Chapter 9

Chapter 9- Freakish News

Everyone was walking through the jungle that leaded to the tree house home, they saw Pinstripes car parked outside “Oh darn! Pinstripe and his crew are there…” Coco said “Hey, don’t worry about him… when I’m around, he wont dare to mess with you and Crash!” Crunch said, Crash and Coco smiled nervously, as well as Tawna and Dr Brio.

They all walked upstairs and entered the door, the potoroo’s were just having tea, and Pinstripe stared at the bandicoots “What the hell? Crash Bandicoot? Some little blonde girl? A hideous dude? And the blonde whore? What’s all this about Crunch?” Pinstripe asked. “I don’t care if you hate Crash, Pinstripe. He's one of my friends, as well as his little sister Coco, and you know Tawna is my half sister! And as for this guy, it’s Dr N.Brio…as a bandicoot” “Whoa man, sorry… I didn’t know you were on the bad side and the good side, well… I don’t actually work for Cortex anymore but, I’m aint on Crash’s side neither, after the way he humiliated me!” Pinstripe yelled, “Oh be quiet you stupid rat! I’m no whore! You dumped me for that slapper Tiffany, but Crash is much better than you anyway so I’m back with him, so get over it!” Tawna screamed at Pinstripe, then Tiffany quickly came up to Tawna “You can just shut your fat mouth you dumb blonde! Pinstripe dumped you because you’re a useless tart! You can’t even use a gun! You’re so dependent, you better watch what you say to my face!” Tiffany screamed back at Tawna, both Tawna and Tiffany were about to have a girly fight, that’s until Crash dragged Tawna from the scene, as well as Pinstripe who dragged Tiffany from the scene, “Man calm down! We have to try and get along now, sheesh!” Crunch said in frustration, “Why…” the potoroo’s and bandicoots asked, then Tiny came out from his room, he noticed Crash was in the room, but didn't seem all that interested, “Crash. Tiny hate you but Tiny rather kill Barbeque now!” he said, then he roared for no particular reason and walked out of the scene, out the door and down the stairs. Crash was rather shocked “Whoa…?” he said. And there was complete silence for that moment. Crunch then went over to the television and switched it on… it was on the channel one news… “Holy cow! The… news person is a freakin' cat!” Siegdog said “Shut up!" Everyone else said…

“Well today on channel one news, something extremely odd has struck the world, about half the worlds population of humans has somehow… been transformed into a variety of anthros, which are animals with human-like capabilities. We have no idea how this has happened but some believe, it was a gift from mother nature, or God, or maybe a sudden evolution to man kind? Or perhaps some sort of freak of science caused it? We surely don’t know, but most of us are extremely happy, just listen to what these people have to say…” The newsperson spoke, she then handed the microphone over to a random anthro bat guy… “Man I just… I just can’t believe it! I, I have wings! I, I can fly! I always believed in my dreams!” he spoke, then he flew out of the scene then a tiger anthro came to the news crew “Dude! This is wicked man! Look! I’m so much sexier than before, and so big and strong, I also have nice fur man! Dude, God has blessed us all man…. Us all…” He said, and then he left the scene, more anthros were shown on the news, the whole world seemed to be in chaos. Everyone in the house were… speechless.

Chapter 10

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