Chapter 20


N.Gin was finally finished, after a day or two working on Crunch's new arm, he waited there for Crunch to wake up, "Come on Crunch, You can live!" N.Gin thought to himself, Crunch slowly started waking from the injection, "Grrrrr......Cortex..." growled Crunch as he woke, "Yes! You’re awake! I knew this'll work, pure brilliance!" N.Gin told Crunch, Crunch sat up "Wow... what happened? My, my arm..." spoke Crunch, in a confused way, "I can explain Crunch, I can!" N.Gin panicked, as Crunch stared at his arm in an unhappy way, "...Its not hurting as much as before, but why is it covered in metal? I also cant feel anything with it..." Crunch said as he moved it as if it was a normal arm, "Yes I know but It was the only way I could save you. If I didn't make it metal, you properly would have died... unless the whole arm was amputated of course, but I'm sure you wouldn't want that" N.Gin told Crunch, Crunch looked up at N.Gin, then down again with his ears held low, "Oh... but why did you save me? I've never done anything nice to you, All I've done to you is treat you with no respect..." "Yes I know, most of Dr Cortex's minions make fun of me now and then, but I knew you would appreciate my doing, and I couldn't stand seeing a minion die there for no purpose..." N.Gin told Crunch "But... What about Dr Cortex? Does he want to destroy me...?" Crunch asked N.Gin

"Well, he said he didn't want you to be his minion anymore, he told me I could have you if you survive..." N.Gin told Crunch "You owning me? Sorry, I don't like the idea... I can look after myself you know!" Crunch told N.Gin in a reluctant way after hearing what he had just said, "No I mean, you could stay in my part of the Space Station, It's almost the same as Dr Cortex's section, with the cafe and all... except none of his minions stay around here, only my robots and androids" N.Gin told Crunch "Of course he wouldn't want to see me again. Yeah, I'll stay in your part of the Space Station, but I can look after myself ok?" Crunch told N.Gin "Ok, if you say so, and the way to my part of the Station, is to the right, and down the left hallway, is where the rooms are, just chose any of the rooms you see, and Oh you cant forgot the Cafe!" said N.Gin, Crunch then got up off the bed, he slowly tried to step onto the floor and his metal arm immediately flopped down due to the weight, Crunch gasped and held onto it tightly, "Ouch..." he gasped "Oh be careful with your arm too, I know its quite big but when you grow up, it'll the the perfect size...I think" Said N.Gin, "But its so heavy, its like it'll just fall off almost... and it hurts" "Don't worry too much about it, just let it heal ok? I know you'll be strong enough to handle it..." N.Gin told the bandicoot, Crunch then walked to the doorway holding onto his new arm nervously, he then turned to N.Gin "I just wanted to say... thanks for helping me, I really do appreciate it" "You're welcome, It's quite obvious... I knew Dr Cortex was wrong about you" N.Gin replied, Crunch just smiled slightly, and then he headed away into the dark hallways in search of his newly found life.

Crunch was resting on the bed, thinking about his future... "What can I do now... I feel so beaten and weak, I bet Tani would be so disappointed in me by now... I miss her so much..." Crunch thought to himself, he got up and leant against the shiny steal walls, and glared out the nearby window, where Earth was still seen in the distance, it made Crunch feel even more down," No... I cant give up now. I cant just sit here and be sad all day... I have to do something" Crunch then got up off the bed, he leant down onto the floor, and started doing press ups, "I'll try and get as strong as I can... to kill Cortex! And go back to Earth somehow...I'm sure there's a way" Crunch thought as he did more and more press ups... even though it hurt his newly built arm quite a bit, he still carried on. It was quite obvious that the 'exercising obsession' had started to kick in, this is how Neo Cortex originally made him... to be obsessed with exercising so he can stay strong without the use of drugs, but it didn't work when he was younger... which is something Crunch doesn't even know about.

Chapter 21

grown up

It was 3 yrs after that scenario... the scene was now in a large and rather dark stadium, the sounds of computers and machines were heard, and dripping from water pipes went on and on for hours... there stood a large Mech, which seemed to be waiting for something, or someone...

A rather large door opened... and out came someone... standing there still... it was Crunch. He was now grown into an Adult, who looked far more superior and powerful, with well looked after sleek burgundy and cream fur, which covered his body, larger fangs that made him appear to look more vicious and lightning shaped eyebrows which made him look sinister... as it seemed that it was only his eyes that stayed the same since evolution. He trained harshly by Dr N.Gin, Crunch has now obviously become much more stronger and skilful at fighting, his personality seemed to be much different now, he was more serious and mature, and usually quite negative... since there was nothing to really be happy about while living this way, "Well well Crunch, Are you prepared to battle against my latest robotic creation?" N.Gin asked Crunch "Yeah sure, your mech's are just too simple to destroy, I hope this one is actually worth fighting..." said Crunch, "Oh yes it is! I'm not going to let you destroy this beautiful creation!" N.Gin Told Crunch "Beautiful? Ha! You're so pathetic at times...!" Crunch said, as he smirked "No I am most certainly not! Ok then, Lets battle!" screamed N.Gin, as N.Gin's mech blasted a laser beam towards Crunch... Crunch leapt out of the way, charged forward and punched the Robot with his metal arm hard and fast, "Ha! You’ve got to try better than that!" N.Gin laughed and The Robotic mech blasted a laser at Crunch, Crunch fell to the ground, then got up easily "Hmm, Nice one...but TAKE THIS!" Roared Crunch, as he lashed forward and tackled N.Gin's robot and the robot smashed into the wall, and N.Gin was angered "Argh!" N.Gin yelled "Come on N.Gin! This isn't what you call fun...” Crunch yelled "Ok then...." N.Gin laughed evilly, and Crunch looked at N.Gin's robot and noticed that something was going to happen... as the robot quickly powered up..."YAH!" N.Gin yelled and a large laser beam blasted out of N.Gin's robot, and Crunch didn't have enough time to dodge it so he stood there... as the blast shot directly towards Crunch...

"Oh no! I hope I didn't get him..." N.Gin thought and the laser had finally stopped and there was mist everywhere, N.Gin couldn't see anything, and the mist finally cleared, but there was no sign of Crunch anywhere! "Ahh Where is he?" N.Gin cried but then from behind... "Yah!" Crunch roared and he punched N.Gin in his robot with lots of force, causing the robot to fly far across the room, the robot then smashed and blew up against the wall! N.Gin blasted out of the Robot, sending him flying across the room, and he smacked into the wall "Another easy fight...I win" Crunch told N.Gin, and N.Gin got up "Not another broken mech! Well, its just shows that you've improved, and I haven't... sigh! Now... will you help me get all these robot pieces to my Lab?" N.Gin asked Crunch "Yeah, Sure..." Crunch told N.Gin and Crunch helped N.Gin get the pieces of the robot.

Chapter 22

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