunch blushed a bit "No, there is no aunty OK?" "You're lying to me! I can see it in your face hahahaha!" Cath laughed, she jumped around in circles repeating "Crunch has a girlfriend Crunch has a girlfriend nana nana na NA!" Crunch then sighed and smirked a bit "You really do love her don't you..." N.Gin asked Crunch in the eye "I don't know. I don't even know if she does back so I'm unsure and confused... I never want to choose the wrong one. I actually have other issues to worry about at the moment anyway..." "From what I've heard from you, she sounds like the one for you, it'll be sad if that sleaze ball won her..." "I know... from what I've seen so far, she doesn't seem to show any likenesses for him... I'm just afraid of what he might do to her. I'm not sure if she can fight him, he's even bigger than me... Ok that's it. I'm going to go and see if she's ok. I won't let this scum make me look weak!" Crunch growled and he got up "YAY Uncle Crunch will kick ass!" Cath screamed and jumped around like a lunatic, "Thanks for the help N.Gin... again I should say!" "Heh, you're welcome... go on then, don't let that guy kick you around like a tin can! You can worry about other issues later, such as saving the world and all that crap" N.Gin told Crunch, Crunch headed out of the room and back down to the seawater... he ran as fast as he could back to the city.

Chapter 21

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