Chapter 8- Anthro Village

Crunch and Brio arrived at N.Sanity beach, they then went for a walk into the jungle… to search for the village “Hey Crunch! Can I see C-c-crash bandicoot?” Brio asked Crunch “Hmm, I don’t think that’ll be a very good idea… “Why not? I’m a b-b-bandicoot now!” “Yeah I know but… well, ok we’ll go and see him then… but don't come crying to me if he beats you up!”.

Crunch and Brio arrived in front of the bandicoot hut, Crunch knocked on the door… someone came to answer the door. It opened, and Tawna stood there “Oh hi Crunch! Eww who’s that?” asked Tawna, she ran back inside and hid behind Crash “Hey Tawna! Its ok man! It’s just Brio… well, as a bandicoot…” Crunch said, Coco soon came into the scene and looked closely at Brio in shock, “You are a disgrace to the Bandicoot race!” Coco screamed at Brio “Oh n-n-n-no! Please d-d-d-don’t hate me! I only w-wanted to be friends with you all!” he cried, “Who would want to be friends with you? You’re yucky!” Tawna yelled at Brio “Ok can we all just try to get along now? We have much more important issues to deal with…” Crunch said “What do you mean Crunch? Please don’t say Cortex is back again I’m sick of fighting against him!” Coco said, Crash agreed and did a yawn… “No it’s not Dr Cortex, its… something much different…” Crunch said. Crash, Coco and Tawna looked at Crunch curiously “Then, what is it?” Coco asked, Crunch frowned heavily and glared at Brio, “It's Brio! He’s such an idiotic fool he created this machine thing, that turns humans into evolved animals! See! Look what he's done to himself! Now if any human touched the gust of energy that came by about an hour ago, then they’ll turn into an animal like us!” Crunch told everyone, there was silence. Until Tawna shouted “Wow… That is awesome!” “Wow, that is bizarre!” Coco said and thought, Crash even looked up with his ears raised and nodded with agreement, Crunch was confused “What? Is that all you guys are going to say? I don’t think it’s good at all! Humans are supposed to be humans, and if the humans see more of us then they'll go insane! Well, we still have to check if Papu papu’s tribes folk are anthros, if not then there’s nothing to worry about…!” “Well ok Crunch, let’s all go and see if it’s all true then…” Coco replied, then all the bandicoots left the house, to go to Papu’s village.


Everyone arrived at the ‘Big gate’, which leads into the village “I don't know if this is a good idea, last time me and Crash snuck in here, the villagers started chasing me with pitch forks and fire!” Coco said and gasped, “Don’t worry, with all us here, we should be fine” Crunch said, he then opened up the door with his brute strength… it was now open wide enough, the bandicoots looked through. It was a surprise to everyone…

“WOW! Look it IS true!” Tawna said and was surprised, as her jaw dropped “Oh my god… the villagers are, like us!” Coco thought then said… “This is amazing! Look! Some of them are kangaroos, wild boars, and more!” “Man, Brio wasn’t wrong… this is madness…” Crunch thought with a surprised look on his face, “Oh m-m-m-my! I was r-r-r-r-right!” Brio screamed like a girl, but then suddenly, a villager saw the Bandicoots “Huga!!! No predator allowed in lord Papu papu village! YAH!!!!” a Villager that was a wallaby screamed, and then a bunch of other villagers came and ran towards the bandicoots with spears “I TOLD YOU THEY’LL CHASE YOU!!!” Coco yelled, and everyone ran out of the village… down to the beach where it was safe…

“Man, Brio was right! But I doubt the energy would have spread furtherer… I think we should head back home, turn on the television and see…” Crunch said, so everyone decided to head back to Crunch’s home since it was the closest place with a television.

Chapter 9

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