Chapter 19

Chapter 18

The Punishment

Meanwhile, Neo had walked into a laboratory, there was a rather large machine in the centre of the room, it slightly resembled the Evolvo-ray but it wasn't what it seemed, "This is it! Just place Kris roo onto the table, secure his arms and legs.. this is the moment of truth!" Dr Cortex told Tropy "Yes Doctor" he replied, "This isn't going to work Neo Cortex! Youíre foolish to do this! Someone will make you pay for this! Even if it isn't me!" Kris yelled at Neo, Neo frowned "Settle down Kris roo! You may like the effects of this all-new Evolution ray! I may make you super muscular but yet intelligent, or have powers like no other creature! Then you'll destroy Crash and his friends! NOTHING will stand in my way, nothing!" Cortex told Kris, Kris closed his eyes in fear... and thought... "It feels like I don't even have a future... what can I do?Ē

Crunch was running down the hallway, determined to find Kris and Neo Cortex "Dammit, where did they go?" he thought to himself, Crunch then slowed down... "Oh no, this is all my fault... I'm the one that wanted to go back to Earth... Kris didn't... What can I do now? I let everyone down..." Crunch thought, then there was a loud electricity sound, Crunch turned towards the sound... he then ran furtherer down the hallway and opened a Lab door and crept inside, he saw another door which lead into the Laboratory, with bright red light shinning through the window placed on the door, Crunch stalked up to the door to pear inside the room, and he looked into it, and saw Kris strapped down on the table..."You will regret this Doctor!" Yelled Kris, Neo Cortex just smiled evilly and ignored Kris, he then simply turned the machine on, and a large laser blasted Kris in the chest, Kris gasped in pain but wasn't heard... and Crunch watched in shock... the whole entire room lighted up even brighter, the power of the laser was so powerful that Cortex got blasted into the door, The force of Neo smacking into the door caused Crunch to fall backwards onto the ground, Tropy was also thrown back and hit into the wall... but moments latter, the red light had finally disappeared...

Neo got up, rubbing his forehead "Dr Tropy, Was this my Secret weapon? I don't see Kris anywhere!" Neo Cortex asked Tropy "Well, Doctor, This doesn't happen to be your secret weapon at all... It indicates here that this is the termination ray... created for terminating unwanted minions..." he told Neo Cortex, the mad man was in complete shock, "Oh no! We CAN'T afford to lose any of our minions! You SHOULD have told me you idiot!" Neo shouted in frustration, Tropy wasn't impressed,  "Well Dr Cortex, This rubbish has nothing to do with me! How dare you speak to me in such a manner! I'm going to leave... now! I shall head back into time! Worthless Doctor..." he yelled at Cortex's face, Tropy turned his back on Neo and walked up to the door and opened it, Tropy glared down to see Crunch getting up off the ground, Crunch stared at Tropy with anger within his eyes... "What are you doing here? Stand aside marsupial!" Tropy told Crunch, Crunch was very furious... he stood up quickly and he punched Tropy into his stomach armour hard, Tropy fell backwards and smashed into the wall, Crunch then held his head low and growled angrily at Tropy, then he noticed Neo Cortex... and grew even more angered, "Hmm Crunch Bandicoot, thank you for taking care of him, after what he had said to me..." said Neo Cortex, Crunch ignored his words... he quickly moved closer to Neo, he grabbed the doctor by the coat and hissed, "Where's Kris!" Crunch growled, Neo stared back in fear and screamed "Dr Tropy, HELP ME!" as he shouted in fear, Tropy got up "Right Doctor... for the last time..." said Tropy, he grabbed his turning Fork and smashed it hard on Crunch's head, Crunch let go of Neo immediately, Neo fell to the ground... Crunch held onto his head in pain... he couldn't see or hear anything very well, but before Nefarious could hit him again, he quickly dodged the turning fork.

