Chapter 41

Bad luck of good luck?


Both Crunch and Tani were rolling down the cliff fast, Tani stopped on a cliff edge "No Crunch!" Tani yelled, then Tani looked over the edge, and Crunch was holding on to the edge with his real arm, Crunch was so worn out he was about to just let go, Tani quickly tried pulling Crunch up, She then pulled him up, "Are you ok?" Tani asked him "...Tani? You, just saved me from falling off this cliff... Thank you so much!" Crunch said, both Crunch and Tani hugged each other "Hey, you’re welcome! I'm just glad I could help out..." Tani said, Crunch then noticed the energy in his hands had disappeared "Oh no... The, the power is gone!" Crunch said "What, What power?" Tani asked "The power that Aku aku granted me... to help beat Jaseo, but now its gone... I knew Crash should have battled against Jaseo rather than me, I'm not a true hero like him..." Crunch said "Don’t say that! You’re doing this for Crash! Crash is counting on you! As well as all the other Anthro's! You can be a hero you know!" Tani told Crunch "But... But I have no power anymore, and my brutal strength isn't enough to take down Jaseo..." Crunch told Tani "Do you really believe Power and Strength is the only key to winning a battle? There’s other ways Crunch, You’re just gotta think about them..." Tani told Crunch, Crunch then thought for a while, he then turned and looked at Tani "...Tani, you’re right... There are other ways I can beat this guy..." Crunch said, Tani smiled "Now you go back and kick some Bilbly ass!" Tani told Crunch, she patted him on the shoulder "Yeah!" Crunch said, Both Crunch and Tani climbed back up the cliff,

"Hah! Crunch was weaker than I thought, what a waste of my energy!" Jaseo said to himself, he walked backwards and forwards "Jaseo! I'm not finished with you!" Crunch roared, Jaseo turned and saw Crunch "Ha! So you've come back for more? You’re extremely foolish! prepare to be demolished!" Jaseo shouted, Crunch folded his ears back furiously, Jaseo then fired electricity at Crunch, Crunch raised his metal arm, the electricity reflected straight back at Jaseo, Jaseo felt his own electrical powers sink into him, he then smiled "Ha ha! How much more foolish can you get? I just absorbed my own electricity! Ha ha ha!" Jaseo laughed, Crunch was worried... "No... That’s not right..." Crunch thought, but then... Crunch thought of something "Jaseo! Come on! Keep on shooting you’re power at me! Don't you want to destroy me?" Crunch asked Jaseo, Jaseo smirked "With pleasure... Bandicoot!" Jaseo yelled, Jaseo shot lots of electricity at Crunch, Crunch kept on reflecting the power back at Jaseo, and Jaseo was getting even more powerful! "I FEEL SO POWERFUL! HA HA!" Jaseo laughed insanely, Crunch then thought "I hope I can keep this up... I’m so tired" Jaseo was getting bigger and stronger as he absorbed his own electrical energy! "Crunch! All thanks to you, I am now becoming far more powerful than I've ever imagined! You and all you’re friends are doomed to extinction!" Jaseo shouted at Crunch, as he stood there... three times bigger than before, he now had a muscular build bigger than Crunches, from absorbing his energy, "Don't be so sure about that boy, you have no idea what you’re in for!" Crunch smirked, Jaseo growled ferociously and glared back at Crunch,  then he and Crunch leaped high and slashed each other as they hit each other, Crunch had struck Jaseo... but it barely scratched his skin, while Jaseo slashed Crunch in return, leaving a gash through him... but not too deep. They both landed and looked at each other, before running in different directions... Jaseo chased Crunch and fired electricity, Crunch tried to dodge them, but he missed one of the shots, slipped and fell to the ground, Jaseo smiled evilly and attempted to fire again at Crunch with a bigger blast of voltage, Crunch raised his metal arm quickly and the shock reflected back at Jaseo, and he absorbed it yet again, Jaseo then got a bit fazed and couldn't stay focused, Crunch quickly took the chance and stood up slowly, still hurt from being shocked again but he took a risk and ran to Jaseo and punched him right in the face, Jaseo did fall back a bit... and Crunch fell to his knees "Grrr!" Jaseo mumbled "I'll kill you for making a fool of my power!" he yelled, Crunch looked back "Go on then! give me all you've got!" Jaseo smirked and raised both of his hands, Crunch was waiting for the moment... Bam. The power from his hands hit Crunches metal arm again, Crunch struggled to hold it still... the power was so intense that Crunch was afraid that it might blow his arm off, and kill him. But, Jaseo then looked at Crunch with a worried expression... "Have you finally figured out what's really happening to you?" Crunch asked the fellow Bilby, Jaseo then stopped his power, Jaseo couldn't move at all, and he was even bigger than before... "I, I cant move! This isn't, isn't right!" Jaseo gasped, Jaseo started glowing brightly, he was yelling and yelling, he was in a lot of pain! "You see Jaseo, if you take things too far, you end up coming to an end!" Crunch told Jaseo, Jaseo didn't speak... he just got brighter and brighter, Crunch then noticed that Jaseo was about to explode! Crunch ran as fast as he could for cover! Jaseo then all of a sudden, exploded!


