Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Chilling out...

Everyone was at Tani's house, Crash and Coco seemed to be slightly nervous about being inside, "Hey Tani... do you really think it’s ok if me and Crash are here..." Coco asked Tani "What are you talking about? Of course you two are fine here.. as long as you don’t do anything stupid!" Tani told them both, "Well, I mean like... doesn't Tiny Tiger stay here as well? He'll go mad if he sees me and Crash, especially Crash!" Coco asked, "If he tries to harm any of you two, I’ll knock him into next week!" Crunch told the pair. Crash and Coco laughed, "Heh, you don’t have to worry about Tiny, He's at Kong’s house... those two get along so well, gee... I wonder why Crunch and Tiny don’t?" Tani said and thought, "It's because I'm not dim witted such as Tiny, and Kong hasn’t got much brains ether, so they get along well, see what I mean?" Tani smirked at Crunch’s reply, "That’s too true...”.

Everyone was watching TV, except for Tani... who was kick boxing in the spare room, everyone but Coco was watching the wrestling channel, two humans were seen wresting and smashing each other around the wrestling ring, Crash was amused, "Heh, I could take them all out with a flick... this is lame" Crunch said, "you can say that again! I’m changing the channel!" Coco said, she got up and changed the channel to a nature channel "Ehh, this looks even lamer…” Crunch replied, Crash agreed with Crunch and faked a yawn "Oh be quiet you two! You might learn something from it!" Coco told Crash and Crunch, Crash rolled his eyes, Then suddenly on TV... it showed something about Tasmanian Tigers "Hey Tani, come and look at this!" Crunch yelled, and Tani came and looked at the TV "Hey! Tasmanian Tigers... I better check this out!" Tani said, and then she sat down on the couch between Crunch and Crash and listened... "Today on animal planet, some Australian researchers are going down to Tasmania to see if the Thylacine or so called Tasmanian Tiger still exists, you may never know what else may lurk there, maybe there’s more rare marsupials that are waiting to be discovered, well anyhow... in the next few days, the researchers will be at their job, tracking down anything that maybe a Thylacine, so stay tuned! With Animal Planet, and next up its Kangaroo's breeding season finale!" not long after it finished screening, “Wow that’s what Tani’s unevolved form looked like! Looks almost like a dog!” said Coco, “Hmm… I’ve never seen what my form looks like… because it’s not discovered by man, from what I heard” Crunch said, “Well me and Crash saw ours… it’s cute!” said Coco, Tani however… seemed interested. She never knew much about her kind, since it was resumed extinct years ago but what confused her, is that her and Tiny still existed, she thought “I’d like to know more about my unevolved kind… hmm….”.

Chapter 3

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