Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Crunch Time

Crunch and Rok-ko suddenly appeared in Cortex’s Space Station, they were confused with how they even got there, "Holly Crap! How did we get here?" Rok-ko asked in confusion, "I...Don't...Know! But I have a bad feeling about this..." he said with his fur and ears raised slightly in aggression, and Cortex came walking into the room, "You better back off..." he snarled "Hmm. Well Crunch, it looks like you FAILED to defeat Crash Bandicoot with Rok-ko! And you know what will happen now!" he told Crunch as he stood there, Crunch closed his eyes as he knew he couldn’t do anything from this point on, and Cortex grabbed out his remote... then he started controlling Crunch's mind, once again.

Since then, Neo controlled Crunch each time he battled against Crash and Aku aku, with an elemental. He lost all the battles, and Dr Cortex was getting annoyed "I can’t take it anymore!" he moaned and walked away from his main computer screen, Uka uka was there floating beside him as he watched the security cameras, "Blast! That mindless Bandicoot has found the Space station!" Uka uka barked, "He has? Well, I've had enough of this! Crunch is going to use ALL the elementals, Ha! Crash and his mask won’t stand a chance now, MUAHAHAAH!" "Well, you better be right Cortex! Or else..." Uka uka warned Neo with a furious glare, and he got nervous! Neo looked at security camera, and saw that Crash was sneaking through a ventilation shaft; Cortex did his evil trademark grin "Hah! That stupid bandicoot… thinks I’m unaware of where he is! Well, I’ll give him quite a surprise when he finds the end of that vent…” Cortex walked over to the main table, where Crunch was seen sitting there eating some dinner. Still under control, with his angry glare as he carried on chewing at his steak savagely, “Heh, you’ll soon have something tastier and fresher to chew on than that…!” Cortex said and smiled even more wickedly, Crunch didn’t reply or even care about what he had just said, and only looked over at Cortex with an angry expression, and grunted. Uka uka floated over to Cortex and shouted “hurry up and get this started… I want to see some violence!!!”

The scene was a dark hallway, with lots of power, water and air pipes around. With only the sound of dripping water from some of the pipes… then suddenly, a loud crashing sound came from up above, and a ventilation hatch fell to the ground with a loud clang, and soon an orange bandicoot dropped and landed. It was Crash obviously. He posed there on his knees, and then got up. Crash was in a very dark area, he noticed all the hallways, pipes, and other various objects around. He had a determined look on his face, as he started to walk around the dark area. He was able to see in the dark of course, as all bandicoots have night vision. He wasn’t actually sure where he was, but he knew it was the way to the Space Stadium where Cortex was with the elementals, as Coco had told him. The bandicoot walked on for longer, he now noticed he could see his reflection on the wall to his right. It was a glass wall. He just shuddered as he saw it and carried on his searching. But not long later, he picked up a familiar scent, which made him feel nervous. He knew someone was nearby, but wasn’t able to figure out where. He tried searching around him, and then he came up closer to the glass wall again, he tried to look through it but could only see his reflection. He sighed in annoyance and then stood back, but then his ears picked up a faint growl sound; he quickly turned to the glass wall again and was horrified.

He saw the faint dark figure of Crunch standing right there behind the glass, and a split second later… an extremely loud sound of shattering glass was heard right before him, Crash was extremely terrified as his eyes widened, his fur on his back raised and he bounced backwards in an instant. Glass shattered everywhere in front of him. Crunch had punched right through the thick glass with his metal fist… as he stood there in that pose, and then he let out a loud growl and Crash ran off as quickly as possible.

Crash ran for his dear life, and Crunch quickly came charging for him, Crash looked back to only see the much larger bandicoot coming for him quicker than he was running, he got scared and then quickly stopped and squeezed himself between some of the pipes, his small orange body was able to get through quite quick then Crunch came to a halt and tried to grab the smaller bandicoot with his clawed hand. Crash sighed in relief as he got up off the ground. He was very relieved to have escaped that unexpected attack. Crunch was still on the other side, angrily walking side to side, growling now and then. But soon Cortex had appeared at the scene on one of his hover boards with Uka uka nearby, he laughed “Hah! Crash… you can’t hide in there forever you know…!” Uka uka butted in “Hurry up and DESTROY CRASH THEN!” Crash simply frowned but then ran up the hallway on his side, he knew he couldn’t keep hiding. He ran up the hallway furtherer, where is was more well lighten by lights and he also noticed the floor was going up as he ran furtherer away from Crunch, Cortex and Uka uka. He approached a door and it opened up, and revealed a much different area.