Crunch stood there staring viciously at the blue skinned man. Tropy looked back, almost as angry as the bandicoot. He charged forward to swipe at him, but Crunch dodged him again and attempted to trip him over, Tropy almost fell but caught his balance as he got back up again to try striking at Crunch, Crunch tried to punch but also missed at the same time. The angry anthro then quickly ran to try another hit at the man but this time, jumped to try and bite at Tropy's face! He gasped and quickly moved, avoiding the small, but still deadly bite from the animal. Nefarious then tried to throw his turning fork but it only just touched Crunch's fur but then it was too late for him to move and Crunch done the same technique again! This time, almost piecing through Tropy's face or neck but only one of his canines slashed him across the cheek, Tropy got a shock and quickly turned but this also caused Crunch to get a slash to his arm from Tropy's shoulder armour and he feel to the ground. Crunch clutched onto his arm, and saw that it was bleeding slightly bad, but not too much, but this only caused him to lose focus of the fight and Nefarious came up behind him and gave him a nasty surprise...

he simply whacked Crunch on the head, again with the turning fork and he simply fell to the floor, and it seemed like he was knocked out. Blood started to drip down the marsupials face. Neo got onto his knees and glared at Crunch with anger.... "Get him!" shouted Neo, "As you wish, Dr Cortex!" Tropy grabbed Crunch by the fur on his back, Crunch tried to get free but his head still hurt to much to handle even standing up, Neo Cortex then stood up and looked at Crunch, "Give him the same fate as Kris roo!" Neo told Tropy, He placed Crunch down onto the Table and strapped him down as well...Crunch's arms and legs where locked, escaping seemed hopeless for him...

"You'll pay for what you've done!!!" Cortex told Crunch angrily, Crunch sneered at the mad man, Tropy watched over him "I'm warning you Dr Cortex... hey may not survive... are you sure you're willing to waste another creation?" Tropy warned Neo "I don't care! Thereís no use in having a Minion that utterly useless and tries to kill me!" He yelled, then Tropy walked up to the Termination-ray, "Very well Doctor..." Tropy said, he then switched on the machine, the Laser charged up, and Neo walked closer to the machine, and adjusted one of the leavers down below. It was currently set on 'Instant Kill'. He changed it to 'Slow Painful Death' he then got up again and looked over Crunch as the laser carried on powering up, "Prepare to meet your fate, Muhahaha!" he laughed evilly, the Laser was getting brighter, and brighter, Crunch knew he had to do something to stop it, he didn't want to get killed by his worst enemy... he tried desperately to get at least one of his limbs free...

"NEVER!" he shouted, and finally, one of his legs got free and he kicked Cortex hard, into the laser machine, Cortex smashed harshly into the machine, causing the laser to go out of focus... the laser suddenly blasted a bright red light, which shot right across Crunch's right forearm within milliseconds...severely mutilating it within that short time, but soon, the laser had stopped as it had blasted at the wall. Crunch was in so much shock that he couldn't feel anything right then. As soon as the straps came loose though, his instincts told him to get away. He lifted himself up and fell to the floor... all Crunch had on his mind was getting away from Cortex and the Termination-ray but then soon, the intense pain started to creep up on him, it got worse and worse. He groaned in agony and looked down at his right arm, fearful. He started to crawl while down on his knees, holding onto what was left of his right arm as it kept bleeding heavily. All he could see was red blood soaking his chest fur now, he slowly crawled slowly... until he was in too much pain to move on, his body slumped to the floor and he waited... expecting death to claim him anytime soon.

Chapter 19

Life or Death?

Dr N.Gin was walking down the main hallway of the station, looking rather annoyed with himself... as he walked on "Argh" he mumbled, "Where's Dr Cortex? I need to discuss some important issues with him!" he carried on walking until he noticed Nefarious Tropy walk out of a room, one of the main Lab rooms. "Hello there Dr Tropy... Have you seen Neo Cortex around? Does he happen to be in that Laboratory?" N.Gin asked, "No Dr N.Gin, I also highly suggest you don't go searching in that lab at this time..." "Oh, Why Dr Nefarious?" He asked,  "Because, it's a bit gruesome in there at the moment... I'm just going to go and get some emergency assistants to help out Neo too... He's had a bit of a bang to the head..." Tropy told N.Gin, "Oh, Dr Cortex! Is he alright?" "Yes. he will be fine, he is just 'knocked out' " Tropy told N.Gin "Well, I must go and help him out then!" N.Gin quickly rushed into the Lab. It was rather dark in there, as the Termination-rays power had blown most of the lights out, N.Gin was a bit nervous but carried on walking through, until he finally entered the main room... he was in great shock.

