Chapter 10- Crunch's Paranoia

Everyone was quite surprised and shocked, “They are all evolved animals like us! Isn’t this just awesome?” Blaze said, “You can say that again! We can go into the cities without worrying about humans!” replied Siegdog, “That’s the shizzle! Now I can go boy racing with them in the cities!” Pinstripe said with excitement, “Hey guys… don’t you think this is a bit too… psycho?” Crunch asked, “Are you nuts Crunch? It’s awesome! We can go into the cities without worrying anymore!” Pinstripe said “YAY I can go to Mc Donald’s!” Tommy screamed, “Yes I know but… it’ll be… different…what about the humans that are left?” Crunch said, but everyone ignored him, Crunch sighed and went outside on the balcony, he grabbed the cell phone from out his pocket, he decided to tell Tani the news…

Crunch awaited Tani to answer, but… there was a voice, it said, “Sorry, but the cell phone you have dialled its ether corrupted or no longer exists, please try again”… Crunch was shocked! He tried dialling over and over again, it didn’t seem to get through!

Crunch was so shocked. He went back inside and yelled “GUYS! Something’s happened to Tani!” Crunch yelled, everyone went quiet and listened to Crunch “What? What do you mean?” Tiffany asked “Its keeps saying her phone doesn’t exist! She’s in trouble man, we have to go and find her!” “Hey calm down man! I’m sure she’ll be fine, maybe her phone got wet or something?” Pinstripe said, “Tani’s not that stupid! I bet those human anthro things have something to do with it!” growled Crunch, “But how are we gonna get there? Tani’s got the car… we’re stuck here!” Blaze said, “Wait! I know! Coco has a warp room that can take us almost anywhere around the world!” Tawna told everyone “Wow really? That’s pretty cool dude!” Siegdog said “Yes it is! My warp room is beneath our home, and it can transport us to Tasmania no sweat!” Coco told the crew, “B-b-b-but, b-b-b-bandicoots and potoroo’s d-d-d-don’t even sweat” Brio stuttered, “Oh shut up braincase!” Siegdog said, and then everyone left the house, and headed to Crash’s house.

Chapter 11

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