There was a large gap in the centre of the large room, and Crash saw Crunch and the others on the other side. Crash was actually relieved, since Crunch couldn’t get him from where he was standing. But Cortex wasn’t fazed by the distance “Heh. Crunch, use the rock element…” Crunch then looked over at Crash, who was quite far. He then stomped and soon fiery rocks came from the ceiling where Crash was, he gasped and tried to dodge each one, he side stepped, jumped, and ran from them. Cortex was getting annoyed and then Crunch stopped and started panting. “Argh don’t give up now!” but Crunch didn’t respond. Crash wasn’t sure what was wrong, but he had no other choice but to try using his wumpa fruit bazooka on him. He fired his weapon, and a wumpa hit Crunch at 150mph. Crunch was fazed slightly from the blast, and he shook his head. He then looked over at Neo and was angry, Cortex didn’t understand why Crunch looked at him that way but then Crunch had grabbed the mad man and tossed him over to the other side of the station. “AHHHHH” Cortex screamed, as he landed right near Crash. Crash scratched his head in confusion, but then attacked Cortex with his spin attack “Ouch!” Cortex yelled, soon Uka uka quickly came and grabbed him “NEO YOU FOOOOOL!” He roared, as he carried the small man back over to the other side. Cortex landed near Crunch, he looked up at the burgundy bandicoot… who looked confused “Ahh Crunch! Why did you do that? That wasn't very nice!" “I don’t know Dr Cortex!” he snarled, and then he stood up straight "Well, you better not do that again! Now get back to battle!" he yelled at Crunch. Crunch just ran along the pathway once again, Crash decided to do the same on his side of the stadium. A steel door slammed shut behind him as he left the area.

The path Crash ran along unfortunately started to curve around closer to the side which Crunch was on, Crash stopped in his path as he saw another metal plated door, he gulped. A smashing sound soon came from it and he gasped as he saw the door smash open and Crunch charge through the door and lunge for him, Crash flinched and ran backwards, Crunch leapt very quickly towards Crash and he dodged him right at the moment. Cortex wasn’t far behind, and he laughed hard. Crash squeezed through the pipe gaps next to him again to escape, but it wasn’t as well ‘protected’ as before, as there wasn’t much room for him to run around in. Crunch couldn’t reach the smaller marsupial though and he snarled loudly before his eyes glowed bright orange, Crash noticed this and quickly ducked down as flames came from the burgundy bandicoot’s mouth and narrowly missed Crash. Crash crawled along quickly as he tried to dodge the flames from Crunch, Crunch soon got tired again though from the use of elemental power “Too… much… power…” he said as he was down on his knees and started to pant again, “Crunch! Get up off your knees and fight!" Cortex yelled, he got up and then went up to the pipes, Crash got nervous and stood up as Crunch started to power up his fire elemental again. The muscular marsupial then placed his hands between the pipes and started to bend them as if they were nothing but plastic. Crash gasped as he saw this and moved back slowly. Crunch had easily bent the pipes wide and he squeezed through to go for the kill. He was going to power up a breath of fire again but then one of the pipes he bent burst with water suddenly and it sprayed all over Crunch! He growled as the water sprayed on him and made his fire powers go down, Crash saw this as a chance to escape so he did.

Crash got out from the pipe area, and ran as quickly as he could! He also was running towards Cortex, he gave off his cheeky grin. And soon he had simply done his classic spin attack against the madman, and he yelled in anger “Ohhh my head!!” he shouted, after taking a hit from Crash. The orange bandicoot carried on running up the hallway, and then through the shattered door Crunch had smashed previously. Crunch on the other hand, finally got out from the pipe area and looked vicious “After him!” Cortex shouted, and Crunch went to chase Crash once again.