He did notice Neo Cortex lying there, near the machinery but that was not what had shocked him. He noticed Crunch lying on the ground, still conscious but had a lot of blood around him on the floor, he looked like he'd pass out anytime soon, "AHH Crunch! What happened to you!? Androids, come here!" N.Gin screamed. 

It wasn't very long until the Androids came, N.Gin lead them away from the room as they were about to pick Crunch up and put him on an emergency bed, "Take him to my emergency room, and quickly!" He told his Androids, and the Androids pushed the bed, as quickly as it would allow them. Crunch was very fazed and drowsy, he looked up at the ceiling as they moved on, watching the lights pass as they go.

"Quickly now, this doesn't look good!" muttered N.Gin, and the Androids finally got into the emergency room, and they placed Crunch down onto a table, Crunch felt even weaker now but wasn't sure what was happening... N.Gin looked over him, he was quite shocked with the sight "Oh gosh! There's blood everywhere, this has never happened with any of the minions! What happened!?" N.Gin panicked, N.Gin then noticed Crunch's right arm was where the blood was coming from... it didn't even look like an arm anymore. Crunch finally tried to speak "What's going on...." he groaned quietly, "Crunch! Don't worry, I'll help you... here just hold still so I can help you out..." N.Gin told Crunch and N.Gin got out a needle, "This'll put you to sleep for a while, ok..." N.Gin told Crunch, Crunch tried to move to avoid it but couldn't move much anyway... N.Gin injected it right near his shoulder and soon, Crunch passed out.

It was silent now, only the sounds of computers and machinery was heard, N.Gin was standing there with Dingodile beside him, waiting for Crunch to wake up "Hay mate! Is he ok..." Dingodile asked, "Well, I hope so, that laser beam is much worse than I thought..." "Laser beam, what the heck?! Is that why Crunch has a bandage around his arm?" Dingodile told N.Gin "Yes..." N.Gin replied with a nod.

"I knew this whole idea of escaping wouldn't work! But where's Kris?" Dingodile Asked N.Gin "Well, I'm not sure... I never saw him" N.Gin told Dingodile "Oh man! I hope that guy is ok..." "Yes... I hope. I better go and see Dr Cortex about this" N.Gin said, he walked out of the emergency room. Dingodile stood there, looking at Crunch... And Crunch was waking up "Uhh, What happened!?" he moaned quietly as he tried to get up, Dingodile smiled "Yeah! Youíre awake mate! Youíre awake! How do you feel?" Dingodile asked, "Well... I feel a bit better now, but my arm is still hurting... a lot, but Dingo? What are you doing here... do you know why I'm here?" Crunch asked Dingodile "Well, I heard about Kris becoming an all new powerful Minion! So I wanted to go and find him then I noticed you in the emergency room..." "Ok..." Crunch told Dingodile, as he looked down and sighed "What's a matter? Where's ol Kris?" asked Dingodile, "Well..." Crunch said, and he turned away. Dingodile looked concerned "...Oh no... He can't be... dead?" "He is... and its all my fault... I couldn't stop Dr Cortex in time" Crunch told as he was looking away, "No it isn't mate! What makes you think that? At least you tried..." Dingodile told Crunch, "It's because Iím the one that wanted to go back to Earth... not Kris, Kris doesn't even like it on Earth. It makes me feel like, he risked his life just to get not only me, but all of us back to Earth. He doesn't deserve to die! We all should have helped, Do you understand now?" Crunch told Dingodile "oh... ok..." Dingodile said, in a very quiet tone, pain then shot up through Crunch and he gasped, and suddenly clutched onto his right arm in pain, gritting his teeth "It's hurting again.... what's wrong with me...?" Crunch groaned again, "Oh! What happened to your arm anyway?" Dingodile asked, "Well, all I remember is this laser beam, and it just got me in the right arm..." "Ouch! Well, I'm not going to even think about escaping now..." Dingodile told Crunch "Yeah don't, or else Dr Cortex will treat you.. like.. me...... Ugh. it's hurting.. again... ugh" Crunch said as he closed his eyes tightly and moaned, "Hay, What's a matter?" Dingodile panicked, Crunch tried telling Dingodile something but he just passed out...

