Chapter 24

A tough fight

Crunch was left lying on the ground in some room... Crunch woke up feeling tired and slightly dizzy "Uhh damn, now where am I?" Crunch mumbled, he then noticed something on his left arm, it was a metal ring "What the hell is this?" Crunch said, He tried pulling and biting it off, but it was a very tough metal which seemed unbreakable! "Well Crunch, finally awake? Now let me explain the rules..." Neo said, Crunch got up and ran towards Neo, But Neo was behind a thick, unbreakable, glass wall "Cortex! What the hell is this thing doing on my arm! And why am I in this room, locked up like some caged pet!?!" Crunch yelled at Neo "Well Crunch, just let me do some explaining before you make you’re threats... first, this 'so called' cage isn't you’re cage, it is indeed someone else's... this is you’re opponents cage, if you beat him, then you go and face Crash as you’re next opponent but... if for some reason you disobey me, I'll indeed control you’re mind using my device here, and the device on you’re arm! So... do as I say, then you won’t get controlled by me!" Neo told Crunch, Crunch had no choice but to face the opponent "... Ok Neo, I will do this..." Crunch said...Neo pulled a leaver, a huge door in the room Crunch was in opened Crunch watched it carefully and a large dark character jumped right out of the doorway 

"Meet Kuvo, the Savage Tasmanian Devil!" Neo shouted Kuvo lashed straight to Crunch, Crunch quickly dodged Kuvo "RAGHR!" Kuvo roared, he tried slashing Crunch, Crunch blocked his attack with his metal arm, then Crunch smashed Kuvo on the head with his other fist, Kuvo attempted biting Crunch, But Crunch then gave Kuvo multiple punches right in the stomach, Crunch then ducked and smashed Kuvo into the wall "Never!!!" Kuvo yelled, he jumped over Crunch, Kuvo dug his claws into Crunch's back and took a bite at his arm, Crunch growled and quickly turned to try and get Kuvo, Kuvo's claw's were still in Crunch's back, he was in trouble... "Dr Cortex! You have to stop them! Crunch is in trouble" N.Gin told Neo, "Don't worry Dr N.Gin, I'm sure Crunch can figure out something..." Neo told N.Gin "Well... ok..." N.Gin said...

Crunch was struggling to get Kuvo lose, Crunch tried his hardest to shake Kuvo loose… Crunch smashed himself against the walls many times, But Kuvo didn’t let go, so then jumped high and landed back first into the ground, Kuvo let go of Crunch and Crunch quickly got up "Man, this is the hardest fight ever, he's a freaking killer... I better think of something fast..." Crunch thought but Kuvo was still in action, he head butted Crunch, and Crunch smacked into the wall "Hah! Nobody can beat me NOBODY!" Kuvo roared, Crunch sat there "no, I can’t let this guy beat me...! I have to beat him...." Crunch thought, Kuvo slowly approached Crunch, Crunch grew angrier and angrier... then he jumped out at Kuvo and slashed Kuvo deeply through his chest, Kuvo was in shock... he backed away then he fell back onto the ground, Crunch got up… "Neo... I've won, now where's Crash?" Crunch asked Neo, Neo was amazed "Oh, I'm very impressed! But there's one problem, Kuvo's still alive! I said, finish him off!" Neo told Crunch "What? But I've beaten him, he cant fight back, there's no point in killing him" Crunch told Neo, "Please don’t kill me! The human forced me to kill anyone I see! I'm sorry for what I've done!" Kuvo spoke to Crunch, “I know it’s not your fault…” Crunch told Kuvo, Kuvo was amazed “Wow… thank you…” Kuvo said, Crunch shook his head at Neo "... Very well then" Neo told Crunch, he grabbed out his remote, and he turned it on, Crunch felt his mind getting weaker "NO! Don't do this!" Crunch shouted, and moments latter Crunch turned and looked at Neo "Well Crunch, aren't you going to finish of Kuvo?" Neo asked Crunch "Yes Doctor..." Crunch said, he turned to Kuvo, who was lying on the ground, “No! Don’t let him control you!” Kuvo yelled at Crunch, Crunch didn’t say anything, he had almost no emotion besides hate… Kuvo then shut his eyes and shivered in fear... Crunch moved closer to Kuvo, and kicked him from under his jaw, Kuvo yelped in pain and fell to his back, he tried to crawl away... "Don't let him control you! You've... got to listen!" Kuvo said under his breath, Crunch didn't say anything. Not even a growl. Kuvo was at the end of the room, lying against the wall "Please... listen...." But Crunch just grabbed Kuvo and held him up, Kuvo took one last look at Crunch... Crunch just glared back at him with his green eyes, he was frowning and nothing more... Kuvo shut his eyes, Crunch took a bite from his neck and tore it apart... He died instantly.