Crash then had a thought, why fear Crunch so much? He had faced many of Cortex’s minions in the past and always came out as the victor, even ones much stronger than himself, and ones even scarier than Crunch, almost. So he bravely stopped running. He stood there and then Crunch noticed Crash wasn’t running so he came to a stop too, completely bewildered by Crash’s bravery. He simply grunted and looked down at him, thinking of how he can attack or even kill the smaller bandicoot. Crash then frowned then quickly and unexpectedly, did his spin attack on Crunch! Though surprisingly, Crunch wasn’t hurt, or even fazed from that attack. He did get pushed back a few metres though, Crash was rather surprised with the bandicoot’s strength. Crunch then got infuriated and bared his fangs and Crash froze in fear. Very soon Crash was knocked harshly and quickly and he flew and smacked into the wall, but he actually wasn’t badly hurt… He opened his eyes and saw Aku aku floating there in front of him. He had just saved Crash from that attack “Crash, Sorry I am late… but I am now here by your side to help defeat Cortex and the elementals” he spoke, Crash got up and smiled. Feeling a little sore from hitting the wall though, but was glad he didn’t end up getting multiple broken bones instead. Crunch just glared with hate at the feathered wooden mask before him. Aku aku looked into his eyes, and noticed something wasn’t right. “I sense there is something wrong with this bandicoot... I simply cannot see any evil within him, only hate and anger. But no evil” Crash just scratched his head in confusion, as he usually does when he doesn’t understand what Aku aku tells him. “Crash, he must be under some kind of spell, or mind control. He isn’t evil… I just can’t see it” Crunch was still vicious but wasn’t sure what to do next, with Aku aku floating there. Cortex and Uka uka soon came to the scene “Hah! My stupid feeble brother, come to help that brainless bandicoot! HAH don’t bother; the elementals will defeat you both!” “You know good always prevails over evil, so please stop this now… before things get out of hand” Cortex then butted in “Silence! Crunch, attack that mask!” Crunch then raised his left hand and powered it and quickly swiped forward, with gusts of water elemental power that simply blasted at Aku aku, freezing him within an Icicle. Crash had already made a run for it, and ran for the elevator.

Crash didn’t go unnoticed though, and Crunch was already running after him. Crash got into the elevator and had already turned it on, the door slammed shut and he was very relieved. The elevator was slowly going up to the 10th floor of the Space Station but Crash almost got a heart attack then he saw a metal fist rip through the floor of the elevator! His fur went up on end and was extremely frightened, he jumped away. But the burgundy bandicoot was getting through the floor of the elevator dangerously quickly, so Crash had no choice but to try busting through the roof. Crash jumped against the walls of the elevator and head butted one of the roof shafts open, and he clung to the edges as he started to lift himself up, but Crunch had already ripped his way inside the small elevator room and he jumped up with his jaws wide open to snatch one of Crash’s legs! Crash quickly tried to pull himself up but then he felt something grab onto his jeans! He got so frightened that he did his spin attack to get loose and luckily he did, and he pulled his whole body up! Crash looked at the bottom of his jeans and noticed Crunch had ripped some of his jeans off. He looked down through the hole and saw Crunch standing there angrily with the small bit of jeans held by his front teeth, he spat it out and looked up at him, he then tried to jump up at Crash again and the whole roof of the elevator pushed up, making Crash jump! Crash had no idea where or what to do until he saw a door opening from up above… it was the room the elevator was about to stop at, so he leapt for it.

As crash jumped out, he turned back and noticed Crunch had tried to use electricity just after he left. He was very lucky not to have been there. The area they were in now was the scene of a stadium like area. With a large glass window showing the scenery of space with earth and it’s moon in view, electric fences around, and even seats for people to come and watch fights and battles going on here. The broken elevator with Crunch finally opened up and revealed him but he looked very tired and worn out from using that power. He was down on his knees again, but soon the elevator next to that opened up and revealed Dr Cortex and Uka uka, they came out and looked very annoyed “Urgh!!! I'm getting so annoyed with this! Crunch, USE ALL OF THE ELEMENTALS!!!!" Cortex shouted at the tired bandicoot, Crunch walked out slowly to go near Cortex “Grrr stop it Cortex!!!” he roared, Crash looked at Crunch "Huh?!" finally Aku aku made it back by Crash’s side after being frozen, he explained "Crash, you HAVE to help Crunch, he is not evil…" Aku aku whispered to Crash, and Crash looked at Aku aku, Crash then nodded reluctantly, Uka uka was getting very impatient though "Neo! Stop fooling around, DESTROY CRASH BANDICOOT!!!!!" he yelled, "I will, I will!!!" then Neo grabbed his remote out of his pocket "Now Crunch, Use the elements! You can win!!!" Crunch finally stood up straight, he then gave Crash a dangerous glare, yet again. Crash was very unsure of this.

