Chapter 32

The return of Tani


It was the morning, and Crunch was outside, sitting on the sand near the beach, as he gazed out into the sea, and Kong came along "Hey man, I dun know when she'll come back today...Maybe this afternoon..." Kong told Crunch "Yeah, you’re probably right, But I'm going to wait anyway..." Crunch told Kong "Oh, ok" Kong said, and he walked away.

Meanwhile at Crash's house "Hey Crash, I thought Crunch was going to come over today, to introduce his friends to us? Hmm, I'm beginning to think he's up to something... What if he's still bad..." Coco told Crash, and Crash looked at Coco, and shook his head "You don't believe me? Well, I think we both better just go over to that island, just in case..." Coco told Crash, then Crash looked at Coco, and rolled his eyes, as well as nodded "Well, come on then! Let’s get the jet-ski, and go over to that island" Coco told Crash, and Crash got up, and followed Coco out the door.

It was almost Midday, and Crunch was still waiting, just lying down on the sand relaxing, near the sea, "Come on...Tani, I'll do anything just to see you again" Crunch thought and Crunch turned away "Hey Crunch, dun worry, She'll be here soon…" Kong told Crunch and Crunch looked down "Yeah...I suppose..." Crunch told Kong... then, there was a loud sound, in the skies, and Kong looked up... and saw something so familiar, it was Pinstripes futuristic car. But why... "Crunch look, its Pinstripes car, But what's he doing here?" Kong told Crunch, Crunch then got frustrated "Who cares about Pinstripe, where is Tani?" Crunch said, and inside the Car, was a white furred Potoroo, with long black hair, her name was Tiffany Potoroo... she then spoke to someone who was sitting next to her "Hey girlfriend, who's that guy out there?" Tiffany asked someone... someone known as Tani! And Tani glared out the window... Her eyes widened, as she couldn't believe who she saw...

Crunch looked up at Pinstripes car, he saw Tiffany...Then Crunch looked to the right... and he saw the familiar face... "She cant be Tani.... its impossible!" Crunch thought, " that really him?" Tani said nervously, she leapt from the car window, she appeared to look... rather different. Her hair was longer, had a very feminine figure, and wore more feminine clothing than before, she stood there for a moment, glaring right at Crunch, looking very surprised but feeling very confused... Crunch was shocked, and speechless. Tani took the first move, she slowly walked up to Crunch to see if the bandicoot really was what she was waiting for, Crunch was a bit nervous but walked up to her too... he was too surprised, since Tani was much different when they were adolescents. Both Tani and Crunch were now face to face, Tani just hugged him tightly, Crunch didn't really feel that surprised anymore... it's been so long since he's been hugged by anyone at all. He did it in return to his friend, he hugged he tightly too.  "...Man, I can't believed you're actually here, Crunch... It's been so long" Tani said, she nuzzled Crunch, Crunch felt very happy to feel good about life again, "..Tani, wow.. I'm not sure what to say..." Crunch told Tani and they just hugged again! Tiffany parked the car on the ground, and she stared at Crunch and Tani "So this is the guy she's been telling me about..." Tiffany said and Kong was also starring at Crunch and Tani "Whoa... This is so unexpected! Tani's usually a badass..." Kong thought, Crunch and Tani finally stopped hugging "But man... You've changed a lot! I'm glad I never gave up faith in you... come on, I'll show you our home!" Tani told Crunch "Yeah, I didn't give up faith too...." Crunch said and Tani ran off, Crunch followed her.

But then after a few minutes latter.... Coco and Crash came on a Jet Ski "Hey excuse me miss, do you know anyone named Crunch?" Coco asked Tiffany "Who are you?" Tiffany asked Coco "Oh, My names Coco, And this is my brother Crash, and do you know Crunch?" Coco asked Tiffany "Uhh yeah sure, the floppy eared guy, he just followed Tani, that way into the jungles" Tiffany told Coco "Tani? Hmm, Come on Crash, lets follow him!" Coco told Crash, Then Crash and Coco went into the jungles... "Right, who does that chick think she is? A detective..." Tiffany said, as she rolled her eyes.


Chapter 33

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