Chapter 3- Visitors...

There was a loud sound from outside, the sound of a very familiar vehicle... "Hey, whatís that sound outside?" Coco asked, and then Tani ran up to the window and glared outside, she saw Pinstripes flying car. They were just hopping out of the vehicle to come up stairs, "Darn! Itís Pinstripe and his family! You two, hide NOW!" Tani shouted at both Crash and Coco, Crash ran into the cupboards and closed it up, Coco ran into Taniís room and hid in the wardrobe, Pinstripe then nocked on the door "Tani and Crunch yo! Open up the door!" Pinstripe said, "Iím coming!" Crunch said, he then came to the door... Pinstripe, Tiffany and Tommy were standing there "Oh hi Pinstripe, Tiffany and Tommy! Itís been a while since I've seen you guys!" Crunch told them "Itís great to see you to Crunch!" Tiffany said, Tani then noticed the potoroo family, "Oh, Hi guys!" Tani said.

Everyone was sitting down talking "So Crunch, tell me... what was it like to Ďsaveí us from Jaseo? You know... beat the life out of him and such?" Tiffany asked Crunch "Well, I could say it was a tough fight... much different to the usual battles I have with others, it was great after I had won the fight! Just proves that you donít have to always rely on muscles only" Crunch replied, "Pinstripe was very happy to get that flying car back, he was going psycho to see it back... it was rather annoying" Tiffany said, as she looked at Pinstripe "Oh come' on Tiff! I was just glad it was back with me, itís never gotten stolen before! Jeeze!" Pinstripe told Tiffany "Dad! I want a flying car for Christmas!!! Can I get one daddy? Can I please?" Tommy asked his father, Pinstripe looked at his son with a worried expression, ĒUhh, yeah sure Kid!" Pinstripe said, then Tiffany pushed Pinstripe with her elbow, "You idiot... we canít give him a car...! And besides, you own the ONLY flying car!" Tiffany whispered to Pinstripe, then an Anime sweat came down Pinstripes face, "Well anyway, we better head off back home now! I'll see you latter Tani and Crunch, it was good to catch up!" Tiffany said, "Yeah, ok Tiff bye!" Tani said, the Potoroo family left a minute after.

"Hey Crash and Coco, you two can come out now..." Crunch said, and then both Crash and Coco came out from their hiding places "Sheesh, how could you be friends with the Bad guys and the good guys?" Coco asked Crunch "Well, you know me... I've been here and there, I was on no ones side, the bad side and now this side!" Crunch told Crash "It must be hard, hehe!" Coco said, "I just donít get it why Pinstripe, Dingodile and the others have to hate you two so much. Itís so stupid!" Crunch said, "Yeah, it is... I guess" replied Tani. "Well, me and Crash better head back home... I hope Tawna's ok with Pura and Polar..." Coco said, "Ok then, I'll see you guys latter!" Crunch said, both Crash and Coco headed back home to N.Sanity island.

Chapter 4

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