Chapter 7

Life in space..

The Spaceship was deep into the sky, The Lab Assistants took Crunch into a room, and they left Crunch on a bed.... Soon after the Assistants walked away... Crunch woke up "Huh?! Where the hell am I?" Crunch thought... and he got up,

 He then looked out a window next to him... and he was shocked, "Holey Crap! I'm in Space!" Crunch yelled and he looked around the room, and he saw a door "That's IT! I'm going to find that Dr Cortex, and tell him to go back to Earth!" Crunch thought, so he walked out of the room and down into the hallway, Crunch saw two Lab Assistants walking down the hallway... "Hmm, Maybe they'll lead me to Dr Cortex's room" Crunch thought so he followed the two Lab Assistants.

Crunch was still following the two Assistants, and the Lab Assistants went into a room... "Hmm, That's got to be Dr Cortex's room" Crunch thought, so he followed the Lab Assistants, and the lab Assistants were gone "Hmm, now's my chance!" Crunch thought and he ran into the room, and was amused to see many paintings on the walls... "Sheesh!!! Just check out all these Dr Cortex painting's and photos... He is so obsessed with himself... freaky stuff..." Crunch said...

"Well well well, isn't it Crunch Bandicoot?" Neo told Crunch "Uhh yeah..." Crunch told Neo Cortex "Well, It looks like Tani Tiger has escaped, Oh well, It looks like its just you..." Neo told Crunch "I already know dammit!" Crunch growled "Well, my boy, Go to room number 48, That's you room..." Neo told Crunch "What My room? Listen Madman! I'm not going to work or live here! Especially if Tani isn't here, I'm going to escape... just wait and see!" Crunch said "Hah! You think so? You don't even know how to drive a spaceship... So why bother you fool!" Dr Cortex laughed again, Crunch just frowned, and walked off, to find the room 48.


Chapter 8- 

Meeting some Minions...

Crunch was walking down the hallway and he saw a door with 1 on it "Hmm, I should see who stay’s in here..." Crunch thought... he slowly opened the door "Hmm, nobody home Oh well...." Crunch thought but Crunch was wrong.... "RAAAAAWR!!!!!!!!!!!" there was a massive roar "Yikes!" Crunch yelled and Crunch quickly shut the door and ran down the hallway "Man that was close...." Crunch thought, then... someone from behind noticed Crunch...

"Hello misssssssster" a voice said from behind Crunch, Crunch turned around "Who are you?" Crunch asked him "Jusssst come' on inssside my room, You mussst be new around here..." The Lizard asked Crunch "Yeah... I am, ok I’ll come in, But don’t try and eat me!" Crunch told the Lizard-like guy "heh, I wont... ewww Bandicoot..." The Lizard said, and Crunch just walked into the room, "Hay, cool room, you’re got swords everywhere!" Crunch said "Yessss I do, By the way, My name isss Komodo Joe, Jussst call me Joe"


The Lizard now called Joe told Crunch "Hay nifty name, My name is Crunch" Crunch told Joe "Crunch, Hmm..... Unusssual name! Well anywaysss, You better go now, itsss not alwaysss safe in here" Joe told Crunch "Ehh? Why?" Crunch asked Joe, then...

"YAH!" a voice was heard and a sword came flying and went straight past Crunch’s face "Ahh what the hell? That idiot almost sliced me!!!" Crunch shouted and he lashed out to the guy that through the sword "Ahhhhhh!!! Crassh is going to kill me! Brother ssssave me" The fella asked Joe "HAR! He’sss not Crassh you dumb assssssss!" Joe laughed, "Oh, oh Moe didn’t know, Moe sorry!" The guy named Moe told Crunch "Well, you better be! Well... I better go now, I've gotta check out my room, then plan to escape outta here... well, latters!" Crunch told Komodo Joe and Moe "Bye Crrrunch" Joe said "Ta ta uhh, fella... me don't know his name, Te he!" Moe told Crunch, and Crunch left their room.


chapter 9

Meeting Kris roo

Crunch was walking and he finally got to the room "Hey, its room 48!" Crunch said to himself, he opened the door, and he was amazed... "Oh wow! This place is sooooooo flash, tooooo flash... and sooo clean... a TV, and a kitchen! My own room, this is just crazy..." Crunch thought, and he went into his lounge... "Dr Cortex is just trying to convince me to stay here...! Its not gonna work! Maybe I should just chill out for a while anyway... I still have to figure out a way to escape..." Crunch thought, he saw a flash looking couch, and he just sat on it "This is soo boring..." Crunch thought... "Yo! You must be uhh, Crunch bandy...coot?" a kangaroo named Kris asked Crunch, Kris roo was a Red Kangaroo, who liked annoying anyone and never... ever stops talking for a minute... 

"Who the hell are you? Kangaroo Jack?" Crunch asked Kris "Yah don’t even know me...! Well I dunno you well either, ok Mah names Kris roo, But call me Kris!" Kris told Crunch "Ok Kris, I guess you already know my name, Hmm... you seem to be ok about staying in Dr Cortex's Spacestation..." Crunch thought, "Of course I'm happy here man, I've got everything I need here, I don’t really mind living here! Its wicked dude wicked!" Kris told Crunch "What? You actually like it here, I just wanna get back to Earth! I hate it here!" Crunch growled "Hmm, You must have a girlfriend on Earth ehh heh heh..." Kris asked Crunch "A girlfriend, Nooo way! I’ve, I’ve just got some friends there, that’s all wise guy!" Crunch told Kris "Oh, That makes sense, I've never had any friends, That’s properly why I like it here!" Kris told Crunch "Well, maybe that’s because you’re so darn annoying!" Crunch told Kris “Hmm, yeah that could be true…” Kris said.


Chapter 10

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