Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Neo Cortex's plans

Neo was busy, working on his new secret weapon, for world domination "Ha! Once if finish this, I can get one of my Minions to go into this, and turn into the most powerful creature ever! Muahahahahhahah!" Neo Cortex laughed to himself, and N.Gin came into the lab where Neo was working "So Dr Cortex, What is this new creation?" N.Gin asked Neo "Well N.Gin, This is my new secret weapon, all I have to do is use one of my minions in this, and they'll turn into the most powerful creature ever, HAH!" Neo told N.Gin "Well, that sounds marvellous! What minion are you going to use?" N.Gin asked Neo "Well, I'm not sure yet, But I'll use the strongest Minion I have, But I cannot use Tiny Tiger, because his intelligence is very poor, I'm just going to have to create another Highly Evolved Animal..." Neo told N.Gin "Yes, you should create another Minion, that'll be great!" said N.Gin "Yes, it will be, MUHAHAHA!" Neo laughed evilly an N.Gin walked away "I better make sure he doesn't find out about Crunch..." N.Gin thought to himself, and N.Gin was worried...

Meanwhile, Crunch was in the Cafe, sitting at the table, then a young Komodo dragon known as Komodo Cath, came running into the Cafe "Hey Crunch! Look at this!" Cath asked Crunch with excitement, while she was holding a photo album "Yeah yeah, what is it?" Crunch asked "Its a photo album that I found in Dr Cortex's room!" Cath said excitedly "You know... you really shouldn't be snooping around is his room... you could get into so much trouble..." Crunch warned Cath, "Bleh! He will NEVER find out! Look here!" Cath screamed at Crunch, Crunch looked at Cath "So what, I don't care..." Crunch told Cath "I care! And why? Because look closely at this photo" Cath told Crunch, and Cath opened the photo album, and pointed at a photo of Pinstripe "You see!!! He is the most ADORABLE GUY I'VE EVER SEEN!!!" Cath screamed! And Crunch looked at Cath "Pinstripe? Oh please, its like I care! If you like him so much, make a robotic version of him and then maybe you can leave ......ALONE!" Crunch told Cath "A robotic version of cutesy pie! Eee! Why didn't I think of that before?" Cath Screamed! Cath then dropped the Photo album, and the pages changed, Cath took a look at it...

"Hey Crunch! Is that you as a Teenager? Aww cute!" Cath asked Crunch, Crunch quickly grabbed the photo album off the floor... Crunch then saw a Photo of him as an adolescent... he was pretty much surprised, He then turned the page... and he saw a photo of Tani as an adolescent... Crunch was surprised to see her face after so long, he then started to feel a strong sense of guilt and he quickly shut the photo album, he threw it into the recycle bin, and it was gone... Cath gasped in shock "HAY! Now I don't have a photo of my cutie pie Pinstripe! I'm telling on you!" Cath cried, Crunch then turned vicious "SHUT UP CATH! I don't really CARE! Just get out of my sight dammit!" snarled Crunch... Cath simply went silent, and she did as she was told, and she just walked out of the Cafe... "sorry Crunch" she said, as she left the Cafe, Crunch just looked away from her.

N.Gin then arrived in the Cafe, and saw Crunch at the table, drinking a glass of water "Thank you very much for taking the robot pieces to my Lab" N.Gin Told Crunch "Yeah, youíre welcome So, is Dr Cortex still trying to catch that Crash Bandicoot guy..." Crunch asked N.Gin "Yeah, the same old 'Take over the world' plans and 'Destroy Crash Bandicoot' plans, it makes me so bored..." N.Gin yawned "Yeah, it must be so boring being you, as his minion..." Crunch told N.Gin "Yes, but I've got no choice, He saved me, ages ago" N.Gin told Crunch "Saved you? But how?" Crunch asked N.Gin "Well, I was working in my lab, on Earth, and one of my rockets went out of control and it got me in the head, and luckily Neo came, and saved my life, to bad I have to keep is horrible rocket in my head though... Well, that's why I'm Cortex's right hand man, because he saved my life and plus, we've been friends ever since School life" N.Gin told Crunch "Well, that's kind of shocking... Because Cortex is a careless bastard! But I don't blame you, he saved your life, so its your choice to be loyal to him or not!" Crunch told N.Gin "Yes, youíre right, I've just got to go and get something, I'll be right back!" N.Gin told Crunch "Yeah, what ever" Crunch replied, then N.Gin walked out of the cafe, and went down the hallway "Well well N.Gin, who were you talking to?" Neo Cortex asked N.Gin "Gah Neo! Well uh, I was, uhh..." N.Gin was speechless "Hmm, you must have one of my Minions! Or something, come on...TELL ME!" Neo asked N.Gin "Well Dr Cortex... I don't think you should know..." N.Gin told Neo Cortex, Neo got more frustrated "N.GIN! I'm warning you..." Neo yelled at N.Gin "Ok ok! I'll tell you, remember the Bandicoot that you didn't want?" N.Gin asked Neo "What? You mean Fake Crash? What are you doing with him?" Neo asked N.Gin "No, Not Fake Crash, Crunch..." N.Gin said with nervousness, Dr Cortex's face lit up with shock "C-Crunch.... WHAT? But he's DEAD! He couldn't have survived that laser! Did he?" Neo asked N.Gin "Yes, he did survive that laser, But he's got a metal arm, but he's fine with me" N.Gin told Neo "Whoa, I better go and see him" Neo Cortex told N.Gin "NO that... wouldn't be a good idea..." N.Gin warned Neo "Why?" Neo asked "Well, Crunch still remembers what you did to him, and he wants you...uh...kill you!" N.Gin told Neo "Kill me? Hmm, Let me see him, He might not me right for my New secret weapon anyway... but if he isn't, then I'm afraid I am going to have to exterminate him" "What!? But why? He's a great minion!" N.Gin told Cortex "Well, there really is no point in having a minion that tries to kill me, but if he really is as great as you so then... he may be of good use" Cortex explained to N.Gin "Ok, just come upstairs, and look through these windows" N.Gin told Neo and N.Gin went upstairs, and Neo followed N.Gin.

