Chapter 14 - The city

Soon after the drama with Tiny, everyone decided to go in Pinstripes car and fly to Sydney...

They arrived there in the middle of the road, it caused a big traffic jam and anthros started raging "Hay you! Get your junk out of the way!" and Pinstripe got mad and yelled "Its not junk you son of a biarch!" and he grabbed his Tommy gun out straight away, "Hey Pinstripe, there is no need for that! Just park the car in a normal place..." Tiffany told him "Fine then..." so he parked it on the side of the road.

"Wow! Its true... the humans are anthros, that's pretty cool if you ask me... now we can go and see what city life is like..." Tani said "Hmm, maybe this isn't so bad after all? Now everyone won’t think we're freaks...!" replied Crunch, so everyone got out of the car and walked around the city, Crunch and Tani weren't used to it, with hundreds of other anthros and cars all over the place, it was completely new to them. Pinstripe and Tiffany were used to it, since they usually visit the cities, usually disguised and unseen in the darkness of night.

"Hey Tani, Tiny, Crunch and Crash... me and Pinstripe are going to go shopping, well met you back at the car ok?" Tiffany told the others "But what are we going to do? We haven't got any money!" Tani asked, then Pinstripe handed Crunch over some hundred-dollar notes "Share them with the others and use it wisely!" Pinstripe said, then the potoroo pair walked off down the streets.

Chapter 15

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