Chapter 36

The hero


Everyone thought for a moment... "But how are we supposed to find this guy? He could be anywhere in the world!" Pinstripe said, "And who's gonna fight against him? I don't think I stand I chance against him... he has freggin powers!" Siegdog gasped "Hmm, well... there's a hero we know, a hero that I believe can stop Jaseo..." Crunch said "And who's dat?" Dingodile asked Crunch "Crash bandicoot, Hes stopped Neo from taking over the world a few times, hes also the one that saved my life so I'm going to go and ask him!" Crunch said "Crash!? You know the guy, I remember when Neo forced me to battle against him... and I lost!" Dingodile cried "Oh yeah Crash, I haven't seen that orange fella in years, I lost to him too… heh" Pinstripe smirked "Well, You guys go and search for Jaseo, me and Tani will go and see Crash and Coco, then we'll stop this guy in no time!" Crunch said, Pinstripe, Dingodile and Siegdog left in the Helicopter in search to find Jaseo, while Tani and Crunch went to visit Crash and Coco.

Crunch and Tani explained everything to Crash and Coco "Wow! An Anthro is trying to become some world famous star? That's not good at all... we cant risk Humans discovering us! It'll be horrible! We'll get put in circuses and Zoo's and and..." Coco gasped "Just calm down Coco, I'm sure we can come up with something, Crash there's also something else I haven't told you about Jaseo... Jaseo also happens to be with Tawna..." Crunch told Crash, Crash was shocked, he turned away, "What!? She's with the bad guy! Oh god, what kind of girlfriend is she?!" Coco said angrily "Crash, do you still want to stop Jaseo? Because, if you really don't want to, I can do it for you... because remember, I owe you my life!" Crunch told Crash, Crash turned around, he thought for a while, then he nodded and shook hands with Crunch "Crunch, are you sure you want to face Jaseo alone?" Aku aku asked Crunch "Yeah, I better... I don't want Jaseo to hurt anyone but me, so I'll face him alone..." Crunch said "No Crunch! I wanna come with you!" Tani yelled at Crunch "Tani, I don't want Jaseo to harm you!" Crunch told Tani "Hey Crunch! I'm not a sissy girl! You know me... unlike other girls...!" Tani yelled, "Are you calling me a sissy?!" Coco screamed, and everyone started arguing, Crash was surprised "Ok everyone, please stop arguing! We have much more important things to talk about than this!" Aku told the marsupials, they all quieted down "Yeah, you’re right Aku aku" Coco said, suddenly a cell-phone started ringing in Tani's pocket, Tani answered it "Hi, Tani speaking" "Hey Tani! We found Jaseo, hes near some power station in the south of Australia! But my helicopter has run out of gas so I can’t pick you and Crunch up!" Pinstripe said on the cell phone "What! That sucks! Now how are we supposed to get to him?" Tani yelled "Well, I dunno..." Pinstripe said, then Tani hung up, "Well, at least I know where Jaseo is, hes near some power station down the south of Australia!" Tani told everyone "Well, me and Tani better head back home and hope Pinstripe gets some transport so I can go and face Jaseo..." Crunch said, "Good luck Crunch, me Crash and Aku are depending on you!" Coco told Crunch, as both Crunch and Tani left.


Chapter 37


Jaseo and Tawna were near a power station "Jaseo, why are we here?" Tawna asked Jaseo "Well honey, I'm here to get my energy, so I can show that Crunch guy how powerful I REALLY am! How dare he makes a fool out of me!" Jaseo yelled "Jaseo, don't you think that'll you know... destroy him?" Tawna asked Jaseo "Yeah, properly! I hope so!" Jaseo said "But... hes my brother..." Tawna told Jaseo "So what! You and me are gonna become famous! We’ll be treated like gods! You'll have everything you've ever wanted!" Jaseo told Tawna, Tawna frowned "...But I wont have a family... Crunch is my last relation, even though I'm his steep sister... I won’t let you destroy him!" Tawna yelled at Jaseo, Jaseo also frowned "Tawna baby, calm down... I love you, there's no need to stop me because I DON'T TAKE ORDERS FROM NOBODY!" Jaseo shouted, The skies got darker and darker, thunder started shooting from the clouds, Tawna was frightened "You see Tawna! If anyone makes me mad, I get a little vicious... SO DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Jaseo shouted, he let out electricity energy, Tawna screamed and ran off, she ran as fast as she could to the Flying car, she hopped into it and took off as fast as she could!


Chapter 38

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