They were upstairs "Just look through this window, don't worry, he cant see through these tinted windows!" N.Gin told Neo and Neo had a look through the window, Dr Cortex was amazed to see how Crunch had changed "Wow! It really is Crunch! He's changed so much! He looks very powerful too, maybe even powerful enough to go in my secret weapon... but is he stupid?" Neo asked N.Gin "Well, no he isn't... he's fairly smart actually" N.Gin told Neo "That's great! I'll use Crunch in the new secret weapon!" Neo said "But, Crunch isn't going to listen to you, and he can destroy the Lab Assistants with a flick! I suggest you just... leave him alone" N.Gin warned Neo "Don't worry about that N.Gin, I've got a great plan, to make him listen to everything I say but first, he must face my other powerful minion" Neo said with an evil smile, "And who will that be?" N.Gin asked Neo "You'll see..." Neo told N.Gin... N.Gin was worried.


Chapter 23


N.Gin went to see Crunch, he walked through the Cafe as was very nervous "Well, what are you going to do..." N.Gin asked Crunch, Crunch looked over at N.Gin and stared for a bit "Why are you asking me that..." Crunch asked N.Gin "Ahh never mind, well..." N.Gin said to himself "Well what! Are you hiding something from me!" Crunch growled at N.Gin "Ahh no! Of course I'm not!" N.Gin cried and Crunch looked at N.Gin furiously, Crunch could sense something different about N.Gin, it all seemed fairly obvious "You told him, didn't you?" Crunch asked N.Gin "Ahh No-no-no! Ok-ok! I was forced to tell him...!" N.Gin cried,

"YOU TOLD DR Neo IM STILL HERE!? How could you!" Crunch roared, as he got up off he seat and scowled towards N.Gin, and N.Gin was frightened, then someone came through the door, and it was Neo Cortex, with two Assistants beside him, then Crunch snarled at him furiously "Dr Cortex..." he growled "Hmm, Long time no see... I see you're survived that laser beam, brilliant! I am impressed!" Neo told Crunch "Look, I'm not going to work for you anymore, so why bother trying to force me! If you even try, I'll rip you apart!" Crunch growled and Neo's eyes popped out a little... as he was slightly scared,

"Well, don't be so sure about that Crunch, I've got a little task for you... If you stand still and let me and my two Assistants place this ring around youíre arm then you wont need to worry about anything" Neo told Crunch "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to let you put some device on me? Youíre gonna wish you never interfered with my life in the first place..." Crunch warned Neo, "Come on Crunch, do you really think I tried killing you on purpose? I do have a heart... I wouldn't kill my own creation!" Neo told Crunch, "Liar! Dr N.Brio is my creator! I still remember the day I was Evolved!" Crunch shouted at Neo "But your know deep down inside, that if it weren't for me, you and all your friends wouldn't exist! And I am the one who made you all anyway! Brio was just a left hand man!" Neo told Crunch, "I refuse to believe that!" Crunch yelled... he then approached Neo, and lowered his head down and bared his teeth, Neo stepped back more and shouted "Assistants! Shoot him!"  both his assistants shot Crunch with two small arrows, "HAH! These arrows will make you fall asleep! Just give up Crunch, itís hopeless! I'm the one that makes all your choices!" Neo Cortex told Crunch, Crunch pulled out the arrows, and he then bashed the Assistants with his fists, he turned back to see Cortex standing there looking at him in fear, "Youíre so dead Dr Cortex... I'm gonna rip you piece by piece, slowly and painfully..." Crunch told Neo, now Neo was extremely frightened! He backed away from Crunch slowly "Why hasnít Crunch fallen asleep yet?" Neo thought, Then all of a sudden... Crunch fell to his knees, he growled and looked at Neo but just before he could lash out at Neo... He passed out instead.

Chapter 24

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