Chapter 42


The explosion from Jaseo was massive! Crunch threw himself to the ground, and ducked down, the explosion set trees on fire, it also damaged the nearby PowerStation!

Moments latter the explosion ended... the thunderstorms cleared away, leaving rain behind... Crunch then got up off the ground "It’s... It’s finally over!" Crunch thought, he then smiled to himself, he looked around to see where Tani was and then, he saw Tani lying on the ground, Crunch ran up to Tani... Crunch noticed Tani wasn't moving... So he picked her up "Hey Tani! Wake up! I won the fight!" Crunch told Tani, Tani didn't wake... "Come on Tani! Wake up!" Crunch yelled, Tani still didn't wake, Crunch looked down, and closed his eyes,

“Why Tani...” Crunch thought… Tani then suddenly cracked up laughing, Crunch got a fright! "Hahahah!" Tani laughed, Crunch's eyes went huge "Tani? Ok Tani! Stop laughing that soo wasn’t funny at ALL!" Crunch yelled at Tani, he then dropped Tani by purpose "Oh come on Crunch! I was just joking around!" Tani laughed, Crunch then rolled his eyes and smiled "Oh and congrats on beating Jaseo, lets just go home and chill out!" Tani told Crunch, they hugged once again "Not so fast!" Jaseo yelled out to Crunch, Crunch growled "... I thought he was gone!" Crunch growled "Hah! Nothing can beat me!" Jaseo laughed, Jaseo then raised his hand and pointed at Crunch "I'm gonna blast you and you’re friend away together!" Jaseo shouted, Jaseo tried his electrical attack but... nothing happened, Crunch smiled evilly... "It looks like you ran out of power! Oh well, that's just too BAD!" Crunch said, Jaseo looked at Crunch in fear, Crunch ran up to Jaseo and held him by the neck! "Prepare to die!" Crunch yelled, Jaseo screamed "Nooo!" Tawna screamed, as she came running "Gee, somebody always has to disturb the good parts..." Tani mumbled "No wait Crunch!" Tawna yelled at Crunch, Jaseo smiled "Tawna Baby! You've come to save me!" Jaseo said, Crunch looked at Tawna "Tawna? I'm about to end this Bilby...!" Crunch told Tawna "No Crunch! Don't! I'll deal with him..." Tawna said slyly... Crunch looked confused, "Err... ok..." Crunch said, he then let go of Jaseo, Tawna walked up to Jaseo "Oh Tawna! Thank you soo much!" Jaseo said, but them Tawna gave Jaseo a huge bitch slap! Jaseo was shocked "Take that! I'm never going out with you again!" Tawna screamed at Jaseo, Jaseo started crying like a sissy "I... I.. got slapped by a... a... GIRL!" Jaseo cried, Crunch was pretty much surprised "... I didn't realize a bitch slap can emotionally and severely hurt a guy..." Crunch said, Tani walked over to Tawna and Crunch "Well, what should we do with his then?" Tani asked the Bandicoots "Hmm... I've got one idea on mind..." Crunch said in a sly sort of way... "Well, what do you have on mind?" Tani asked Crunch "Lets lock him up in a Zoo!" Crunch said, both Tawna and Tani agreed!

So the gang took of in their flying car, they dumped Jaseo in the Lions den at an Australian Zoo! Crunch, Tani and Tawna cracked up laughing as they flew off in the flying car.


Chapter 43

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