Crunch then stomped, and lashed out his left hand towards Crash, the fiery rocks came from up above and he ran around dodging them again and also had to dodge ice that shot from Crunch’s direction. Crash was very agile though, and managed to avoid those attacks. Crunch growled again and then turned fiery red and looked towards Crash, flames busted from around Crash and he gasped with a ‘Whoa!’. Aku aku helped him though, since it was very dangerous and unfair for Crash to face all this at once. But Aku aku couldn’t save him all the time, as his powers started to weaken each time he took a hit from Crunch’s power. Crunch looked very tired though but then did an electricity attack from his hands and swiped it across the arena, making Crash have to jump and duck to avoid the dangerous rays of electricity then soon, Crunch stopped with the powers and this time, fell to not his knees, but his hands. He really couldn’t take much more of this. "Come-on Crunch, stop this nonsense!" Neo moaned, but Crunch didn't reply "Crash, try shooting Crunch with your bazooka again… it might help him snap out of the mind control" he then grabbed out his bazooka and shot Crunch again, he got up and started to shake his head in confusion with his hands on his head. Then he went over to Neo, and snatched the tiny man with his large paw-like hands… “Cr-Crunch… what are you doing…!?” Cortex stuttered, Crunch was struggling to think of what to do. His controlled side told him to leave Cortex alone and get Crash instead, but his true self was telling him to squeeze and crush Cortex within his grasp until blood starts to erupt from his mouth. Crunch was just so incredibly confused that he threw Cortex over to where Crash was and then Crash smiled deviously, and looked at the mad scientist… he spun him again and Cortex went shooting across the floor. Cortex was now getting worn out, probably as much as Crunch, himself.

"I can’t handle anymore of this..." he cried, and Crash once again spun Neo, his body spun around on the floor and he was feeling incredibly dizzy. Crunch on the other hand, had his hands on his head and groaned before he fell backwards onto his back, and fainted... all four elementals came out of his body and Aku aku quickly imprisoned them into a ball of light, which sent them back to their prison “NOOOOOOOO!” Uka uka yelled in rage, but he couldn’t do anything. The elementals were now defeated, Cortex and Crunch also. Cortex finally recovered from the attacks and got up on to his feet and looked at Crash, he sighed "Can't you ever let me win? What do you want from me… you creep?" he cried at Crash before throwing his remote to the floor, Uka uka was incredibly angry! And Cortex looked up at him in fear, "No Uka uka… I can explain!" he pleaded, "It’s too late for that now!" Uka uka then powered up a powerful blast and then fired it instantly! Though Cortex had ducked just in time, leaving the laser from Uka uka to hit into the wall… the main power pipe in the wall, to be more precise. Cortex looked in shock, as the power pipe was blasted open and the station started to shake slightly, it was over powering the whole station, "Err.... I don't think you should have done that...!" Neo told Uka uka. Crunch lay there as the station started to shake violently, but that only caused him to wake up… he slowly got up…

"... Oh no, Where am I? Wait a second... That annoying Scientist doesn't have control of me anymore… where is that pathetic Twerp!?" he said angrily, Cortex had noticed Crunch... as he glared at him viciously. He backed away from the burgundy beast slowly, Crunch got up and walked towards Neo slowly... he also crushed the control remote which was in his path, and he now had Cortex cornered against a metal plated wall, Cortex could only look up in fear as he saw Crunch’s teeth fully bared, "Finally..." he snarled, and Cortex shot up and screamed very loudly, like a woman in a horror movie! He was so frightened that he jumped and reached for Uka uka. He hugged and hid behind the evil mask for comfort… Uka uka was extremely furious but was completely speechless at the madman’s actions! He got loose from Neo and floated up higher, Cortex realized his stupidity and simply muttered "Whoops." he was embarrassed. Crash could only stare back with a blank expression; even Aku aku did the same.

"There's no time for that now, Crunch" Aku aku told Crunch, Crunch looked over at Aku aku with an unsure expression "Danger! Critical power overload in evil Space Station, run for your lives!" One of the lab Assistants said in the megaphone, Crunch watched as the Space Station started to shake much more and start to break apart slowly... he had no choice but to go with Aku aku and Crash. He then ran off following Crash and Aku aku out of the stadium.

Cortex sighed in relief "Phew that was close! But I think your energy bolt caused a slight chain reaction. It might be wise if we made our way to the escape pods!" "This is all your fault! If you hadn't ducked out of the way, none of this would have happened!" Uka uka shouted "Ok ok ok it’s both of our faults! Now let’s just get to the escape pods so we can both get the heck out of here!" Neo shouted in return, he quickly ran off with the evil mask following behind him.

Chapter 30

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