Chapter 13 - A Mistake

Crunch followed the guard into a room where Tani was... she was hand cuffed! "CRUNCH! You actually found me! Thank goodness!" "Ok... can somebody tell me what the hell is going on here! Why is Tani a prisoner?" Crunch yelled at the guards, he ran over to Tani and broke the handcuffs for her to get free. She glared angrily at the guards, "I'll get you bastards for capturing me!" "Hey lady! Itís not our fault! You were in an unauthorized area and you refused to leave, so we had to choice but to put you in the cells until we get in contact with your family members!" one of the guards told her, "Oh what ever! Unauthorized area my ass!Ē she screamed again, she then turned ďWant to know something that really pisses me off? The FEMALES ALWAYS HAVE TO END UP GETTING RESCUED! By someone, man it is so annoying!!!" all the guards had blank stares, look at each other and shrugged, Crunch just smirked at the remark, "Hey come on Tani, itís not that much of a big deal... sometimes we need to get rescued, even I did...!" "But you don't know what its like! Girls always end up getting rescued and blah... so unoriginal! I hate being a damsel in distress!" she complained, that's until Pinstripe, Tiffany and Crash finally found them "Oh hey dudes! I guess everything is ok now?" Pinstripe asked, "Yeah, well guys... lets go..." Crunch said, and then Tani, Crunch, Crash, Tiffany and Pinstripe left.

Everyone was outside "So, we better head back home to help Brio make a reversing anthro-ray or what ever itís called..." Crunch said "What? Are you kidding? We must go into the cities! Man, It'll be wicked being around one million other anthros don't you think?" Pinstripe said, "I must admit... Pinstripe is right Crunch! Why don't we actually go and see the cities, even just for a day?" Tiffany asked, "Oh, so that explains why the police were animals... and where's Tiny?" Tani asked, "Oh, him and Crunch got into a fight... and Tiny got knocked out... he's in the jungles somewhere..." Tiffany explained, "He fought Crunch because he thought it was Crunch's fault that you were gone..." said Pinstripe, "Oh man, I wish Tiny never thought of such stupid things! Itís all Cortexís fault for making him so silly! We better go and get him".

They arrived at Tani's camp and Tiny was there waiting, "Hey Tiny, what's a matter? I'm here now..." and Tiny turned and looked at Tani "TINY SISTER!" and he ran and hugged Tani tightly, "Come on Tiny, I'll be alright when I'm away! Just be tough ok?" Tani told her brother, Tiny then suddenly ran over to a tree, ripped it from the ground and snapped it in half... "Tiny is tough now!" he said... everyone sighed.

Chapter 14

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