Chapter 19 - At The Hotel

Crunch meet up with the potoroos in the hotel, he walked inside and saw the potoroos just relaxing, watching TV and such, “Yo Crunch! Were have you and the orange fellas been?” Pinstripe asked him, Crunch didn’t say anything, he just headed to his room, and then when he got there, he just sat on the bed and thought “Man… was that the right thing to do…? I think I’ve screwed up everything now instead, just for Tani… sigh” he lay there for a while thinking about it. Several minutes later, Tani came in. She looked worried “Why did you do that Crunch…” “I… did it because you didn’t want it to happen… I hope you're happy” he told her and turned away, “But, why… I thought you wanted to make all the anthros back into human beings” “Of course I did, because humans are nasty creatures, destroying the world slowly and I didn’t want evolved animals like us to end up doing the same thing” Tani then thought about what Crunch had just said, she then felt guilty, “You're right... but… for me? Why… I’m just one… next to something much more important” she replied, she also felt angry at herself, “Even though you're just one, you mean more to me but now I realize that it’s just a big mistake…” “No, it isn’t! We can make the anthros stop the human ways!” “Us verses six billion? I don’t think so, to their eyes, we’re just the same as them now… almost” Tani didn’t say anything, she left his room and walked away.

 Crunch sighed, “Why did I have to do this, Crash and Coco will be so mad at me, I should have given the topaz to Brio…” Crunch just laid down on the bed, then a shinning light came shinning right in front of his face, Aku appeared there, looking at Crunch "Why do you always appear out of nowhere?" Crunch asked "It is... just how I am... anyhow Crunch, don’t feel guilty..." he told him, "Why shouldn’t I... I've ruined everything... I wasted it on her" Aku sighed "You did it for love, but it doesn't mean everything is ruined" "Uhh, I think you’re mistaken..." "Then why did you do it then? You see, you did it because you care about what she'll think, but you should have thought about the majority of others first..." "I know but now I've ruined the whole world... I’m not sure what to do now..." Crunch sighed, "There is one thing I can tell you... There’s always hope, hope they may be with an old friend you may encounter sometime... don’t worry too much Crunch, even some of the biggest mistakes lead to good things…" Aku told him, he suddenly disappeared, "No wait! What do you mean by that?" Crunch yelled, then he sighed to himself again, "He always has to vanish when I’m about to ask him something important, sheesh.".


It was morning, Crunch walked into the dinning room and quickly had breakfast before the others noticed, he saw everyone having breakfast in the large lounge area, Tani was sitting there on one of the couches in the lounge, Crunch walked over to her, before he got near her, Coco came screaming “Crunch! You… traitor! Why did you destroy the topaz! Why?! Now the world is over! The anthros and humans are going out on control and now there’s nothing we can do because there are so many!” Crunch tried to ignore her, Tani frowned at Coco “Hey Coco, shut your mouth! It’s my fault OK!? I’m the reason why this has happened so take it out on me instead!” “What? You didn’t even do anything! Crunch was the one that destroyed the topaz with his metal hand!” Coco screamed, Crash looked at Crunch, and looked down and sighed while shaking his head in disgust, Crunch felt even guiltier.

Pinstripe noticed the bandicoots, “Heh, you orange bandicoots. Get over it! It's great that the homo sapiens are anthros like us! We can socialize for once!” Pinstripe told them, "Hmm, Pinstripe could be right..." Coco thought "N-n-n-n-no! You t-t-t-true anthros don’t understand! Ok, I was a human once b-b-but are you fellows aware of what humans have been doing to the animals in the past d-d-d-decades or so?" Brio screeched everyone looked at him in silence "Humans are the reason why m-m-most of you are endangered! Do you really want anthros to really carry on such madness? There are some humans d-d-doing good things but then there's the b-b-b-bad things!" "Man that little guy is right, us potoroo’s are gonna die out cause of the humans!" Blaze thought, "I already was aware of that! Bandicoots are going to be extinct soon because of them..." said Coco, as she wanted to cry at the same time "That’s what Brio told me once as a juvenile... though burgundy bandicoots haven't been discovered by science yet though... but this is why I wanted to reverse the effect of the machine thing Brio created" Crunch told everyone, "Then… Why did you brake the topaz then!?" Coco screamed, Crunch didn’t say anything once again, Tani looked down and Tawna heard some knocking at the door, "Hey someone is at the door!" she went to answer it.

Derick stood there at the door staring at Tawna, "Hey there lady... I was wondering if an elegant thylacine was lurking around here..." He spoke, Crash quickly came in front of Tawna and frowned like he doesn't usually do, "Hmph..." Crash mumbled. Tani came over to see what was going on "Oh hi Derick" as soon as Crunch heard that name, he got even angrier "Tani! I thought you said you..." and then he quieted down, "Well, It's best if I make the most of my knowledge..." Tani replied to Crunch, she then followed Derick outside. The others watched curiously from inside "Oh dear... She’s going with another t-t-thylacine?!" Brio gasped, "NOTHING is going to happen!" Crunch growled, and everyone stared at him "You should go and stop him! He'll win her if you don’t fight back!" Pinstripe said, "Win her? Stop playing around! Tani’s not stupid so don’t say anything ok? I’m going to deal with this myself!" he walked outside and shouted out to Tani, Tani turned around "Crunch? What is it now..." she walked over to him as Derick rolled his eyes "Tani, this is the last time I'll tell you... He is not a true thylacine..." "Why do you keep saying that!? I’m only trying to find out about my race! He's taught me quite a lot you know!" "You don’t understand, what would you do if he was still a human then? Will you believe him then?" Crunch asked.... Tani stood there "It doesn't matter! He's still one! Maybe his new form has given him knowledge of thylacines or something because he seems serious!" Tani told Crunch "But Derick said to my face that I should back off and keep away from you! After we just met him yesterday!" "What! He wouldn’t say that! You're just making things up ehh?" Tani yelled, "I am not! I wouldn’t lie to you, unlike him!" "Urgh! That’s it! I’m going to go and learn some more, I’m not talking to you no more until you give an apology!" Tani turned her back on Crunch and walked back with Derick, Crunch was very angry and thought "I'll never say sorry to him!".

Chapter 20

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