Chapter 43 

Tawnas thoughts


Crunch, Tani and Tawna arrived at Tani's home, Tiny ran to Tani "Tiny miss Tani!!!" Tiny cried "Sorry for not taking you Tiny, there... wasn't enough room!" Tani told Tiny, Crunch then walked inside, Tiny growled, Crunch ignored Tiny "Hey! Don't growl at Crunch, he just saved all our buts from Jaseo!" Tani told Tiny, Tiny looked at Tani "Uhh? He save us all? Tiny still no like Crunch, He is naughty boy!" Tiny said, Tani giggled to herself, Crunch rolled his eyes angrily.

Tawna was sitting on one of Tani's couches, she looked unhappy "Hey Tawna, what's a matter?" Tani asked Tawna "I don't know, I just feel bad for some reason..." Tawna said, Tani was unsure, Crunch then came along "Tawna... there's someone you need to see and apologize to..." Crunch told Tawna, Tawna looked up at Crunch "What?" Tawna said "Do you remember Crash? He's the hero that saved you’re life... I don't see why you had to dump him... he misses you lots" Crunch told Tawna, Tawna was shocked "C-Crash! I, cant see him..." Tawna said "What are you talking about! Crash saved you, and this is what you do... dump him to try and get with Pinstripe! You make me sick!" Crunch yelled at Tawna, Tawna got upset "I didn't leave him for no reason! When he saved me, It seemed like we were the perfect couple, that until the next day, when Crash was just sleeping all day, yes! Doing nothing but sleeping! He didn't care about me So I walked off, and that's when Pinstripe noticed me and he said I could be a movie star! So I left with him and then I found out it was all a joke then he dumped me and that's when I meet Jaseo, and Jaseo promised me that I would become a star..." Tawna told Crunch angrily "Look Tawna! Crash would have been tired from beating Dr Cortex, of course he'll sleep all day the next day! Are you really that stupid!? I still think you better go back and apologize to Crash!" Crunch yelled at Tawna, Tawna had tears in her eyes "Crunch, take it easy on her... she's still as sensitive as she used to be..." Tani told Crunch, Crunch looked at Tawna "Ok Tawna, I'm sorry for being quiet harsh..." Crunch told Tawna "That's ok Crunch, I did need a bit of a wake up call" Tawna said "Well, are you going to go and apologize to Crash?" Crunch asked "Yes..." Tawna said.


Chapter 44

Apology to Crash

Tani, Crunch and Tawna were on the island of Crash's home, Tawna was nervous... "I'm... I'm scared, what if Crash doesn't forgive me?" Tawna asked Tani "Don't worry, Lets just see what happens!" Tani said, they then arrived outside Crash's house "Hey Tawna, me and Tani will go in first and tell the news of me defeating Jaseo, then you can come in straight after ok? just to give you some time to think of what to say to Crash" Crunch told Tawna "Yeah, ok Crunch I'll just wait outside..." Tawna said,

Crunch and Tani went up to the door and knocked, Coco came to the door "Hi Crunch and Tani!" Coco said "Coco, I've got great news for you all!" Crunch said, Coco smiled happily, Crunch and Tani went inside, Crash and Aku looked at both Crunch and Tani "Ok guys! I managed to beat Jaseo Bilby! And man was it a hard battle!" Crunch said, Crash and his friends were delighted! "That's awesome Crunch! Congratulations!" Coco said "Yes Crunch, Well done! All of us are proud of you!" Aku aku told Crunch "But I couldn't have done it without Tani!" Crunch said, as he turned to Tani and smiled, everyone clapped and cheered Crunch and Tani "Thanks guys!" Tani said "Crash, there's also someone that would like to talk to you..." Crunch told Crash, Crash looked at Crunch curiously... then Tawna walked inside, Crash was extremely surprised, Coco was a little shocked too... "C-Crash..." Tawna said, she walked over to Crash and sat down next to him... Crash was nervous! "Crash... please forgive me for dumping you for Pinstripe... I... I thought you didn't love me anymore because you were sleeping all day and ignoring me... But now I realized you were just resting after having a harsh battle against Neo Cortex... I... I feel so horrible, I've been confused all my life, But something tells me that you’re my true love... every time I look into you’re eyes, It makes me feel like we're a perfect couple..." Tawna said, as tears went down her eyes, Crash also had tears... Tawna and Crash then both hugged each other tightly... Coco's eyes widened! "Well, it looks like they're back together!!!" Coco said then she fainted, Aku aku was pleased to finally see Crash back with his true love, Crash looked at Crunch and gave a thumbs up, "Hey! You’re very welcome Crash! I'm just glad I could help you out!" Crunch said, "Well, I guess me and Crunch better head back home! Its almost sunrise!" Tani said "Yeah! I'm exhausted!" Crunch said, Both Crunch and Tani left Crash's home and they waved out to Crash, Tawna, Coco and Aku aku.

Crunch and Tani were down at the beach watching as the sun rose "Man Crunch, don't you feel so freakishly proud that you’re a hero just like Crash?" Tani asked Crunch "Yeah, but don't forget, you’re also pretty much a hero too... for saving me from falling off that cliff!" Crunch told Tani, "Yeah, I suppose that's true! I wonder what a future awaits us now... do you recon another bad guy will strike?" Tani asked Crunch "Well... you know our world... there's always something that's ready to take on us... at any time and we never know what it may be..." Crunch said, as they both sat there by the sea watching as the sun rose even higher...

We may never know what may happen in the future, but all we can do now is wait....



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