"Oh no! What on earth did I DO!?!" Dingodile gasped in shock, N.Gin came into the room and looked at Dingodile, "Ahh no! I didn't kill him! Honest!!! Crunch! If you can hear me.... JUST DON'T STEP INTO THE BRIGHT LIGHT!" Dingodile cried "No no no, he isn't dead... So no need to stress about it. But he may die soon if I don't do anything about that arm of his..." N.Gin told Dingodile "The arm? What exactly did that laser-beam do to it...?" Dingodile asked N.Gin "I just asked Dr Cortex, and he's coming right now, to explain it all to me, You should get out of here too, youíre supposed to be battling against Crash latter on..." N.Gin told Dingodile "Oh yeah, that's right! Well... good luck Crunch..." Dingodile said and he approached the door, and stopped, as he looked at Neo standing right in the doorway..."Ahh Ohh, Gidday Master!" Dingodile said nervously, "Dingodile, what are you doing in here? Get back to the Ice age, right now!" Neo yelled at Dingodile "Oh Yes master, sure I will!" replied Dingodile, he quickly ran off "Well N.Gin, what is it you wanted me to tell you?" Neo Cortex asked N.Gin, the doctor then looked at Crunch, and frowned angrily, "URGH Crunch! What are you doing with him!?" Neo asked N.Gin furiously "Well, Dr Cortex, I just want to know what that laser-beam has done to Crunch" N.Gin asked Neo "What! Why would you want to know?! Well... Crunch isn't going to live anyway! So just... give up and put him down..." shouted Neo, as N.Gin got a bit frustrated, "No Dr Cortex! I am NOT going to put him down! Just tell me how I can help him!" N.Gin asked N.Gin "Hey look! Crunch wouldn't survive anyway! That laser beam contains a deadly energy within it, and once shot by it, you can die slowly and painfully in a matter of hours, if the victim happened to survive it... It's best just to put him to sleep, do you really want him to suffer?" Neo Cortex told N.Gin, but for once Neo had a different tone in his voice, "Die? But WHY did you make such a Laser beam anyway? Itís just not right! You shouldn't kill these highly evolved animals if they do something wrong! Lots of the other minions have done worse and yet they get away with it! You could have just punished him in a more sensible way!" N.Gin yelled, as he argued with the mad scientist, Cortex then turned away "I got carried away ok? And besides, I'm the one that saved your life years ago, remember?" Neo asked N.Gin, and N.Gin thought for a while.... "Yes,  you're right. if it weren't for you, I would have died from that accident. Alright then, you continue your 'Take over the world plans', and I'll carry on my robotic business, But there is one more thing I need to ask, may I take Crunch bandicoot to be my own Minion...?" N.Gin asked Neo, Neo Cortex thought for the moment and said, "Hmm, Yes you may, but he isn't to be trusted! He's a killer! But I doubt he'll live anyway so I wouldn't care less...!" Dr Cortex then just walked away, out of the room, and N.Gin sighed in relief, then he turned over towards Crunch as he lay there in the bed, "Well... at least I've got Crunch on my side. But what can I do? This all seems fairly hopeless..." N.Gin thought. N.Gin was working away still trying to think of a way to help, he then remembered that he had a skill for making robotic limbs for people way back before he got the rocket launched into his head, N.Gin thought about giving Crunch a metal arm, but he was unsure because Crunch isn't human and has a different anatomy to humans... Dr N.Gin then decided to go ahead and attempt it... since there was no other choice. He worked for many hours... all day and night.

Chapter 20

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