Chapter 13 

The rise of Dingodile


Crunch and Kris were worried "I hope they’re ok man, because its kind of my fault too..." Kris told Crunch "Yeah, you shouldn’t have encouraged them, I mean encouraged Croco to do all that crazy stuff! And Dingo didn’t do anything wrong at all..." Crunch yelled at Kris, Everything was silent until a howl was heard! "What was that?" Crunch yelled, "It was Dingo, or Croco! Hurry, Let’s go and see them!" Kris told Crunch "But what if Dr Cortex sees us?" Crunch asked Kris "Just duck down ok, and be quiet!" Kris told Crunch and they both snuck out of the room into the hallway...And they saw the lab door "Oh great! They’re in here..." Crunch told Kris "But look! There's a window!" Kris told Crunch and Kris jumped up and looked through the window "Dam! They’re behind that freggin wall!" Kris said to Crunch, and then there was a loud blast..."What's going on in there!" Crunch yelped "Oh no...This maybe the end of Croco and Dingo..." Kris cried and Crunch looked down, then looked at the door! "What the hell..." Crunch yelped "What! What is it Crunch?" Kris asked Crunch...

Kris then looked at the door, and saw a creature, standing on 2 legs, had a long Crocodile tail, a Dingo face, and a Crocodiles snout! "Holey Crap! Croco! Dingo! Ahh!" Kris fainted "....!!! Dr Cortex combined you two! So... Who's the brain?" Crunch asked the creature "What are you talkin about? Ahh! My voice! It sounds like Croco's and I feel soo... weird and joyful! What the heck has Neo done to me?" the creature asked Crunch "You’re Dingo then! Well, Croco is... well... I don't know...?" Crunch told the creature "Oh no, I know what happened... He's been combined into me... Now he's gone, and I'm still alive...! This is just freaky...." The creature told Crunch "Yeah, That's what I was thinking.... Now that Croco is a part of you, what are you going to call you're self now Dingo?" Crunch asked the creature called Dingo "But Croco is.... Gone..." Dingo told Crunch "No he isn't man! He lives in yah... yeah, you know Like he's you’re... uhh... Twin... kind of!" Crunch told Dingo, Dingo was slightly confused... then he thought, "Yes, you’re right mate, Croco is part of me now, I'll call myself... Dingodile!" Dingodile told Crunch "Hay... Good name... Dingodile but I'll call you Dingo..." Crunch told Dingodile "Thanks mate! If it weren't for yah, I would have committed suicide..." Dingodile thanked Crunch, Dingodile then walked away..."Scary…" Crunch thought.


Chapter 14

The need to escape


It was one and a half years latter, Crunch was in his room... starring out the window into space... Earth was just a star from the distance Crunch was at... "Man... What have I done, I still haven't found out a way to escape... I feel so extremely pathetic, I have to go back to Earth... me and Tani promised each other that we'll never apart from each other like this..." Crunch thought.

Meanwhile... All of Neo's minions wanted to escape, they wanted to be free "We, have to get outta here, it sssssuckssss here...!" Joe moaned "Moe wanna go too... Moe no like Spaceship..." Moe cried 'We cant mates... we're stuck here for eva..." Dingodile told all the minions "NO! That's not true! We can get outta here, we're just have to at least try!" Kris yelled at all the minions "But I thought yah didn't like it on Earth..." Dingodile asked Kris "Well yes, that's pretty much true but yo! You guys wanna go back right? Well... since my life is pretty much worthless... I going to help all you guys escape... I know the trick" Kris roo told all the Minions... The Minions listened to Kris, they all walked up to Kris "So, whatssss you’re plan?" Joe asked Kris "Well, you see I have this map of the whole entire Station... and the map also shows were the keys are for the Spaceships!" Kris roo told the envious Minions...

Meanwhile in Neo's lab "Hmm, I have a feeling not all minions are loyal to me..." Neo told N.Gin and N.Tropy "Well, that bloody Kangaroo, Kris has been getting up to no good lately... He temporarily went snooping into my very room... trying to look for a 'time' device! How dare that flea-infested marsupial step foot into my room!" N.Tropy yelled, and walked out of Neo's lab furiously "He needs a vacation...!" N.Gin snickered "It isn't funny N.Gin! But as for Kris roo... I'm going to give him one more chance..." Neo said to N.Gin "What do you mean Doctor Cortex?" N.Gin asked Neo "Well, if that mischievous kangaroo does something wrong again... I'm going to test him on my newest Evolution machine!" Neo said, as he let out an evil laugh! "Oh, ok Doctor..." N.Gin said with an evil smile.

Meanwhile, Kris and the rest of the Minions got ready to plan to escape from the Space station... "Hey mate! What bout Crunch? Is he comin?" Dingodile asked Kris "Oh yeah cuz! I almost forgot him! Go and get him, He'll be wanting to come for sure!" Kris told Dingodile, Dingodile ran down the long hallway.


Chapter 15


Crunch was still in his room, glaring out into space... that's until a knock was heard... "Hey Crunch! Open up the door mate!" Dingodile yelled out to Crunch, Crunch came to the door, "Hey Dingo, what do you want..." Crunch asked Dingodile "Hey Crunch man! Don't be sad we are go' in back tah Earth mate!" Dingodile told Crunch "What? Are you serious...!?" Crunch asked Dingodile "Yah man! Cool ehh? Now I'll be able to see all the sexy Dingo chicks! Woohoooo!" Dingodile yelled, "... ok, but how are we going back to earth... has Dr Neo changed his mind about keeping us or something?" Crunch asked Dingodile "Nah mate, that Kris fella has a map to the escape pods and the key so we can all get back tah Earth and forget about Neo for once! So... are you coming to help us all escape or what?" Dingodile told Crunch, and Crunch was looking forward to the plan "Hell yeah!" Crunch told Dingodile.

Crunch and Dingodile walked down the hallway, until they saw the other Minions preparing... "Ok cuzies! First we need the key for the escape pods! Oh no..." Kris said "Oh no what?" Dingodile asked Kris "... Well... the key happens to be located in.... Dr N.Tropy's room... in his wardrobe, inside a small box...!" Kris told the Minions... "Holey crap mate! That's gonna be hell to get! Who's gonna get it? ANYONE???" Dingodile said, as all the Minions were staring right at him "... Stop staring at me like that! It makes me feel uncomfortable!" Dingodile said "You’re doing it Dingodile...heh heh heh..." Joe snickered "Oh come' on mates! I can’t do this!" Dingodile cried "Yo! If you do it, then you get to drive the Escape pod!" Kris told Dingodile "...Did you say 'Drive the escape pod? WAHOO!!! Yah Baby! I'll go and get the key!!!" Dingodile screamed, he then ran off to find the room "Are you nuts? Dingo might crash the escape pod! You know what he's like!" Crunch told Kris "Hey Crunch, chill out! The escape pod can’t even be driven anyway! It’s programmed to go directly back to earth!" Kris told Crunch, and all the Minions laughed, "Just when Moe thought he was dumb bum, te he!" Moe said.


Chapter 16


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