Chapter 25

The Secret weapon

Latter, after the death of Kuvo... Crunch took a shower and got all cleaned up "Well Crunch, are you ready to become even more powerful?" Neo asked Crunch "Yes Dr Cortex" Crunch replied, Crunch followed Neo...

Neo finally got to a room, with a VERY large machine, and there was a door in it "This is my secret weapon Crunch! Once you into it, you'll be very powerful!" Neo told Crunch "Ok Dr Cortex, should I go into you’re secret weapon now?" Crunch said, "YES! Just go in, and I'll do the rest" Neo told Crunch, and Crunch walked up to the Machine, and opened the door, and went into it..."At last I can FINALLY take over the world! Prepare for...The Wrath Of Cortex! HA-HA!" Neo laughed evilly and he turned the switch on and everything was powering up, many lights were brightening! And Crunch just stood there, inside the machine, as if nothing bad was going to happen and then...Something unusual happened, All of the lights in the room went out, and the machine stopped powering up, and the whole room was dark..."No What happened?!" Neo cried and he looked at the power meter, and it was on 0%, and Neo screamed "ARrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! The power source of the secret weapon! Just great " Neo shouted "CORTEX!!! GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" a mask named Uka uka called out to Neo "Ekk!!! Uka uka, I'm coming" Neo screamed, and he dropped his controlling device on the floor, Neo ran off! Then Crunch suddenly snapped out of the confusion! "What Am I doing in here!?" Crunch yelled and he tried to smash his way out, but it was useless, he kept on trying, but he just couldn't brake through!

Neo ran and he finally got into the meeting room, Neo saw Dingodile, Tiny, N.Gin, N.Tropy, and the evil Uka uka, Neo just sat down on one of the seats "Imbeciles, Fools, nekompoops! Cant you idiots do anything right? According to this, you’re track-record for spreading evil, is pathetic!” Uka uka yelled at Neo "Uka uka! It’s not our fault! That wretched Bandicoot is to blame!" Neo told Uka uka "Grrrrrrrrrr..... I will not let anything stand in the way of evil, especially not a brainless orange marsupial! Crash must be eliminated!" Uka uka yelled at all the minions in the room "Err...Uka uka, May I remind you that Crash always finds a way to defeat us! Maybe he's just too good for us!" N.Gin told Uka uka "Enough excuses! You 5 idiots need to come up with one good plan, or else...." Uka warned everyone...

"How do I get into these situations...Ugh...." Neo sighed "There must be something we can come up with, Say Doctor, Haven't you been tinkering with some kind of secret weapon in you’re laboratory?" N.Tropy asked Neo "Uhh, I don't know what you’re talking about N.Tropy" Neo told N.Tropy "Dr CORTEX! I think he's referring to the super secret weapon you've been labouring over day and night since the last time Crash defeated you!" N.Gin told Neo "Enough Bickering! Do we have a plan?" Uka uka asked the minions "Well, in my scientific endeavours I've been able to create a genetic advanced super weapon of unbelievable strength, but the power source is the final crucial element...." Neo told Uka uka "Element...Yes! The elementals!!!!" Uka uka said "Great! The Elementals, That's IT! If we release their destructive energy, we can create enough power to bring my secret weapon to life! Then we'll have a minion capable of crushing mountains, demolishing entire cites!" Neo told Uka uka "And wiping Crash bandicoot of the face of the Earth for EVER!" Uka uka laughed 

"Get ready to face my Wrath! Crash bandicoot! MUAHAHAAAHHAHAH!" Neo laughed evilly!


Chapter 26

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