Outcast Bandicoot 2- Anthro domination

Chapter 1- another beginning...

It was silent, deep in a jungle, on X.Treme Island… gunshots where heard, it was uncertain to what was actually going on...

But then suddenly, a figure was seen within the jungles of the island… Burgundy fur dashed past trees and ferns and a flash of steel shined in a blink of an eye, he leaped over a few bushes and landed on the ground with a thud and quickly ducked down to avoid being noticed with his very noticeable colours… yeah kids, you guessed it…he was Crunch.

He crawled through the thickness of the jungle floor… got up and hid behind a tree, he breathed slowly and quietly to listen to any slight sound within the area, since there was nothing but silence, Crunch got out from behind the tree... and looked around, but all of a sudden... a gunshot was heard again and it hit Crunch! Right in the centre of his head!

"Crunch!" a voice saw heard, Tani then was seen running towards Crunch, he stood there staring at Tani, "Crunch you numb skull! Now we lost!!!" Tani screamed! Crunch just stood there. He wiped the red 'paint' off his forehead and smiled, "Hey come on Tani! It’s just a game, you better watch out too..." Crunch told Tani, but it was too late, a paintball hit Tani on the back at the last minute! Blue paint soaked Tani’s back, "Dammit!" She screamed, and then Crash and Coco came out from the bushes, laughing and pointing, "Hah, looks like me and Crash win this game!” Coco told Crunch and Tani, Crash did his Crash dance and Coco folded her arms and grinned, "Yeah, but next time you two won’t be so lucky!" Crunch told the siblings, “AND your lucky that didn’t hit my backside, if it did…I’ll smash you!" Tani told Crash and smiled… showing her fangs, Crash gasped “Yikes!” as if he was taunting her… by pretending to be scared, “Well, it was a good game anyway! Maybe we can play tomorrow, but aim at those Tribes folk instead on N.Sanity Island!” Coco told the gang “Yeah, sounds like fun!” Crunch replied, “Well... We better head back home then" said Tani. Crunch, Crash, Coco and Tani headed back to Tani's tree house “Ehh why are you two following?” Tani asked the orange bandicoots “Umm well… Crunch invited us!” replied Coco, Tani sighed and Crunch shrugged “Come on Tani! They won’t cause any trouble at home!” “Well they better not…!”.

Chapter 2

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