Chapter 10

The working group...

A week passed by... Neo was walking backwards and forwards... thinking, "... We need more workers, At the moment we have three working Minions, and four fighting Minions... are there anymore Minions we’ve missed?" Neo Cortex asked N.Gin "Well Dr Cortex, there's the new Bandicoot we captured a week ago, you know... Crunch Bandicoot, and He’ll make a great worker, He’s also the youngest out of all the Minions put together however" N.Gin told Neo

"Oh, Crunch Bandicoot... even though he's a devil, he could be of some use, but he's not worthy for world domination…" Neo Cortex told N.Gin "But Dr Cortex, Crunch bandicoot is older than Crash! And stronger!" N.Gin told Neo "Well, I guess you’re right, obviously but we’ve all ready got enough fighters and he’ll make a great worker with the other three Minions..." Neo told N.Gin "Yes Doctor, you’re absolutely right! I’ll go and take the 3 Minions to meet Crunch, and they’ll start work straight away" N.Gin told Neo "Thank you very much Dr N.Gin, Go on then!" Neo told N.Gin "Ok Dr, I’ll be back" N.Gin told Neo. 

N.Gin came to room 48, Crunch’s room "Nock nock, Crunch Bandicoot, I need to introduce you to you’re workmates" N.Gin told Crunch, Crunch came to the door, "What do you want Rocket boy…" Crunch asked, "Ugh, You’re ready to meet you’re workmates! And please don't call me that!" N.Gin yelled, then Crunch opened his door "WHAT!" Crunch yelled at N.Gin "You heard me! Come' on! Follow me!" N.Gin told Crunch "Fine..." Crunch said, he followed N.Gin.


Chapter 11

Dingo and Croco

N.Gin and Crunch walked down the long hallway "So who are the other guys that I 'wont' be work with?" Crunch asked N.Gin, "Nonsense! You HAVE to work, You have no choice..." N.Gin told Crunch "Blah..." Crunch rolled his eyes, "Well, It is not me that wants you two to work, Its Dr Cortex, you should know that..." N.Gin told Crunch "Yeah, ok... you've got a point" Crunch said to N.Gin. They finally walked up to a door "This is the place where you'll be working, Meet, Dingo and Croco! Kris roo will be joining you all soon" N.Gin told Crunch

"Hey, Gidday mate!" The Crocodile called Croco said to Crunch, Croco was a Crocodile that loved to joke around with everyone, he wasn't very hygienic too... "Yeah, hi..." The brown dingo named Dingo said, Dingo was a quiet brown dingo, who never seemed to smile...

 Kris roo then came through the door... "Hmm, What's up both of yah!" Kris shakes both Croco and Dingo’s hands, and Crunch was staring "Hey mate! Aren't you gonna introduce yah self?" Croco asked Crunch "Oh, ok... My names Crunch, yeah..." Crunch told Croco "Crunch? That’s a hard case name!" Croco laughed, Dingo and Kris were just starring at Croco, as he laughed and Crunch growled "Hard case? What the heck is that supposed to mean?" Crunch thought... "Well, we better get to work then..."

Dingo told Crunch, Kris and Croco "Nah mate! Lets have a party!" Kris yelled "A party?" Dingo yelped in shock "Are you nuts?" Crunch yelled, and Croco laughed, "Hay, we can’t have a party you idiots! Dr Cortex will punish us! Don’t be a bunch of fools! We HAVE to work!" Dingo told Croco, Kris, and Crunch "Get over it... We can have a bit of fun now and then!" Croco told Dingo "Come' on Dingo cuz! Chill out!" Kris told Dingo, Dingo then turned his back and carried on sweeping the floor as he was told.

Chapter 12

The Idiotic Party

"Come' on Croco yo!" Kris yelled out to Croco "I'm come' in mate!" Croco yelled out to Kris and Crunch, "Now what?" Crunch thought "A Stereo! Awesome!" Kris said "Now that’s crazy..." Crunch said "Lets pump up the sound system!" Croco shouted and he turned the stereo on, and it was loud, "Everybody DANCE now!" Croco sang and Kris started doing brake dancing and Crunch was staring, he was quite worried...! Dingo was starring in shock!

"Come on guys! Please stop this nonsense!" Dingo yelled and he jumped out in front of Croco and Kris "Chill cuz CHILL!" Croco told Dingo and Kris was still brake dancing and Crunch was just standing there watching innocently, Dingo was getting angry... "STOP THIS!!!" Dingo growled very loudly! And N.Tropy walked past the room where they were... "Oh mother of time! I better tell Dr Neo Cortex straight away!" N.Tropy yelled... he carried on walking down the hallway...

"Hay guys, I think I just saw a blue man wearing clocks just walk past the door window..." Crunch told Croco, Kris and Dingo "A blue dude? I’ll invite him to da party!" Kris said, "I'm sick of you!" Dingo yelled and he went and tacked Croco into the ground "AHHHHHH!" Croco screeched... N.Tropy, Neo Cortex and N.Gin in a medium sized mech came into the room "Argh! This music is too loud! Turn it of turn it off!" N.Gin screamed "TURN THE DAM STEREO OF!!!" Neo yelled very loudly, Dingo quickly stood up, as well as Croco But Kris went and turned the stereo off "I've had enough of you two! Its always YOU! You two are always fighting, making trouble!" Neo shouted at Croco and Dingo "No master! I can explain!" Dingo told Neo " NO EXCUSES! I'm going to use the both of you in my new machine creation! Then you'll never cause anymore trouble!" Neo laughed "No Boss! It’s not his fault! It’s me! I'm the idiot I'm the one that caused the drama!" Croco cried! "I'm not going to listen to you’re stupid excuses! N.Gin! Take them to the Lab! NOW!" Neo told N.Gin "Yes, you’re master..." N.Gin told Neo, N.Gin (in his mech) Grabbed both Croco and Dingo..."Whoa...!" Crunch thought "Ahh! Don’t hurt them!" Kris told N.Gin "What are you going to do to us!!!" Dingo yelped "No!" Croco roared and N.Gins mech walked down the Hallway and into a room, Neo and N.Tropy followed..."Let’s follow them!" Crunch asked Kris "No! Who knows what’ll happen if they catch us..." Kris told Crunch "Ok Kris..." Crunch told Kris.


Chapter 13

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